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99 Restaurant Pub menu prices featuring 120 items ranging from $1.99 to $23.49

99 Restaurant Pub is a chain of American restaurants and pubs, which serve freshly prepared meals in a hearty and distinctive New England style. The 99 Restaurant Pub menu has something for everyone.

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99 Restaurant Pub menu prices featuring 120 items ranging from $1.99 to $23.49

99 Restaurant Pub is open for lunch and dinner, and the company is renowned for its signature Broiled Sirloin Tips.

99 Restaurant Pub was founded by Charlie Doe, who wanted to create a restaurant that not only served great food, but also gave locals a place to feel at home. Doe opened his first restaurant at 99 State St., Boston, giving the company its distinctive 99 Restaurant Pub name. The company’s logo includes a horseshoe, as Doe's wife gave him a horseshoe as a good luck charm for his first restaurant. Today the company has over 100 restaurants, and an army of devoted customers – so we think the lucky charm worked!

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Where are 99 Restaurant Pubs located?

99 Restaurant Pub is exclusively located in the United States. After opening their first restaurant in Boston, there are now over 100 restaurants, located in 7 states throughout the Northeast states.

You can order from the 99 Restaurant Pub in the following states:

* Massachusetts
* Connecticut
* Maine
* New Hampshire
* New York
* Rhode Island
* Vermont

What food does 99 Restaurant Pubs serve?

There is an extensive food selection on the 99 Restaurant Pub menu. The company serves a range of starters, with chicken wings being popular with customers.

Main courses include seafood, flame-broiled chicken, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, wraps, salads, and soups. The company’s signature sirloin tips can be paired with chicken tenders and served with French fries.

99 Restaurant Pub has a dessert menu, including fudge cake, and alcohol is served at most restaurants. There is also a takeaway service available at 99 Restaurant Pub.

Does 99 Restaurant Pub cater to vegetarians?

Yes, 99 Restaurants Pub caters to vegetarians with a range of vegetarian options. This includes the company’s Southwest Fajita Bowl (without protein) and house salad (side salad).

Does 99 Restaurant Pub have vegan food?

99 Restaurant Pubs have a limited supply of vegan options. The company is best known for its broiled sirloin tips and other meat products, and only has a handful of vegan options.

The only vegan dishes on the 99 Restaurant Pub menu are side orders, such as French Fries, Coleslaw and House Salad (side salad – without Parmesan cheese and croutons).

Yes! 99 Restaurant Pub has a children’s menu. There is a wide range of food for children on the 99 Restaurant Pub menu. Children under the age of 10 can choose between cheese flatbread, jumbo hot dog, macaroni & cheese, a junior burger with cheese, chicken tenders, or grilled cheese.

All the items on the 99 Restaurant Pub children’s menu are served with one side (apart from Cheese Flatbread) and an ice cream sandwich. The children’s menu caters to children’s palates, and the smaller-sized portions are child-friendly.

What are 99 Restaurant Pub’s opening hours?

99 Restaurant Pub’s are usually open between 11am – 9pm, with restaurants closing later, at 10:30pm Thursday–Saturday. However, opening hours do vary between different 99 Restaurant Pubs, so be sure to check with your nearest branch for local opening times.

Does 99 Restaurant Pub’s do delivery?

Yes, 99 Restaurant Pub delivery is available from your local restaurant for most stores. Check with your local branch to see if they offer a 99 Restaurant Pub delivery service and the options that are available in your area.

Is 99 Restaurant Pub’s healthy?

There are some options on the 99 Restaurant Pub menu which are healthy. But there are many options which are not, but work as a great treat! So if you are looking for a healthy meal at 99 Restaurant Bar, you will need to take your time and choose your meal wisely.

The company serves, as a main course, grilled salmon and asparagus, which has 440 calories. Both salmon and asparagus are healthy ingredients, and the flame-grilled cooking method helps keep fat and calories low.

Full nutritional information is available on the company’s website, or ask at your local store.

Does 99 Restaurant Pub’s serve alcohol?

Yes, 99 Restaurant Pubs have a great selection of alcoholic drinks, which includes signature cocktails, draft beer, and wine is served both by the glass and by the bottle.

The company’s signature cocktails include some pub classics such as Aperol Spritz and Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic. The 99 Restaurant Pub cocktail menu also includes modern cocktails, such as a Monstah Margarita, which uses 100% Agave Tequila. These drinks are great to accompany your meal, or just to have with friends, family, and coworkers.

Does 99 Restaurant Pub’s have a rewards programme?

Yes! The company’s rewards programme is called 99 Rewards and offers great perks to its customers. Just for joining, 99 Rewards customers can get:

* Exclusive news and rewards
* A free Petite Treat Dessert just for signing up
* A free dessert on your birthday
* Personalized offers sent throughout the year

Does 99 Restaurant Pub’s take reservations?

No, 99 Restaurant Pubs do not take reservations to hold tables. However, some 99 Restaurant Pubs do accept call-ahead seating. This means that you won’t be able to book your table days or weeks in advance at 99 Restaurant Pubs, however, if you are on your way to the restaurant you can call ahead to save your seat.

Is there a 99 Restaurant Pub’s happy hour?

Yes! 99 Restaurant Pub’s have some great offers as part of their happy hours. If you manage to time your visit right, you can receive discounted appetizers, wings, and drinks at the bar of participating 99 Restaurant Pubs.

Can I buy a 99 Restaurant Pub’s gift cards?

Yes, you can buy gift cards directly from 99 Restaurant Pub, which are great gifts for people who enjoy hearty New England-style food, and great drinks. 99 Restaurant Pub’s gift cards have no expiration date and no fees, and the company even provides braille gift cards upon request.

You can either purchase a plastic gift card, which can take up to 10 business days to arrive, or a virtual gift card, which can be sent almost instantly. 99 Restaurants Pub’s virtual gift cards can be your saving grace if you urgently need to buy a present!

What is the 99 Restaurant Pub’s slogan?

The company prides itself on the simple slogan “Something for Everyone” and “Simple, honest, genuine food”. The 99 Restaurant Pub menu is packed full of different options, it truly does provide something for everyone.

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99 Restaurant Pub is a chain of American restaurants and pubs, which serve freshly prepared meals in a hearty and distinctive New England style. The 99 Restaurant Pub menu has something for everyone.

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