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American Delis menu prices featuring 54 items ranging from $0.75 to $99.99

American Delis is a chain of American fast-casual restaurants, which serves a range of classic family-friendly meals, such as wings, burgers, and subs.

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American Delis menu prices featuring 54 items ranging from $0.75 to $99.99

American Deli is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is best known for its chicken wings.

American Deli was founded by Ken Reiner and Tom Dahl, who opened the company’s first store in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1989. Their first restaurant was such a big hit, that it wasn’t long before their second store opened, and today there are American Deli in over 100 locations.

You can find out more about American Deli by visiting the company’s website.

Where can I find American Deli stores?

After opening its first store in Atlanta, Georgia, today there are over 100 American Deli stores. All the company’s stores are located in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. If you are in Atlanta, you will never be far away from an American Deli store!

Every single American Deli store is located in the state of Georgia. To find your nearest American Deli store, head to the company’s website, which has a helpful store finder map.

What food does American Deli serve?

American Deli is best known for its wings, but the company serves much, much more than just wings!

The American Deli menu is packed full of flavorsome options. Classic American fast-casual food is served by the company. This includes Philly subs, which can be filled with either chicken or beef, and beef burgers. Other options include chicken tenders, breaded fish, gyro, subs, and salads.

American Deli meals can be served with a side of fries, and soft drinks can accompany your meal.

What flavors are American Deli wings?

American Deli has built its reputation on serving great quality chicken wings. They never cook from frozen and ensure that their wings have a satisfying crunch to them. Before serving, their wings are hand rolled into one of their signature sauces. But which sauce will you choose?

There is a good selection of sauce options, and there will be one to satisfy your taste buds. Each American Deli chicken wing sauce takes two days to make, which allows for all the flavors to come out.

Different sauce options are available at different American Deli stores; however, the company offers the following 9 sauces in each of their 100+ stores:

  • BBQ
  • Family Gold
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Hot
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Medium
  • Mild
  • Sweet Chili
  • Teriyaki

Some popular options include:

* Lemon Pepper – tangy and smoky with zesty lemon. Can be served wet or dry.
* Honey BBQ – Traditional flavor of smoky and sweet flavors, complemented with honey.
* Teriyaki – Sweet, yet sour taste – similar in taste to soy sauce and honey
* Sweet Chili – sweet and fiery taste
* Hot with Lemon Pepper Sprinkle – hot and spicy core delicately sprinkled with tangy, zesty lemon.

Does American Deli offer a delivery service?

Yes, American Deli offers a delivery service from most stores, meaning you can enjoy food from the American Deli menu from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to check with your local American Deli store to see if they offer a delivery service, and the different options available to you.

Does American Deli cater to vegetarians?

When you think of American Deli, vegetarian food might not be your first thought, but the company does have some options for vegetarians. However, the options are fairly limited.

The following items on the American Deli menu are suitable for vegetarians:

* Garden Salad
* Veggie Sub
* Gyro – served without meat
* Fried Rice
* French Fries

While this isn’t the biggest vegetarian menu, there are still some options for vegetarians. This is helpful if you have a member in your group who is vegetarian, or you are a vegetarian who needs to visit American Deli.

Does American Deli cater to vegans?

American Deli has a very limited supply of vegan dishes on their menu. Vegan options include – garden salad, veggie sub, fried rice and french fries.

Yes! American Deli have a children’s menu, allowing your little ones to enjoy the great taste of American Deli food. The children’s menu includes many of the company’s signature dishes on the American Deli menu. This includes chicken tenders, wings, and shrimp. Children’s meals are served with fries and a drink.

American Deli children’s menu has meals for children’s palates and is served in smaller child-friendly sized portions.

What are American Deli opening hours?

American Deli are usually open from 10:30 – 9pm. However, opening hours do vary between different American Deli stores, so be sure to check with your local branch, or the company’s website, for their opening hours.

Opening hours do vary widely between stores. For example, some stores will open very early in the morning, and close around 6pm. Others don’t open until 11am and stay open until 11pm – that’s why it is important to check with the individual store.

However, there are so many American Deli stores in Atlanta, that if you turn up at an American Deli store which is closed, the next American deli store will never be far away – and that one might still be open!

What is the American Deli family pack?

The American Deli family pack allows you to order a large portion of the company’s signature wings to feed you and your family. The company’s family pack can include between 30 and 100 chicken wings and is served with celery and a choice of dips.

Ordering a family pack can be a great way to get even better value for money on your American Deli order. Just make sure that the wings are shared out fairly, and someone doesn’t take them all!

Does American Deli have a drive-thru?

No, American Deli do not offer a drive-thru service. However, a takeout and delivery service is available from most stores.

Does American Deli serve alcohol?

No, American Deli does not serve alcohol. The company offers a range of non-alcoholic soda beverages to accompany your meal.

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