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Chama Gaucha menu prices featuring 14 items ranging from $18.50 to $52.50

Chama Gaucha is a popular chain of Brazilian steakhouse restaurants. If you are a meat lover and haven’t been to a Brazilian steakhouse restaurant you really are missing out.

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Chama Gaucha menu prices featuring 14 items ranging from $18.50 to $52.50

Chama Gaucha is open for lunch and dinner and is famous for its endless supply of beautiful meat and excellent hospitality.

Chama Gaucha first opened its doors in 2008 by Joao Carlos Ongaratto, in San Antonio, Texas. Ongaratto opened his restaurant to recreate the cultural traditions used in his homeland of Brazil.

You can find out more about Chama Gaucha by visiting the company’s website.

Where are Chama Gaucha restaurants located?

All of the Chama Gaucha restaurants are located in the United States. Chama Gaucha restaurants are located in San Antonio, Houston and Chicago.

What kind of food does Chama Gaucha serve?

Chama Gaucha serves meat, meat and more meat! The company serves the best Brazilian food there is to offer. In total the Chama Gaucha menu has 12 types of meat, which include the following:

  • Bacon-wrapped filet of beef
  • Marinated chicken drumsticks
  • Lambs
  • Pork ribs
  • Beef ribs
  • Picanha - a prime cut of sirloin

To accompany your meat, or for vegetarians, Chama Gaucha has a fresh and plentiful salad bar which has over 30 different items. There is an almost endless supply of meat available at Chama Gaucha, so be sure not to fill yourself up on salad if you want to try all of the 12 types of meat on the Chama Gaucha menu.

How do I order food at Chama Gaucha?

Ordering food at a Brazilian steakhouse is very different to a traditional American establishment. Instead of ordering from a menu, trained Brazilian chefs (called gauchos) walk around the room carrying meat on a large skewer. The chefs will arrive at your table and offer you a slice or two of the meat they have and carve it straight onto your plate.

When sitting down at your table you will be given a red and green-sided card. If you want the gaucho to serve you one of the 12 types of meat on the Chama Gaucha menu, then turn your card to green and leave it on the table. The Brazilian chef will then arrive at your table, and carve you fresh meat straight off the skewer. If you have enough meat on your plate, then turn your card to red, and eat your food. If you want to have some more meat again, turn your card back to green, and the chefs will find you.

If you want to try a specific meat available on the Chama Gaucha menu, and the chef coming to your table doesn’t have that meat with them, be sure to ask for the meat you want and they will get it for you.

What makes Chama Gaucha different?

Chama Gaucha is different from many other restaurants, and this difference is down to two key things - hospitality and the quality of the food.

The Brazilian chefs serving you your food are fun and energetic and make sure that you have a great time. The introduction of a green/red serving card, and having great meat served to you from skewers makes eating in Chama Gaucha an extremely fun occasion.

Secondly, Chama Gaucha lets their meat do the talking, and as such, they insist on only using the best ingredients. Chama Gaucha ensures that they only use the finest high-quality USDA-assured prime meats. They also age their meats for 45 days before seasoning them. This allows the flavours to be drawn out of the meats and allows the meat to tenderize - making it softer and juicer.

Do Chama Gaucha cater for vegetarians?

Yes, while Chama Gaucha is best known for its meat, the company caters for vegetarians. Vegetarian dinners can eat from the popular and well-stocked salad bar. The company’s salad bar has a wide range of products available from its salad bar which include:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Speciality cheeses
  • Peppers
  • Olives
  • Asparagus
  • And much much more.

If you are a vegetarian be sure to check with your local restaurant that the speciality cheese is vegetarian friendly.

Does Chama Gaucha serve gluten-free food?

If you want to sample the great Chama Gaucha food, but want to avoid gluten, you are in luck. Chama Gaucha’s food does not contain gluten. It uses beer in some of its marinades, but the company recently changed the beer it uses to a gluten-free beer.

If you have any nutritional queries, be sure to ask your local Chama Gaucha restaurant.

Is there a dress code for Chama Gaucha?

Chama Gaucha serves their food in upmarket settings and as such people are expected to dress respectfully. The company recommends that each of its restaurant's customers wear business casual attire. This means that you won’t need to wear a dinner jacket, but football tops or other sports tops aren’t recommended.

Chama Gaucha has special pricing for children, and even though they don’t have a specialist children’s menu, they are incredibly accommodating for children.

If you are taking children to Chama Gaucha, they can sample many of the delights of the salad bar, which includes cold meats and fresh vegetables. They can also sample all of the excellent meats on offer at Chama Gaucha. The Brazilian chefs will simply take a smaller cut of the meats for children.

Does Chama Gaucha serve alcohol?

Yes, Chama Guacha serve alcohol. Local beers are available, and wine is available by the glass and bottle.

The company also offers a range of cocktails including the caipirinha cocktail, which is Chama Gaucha’s signature drink. Caipirinha is made from Velho Barreiro cachaca (a Brazilian fermented sugarcane juice) mixed with lime juice and sugar. Chama Gaucha offers modern twists to this Brazilian classic, with flavoured caipirinhas such as strawberry, passionfruit, and tropical.

Is Chama Gaucha meat halal?

Yes! Chama Gaucha has a halal menu, and customers have noted how accommodating the company is to halal dinners. If you have any queries on halal meat or any other dietary requirements, be sure to ask your local Chama Gaucha restaurant.

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