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Chama Gaucha menu prices featuring 14 items ranging from $18.50 to $52.50

Chama Gaucha is a popular chain of Brazilian steakhouse restaurants. If you are a meat lover and haven’t been to a Brazilian steakhouse restaurant you really are missing out.

Chama Gaucha menu prices featuring 14 items ranging from $18.50 to $52.50

If you're a die-hard carnivore or just curious about what Brazilian barbecue can offer, let me tell you about the splendor that is Chama Gaucha. Known for their endless array of prime cuts and legendary hospitality, Chama Gaucha is open for both lunch and dinner for your meat-loving needs.

My experience began with the story of Chama Gaucha, which opened its doors in 2008 thanks to Joao Carlos Ongaratto. Born and raised in Brazil, Ongaratto decided he was going to bring a piece of his culture to San Antonio, Texas. He aimed to showcase to his guests the authentic traditions of Brazilian barbecue through his restaurant, and boy did he succeed!

Want to learn more about Chama Gaucha? Check their website out here.

Where can you find Chama Gaucha?

Though the experience transported me straight to Brazil, Chama Gaucha's restaurants are actually all around the United States with locations in San Antonio, Houston, and Chicago.

What culinary wonders does Chama Gaucha offer?

The resounding word here? Meat. And loads of it! They serve up some of the finest Brazilian cuisine I've tasted, all centered around a mouth-watering selection of twelve different types of meat such as:

  • Bacon-wrapped filet of beef
  • Marinated chicken drumsticks
  • Seasoned lambs
  • Succulent pork ribs
  • Tender beef ribs
  • Picanha, a prime cut of sirloin that won my heart

And hey, don't underestimate their hearty fresh salad bar. With over 30 different items, it's no mere side act. Just remember not to fill up too much on greens if you're aiming to conquer all twelve of their meat specialties like I ambitiously did.

How do you place an order at Chama Gaucha?

Food ordering at Chama Gaucha is nothing short of an exciting adventure. It’s quite different from your traditional American restaurant. Here, the trained Brazilian chefs, charmingly dubbed as ‘gauchos’, strut around the room with large skewers laden with mouth-watering meat.

When you’re seated, they provide you with a red and green-sided card. Craving some meat? Simply flip it to green and await your succulent prize. Once you find the meat enough, or maybe want a breather, switch the card over to red. But remember, as soon as you’re ready for more, switch it back to green and more meat shall come your way! The total meat fest isn't it? And if there’s a specific meat listed on the Chama Gaucha menu you’re yearning for, don’t hesitate to ask the gauchos. They’ll oblige with a smile!

What sets Chama Gaucha apart?

I believe the real charm of Chama Gaucha lies in its unique blend of two key elements – heartwarming hospitality and exceptional food quality. The energetic gauchos make you feel instantly welcome, and the excitement of waiting for the next skewer of meat keeps the dinner lively and fun.

Additionally, the whole idea of letting their meat do the talking, only using the finest USDA-approved prime meats, aged for 45 days before seasoning, is a testament to their dedication. Seriously, get a taste of their divinely tender and juicy meats and you'll see what I’m talking about.

What about vegetarians?

Yes, meat may be the hero here, but fear not vegetarians, Chama Gaucha caters to you as well! A well-stocked salad bar awaits with a range of delights:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Specialty cheeses
  • Peppers
  • Olives
  • Asparagus
  • And oh so much more!

Just check whether the specialty cheese is vegetarian-friendly before your visit.

And, what about Gluten-Free?

Good news, gluten-avoiders! Chama Gaucha’s scrumptious food is free from gluten. Their marinades may contain beer, but rest assured, it’s gluten-free. If you have looming nutritional inquiries, the restaurant staff are always ready to address your concerns. So, dine away!

Do I have to dress up?

While you don’t have to pull out your tuxedo, Chama Gaucha delivers an upmarket dining experience that calls for a business casual attire. So, soccer jerseys may not be the best choice here folks!

Is there something special for children?

Yes indeed! While Chama Gaucha might not have a specific children’s menu per se, they are incredibly welcoming towards young diners. Smaller cuts of all the tantalizing meats are easily available for them aside from the ever-versatile salad bar! The little ones surely won’t go home hungry.

Can I enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail with my meal?

Absolutely! To complement their sumptuous meats, Chama Gaucha offers local beers, a selection of wines and a range of cocktails as well! Their signature caipirinha, made with Velho Barreiro cachaca, lime juice and sugar will take you straight to the streets of Rio. Plus, they’ve got adventurously delicious twists on this classic like strawberry, passionfruit, and tropical. Take your pick!

Fellow halal diners, we've got you covered too!

Surprise, surprise! Chama Gaucha offers a halal menu too. Diners who need to stick to their halal menus have acknowledged their diligence in serving them. If you have any queries about the halal meat or other dietary requirements, the staff will answer them happily.


  • Variety of high-quality meats
  • Stellar customer service
  • Gluten-free options
  • Accommodating to vegetarians


  • Can be a bit pricey
  • May have longer wait times during peak hours
  • Atmosphere can get loud during busy times
  • Limited options for vegan customers

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