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American Delis menu prices featuring 54 items ranging from $0.75 to $99.99

American Delis is a chain of American fast-casual restaurants, which serves a range of classic family-friendly meals, such as wings, burgers, and subs.

American Delis menu prices featuring 54 items ranging from $0.75 to $99.99
As someone who enjoys sampling cuisine from around the world, I was ecstatic to pay a visit to American Deli. Opening its doors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, American Deli is known far and wide for their famous chicken wings, and boy, did they not disappoint! I loved the versatility of their opening hours, which meant that finger-licking good wings were always just around the corner, ready to satisfy my food cravings.
American Deli has a unique history, tracing back to its founders, Ken Reiner and Tom Dahl. They set up the first store in vibrant Atlanta, Georgia, back in 1989. The overwhelming success of their first store led to them rapidly opening another one, and now they're proud owners of over 100 locations! A takeaway from their story is how perseverance, when combined with a sound business strategy, can yield remarkable results in the food industry. Want to know more about American Deli? Check out their website at

Where was I able to find the American Deli stores?

After they won over gastronomes in Atlanta, American Deli began to expand and now boast over 100 stores. Conveniently, all the stores are in Atlanta and its peripheral areas. So, if you find yourself in Atlanta, rest assured, you're in for a culinary treat at an American Deli near you! Every American Deli store is nestled within the beautiful state of Georgia. If you want to find the one closest to you, give their nifty store finder map a go.

What kind of food does American Deli serve?

Sure, American Deli is a hotspot for wings, but don't be fooled thinking that's all they've got to offer. They also serve absolutely delectable Philly subs that generously filled with either chicken or beef, not forgetting their drool-worthy beef burgers. The range doesn't stop there, catering to even those who prefer chicken tenders, breaded fish, gyro, subs and salads. And the cherry on top? Their meals can be accompanied by a side of crispy fries and refreshing soft drinks.

What flavors can you find in their wings?

American Deli's reputation is built on quality, and their chicken wings are testament to that. Always cooked fresh, never frozen, their wings are marked with a satisfying crunch. For the sauce lovers, here’s a bit of an insider secret: every American Deli signature sauce concoction is a labor of love that takes two days to create, coaxing out all the flavors. They offer a range of sauces – BBQ, Family Gold, Garlic Parmesan, Hot, Lemon Pepper, Medium, Mild, Sweet Chili, and Teriyaki. A personal favorite of mine was the Lemon Pepper – tangy and smoky with a pop of zesty lemon.

Do they deliver?

Yes, they do! American Deli offers a delivery service from most of their stores. It comes as a blessing when all you want to do is indulge in their savory menu from the comfort of your home. The availability of delivery service depends on the location, so always remember to double-check.

Do they cater to vegetarians?

While chicken wings rule the roost at American Deli, they haven't outrightly forgotten about their vegetarian patrons. They do offer select vegetarian options like Garden Salad, Veggie Sub, Gyro (served without meat), fried rice, and French fries. So, if you're a vegetarian and hesitant about visiting American Deli, there’s no need to worry about being left out.

What about vegans?

For our vegan friends, American Deli does have a somewhat limited menu - garden salad, veggie sub, fried rice and french fries are your safe bets. Most definitely! My kids, for instance, relished the heavenly chicken tenders from their children's menu. They also offer their signature wings and shrimp, which are served with fries and a drink in smaller, kid-friendly portions.

What are their operational hours?

Typically, you can find the stores open from 10:30 AM through to 9 PM. However, the timing does vary a bit from store to store, so I recommend checking their specific operational hours on the company's site. While I was in Atlanta, I noticed there were so many stores that even if one was closed, I could easily reach another open store in no time at all.

The American Deli Family Pack – What’s it all about?

The American Deli family pack is an excellent choice if you're looking to feast on their delicious wings with your family. This bountiful pack can include anywhere between 30 and 100 chicken wings and comes served with celery and a dip of your choice. A tip from my experience - make sure to distribute those sumptuous wings fairly so that everyone gets their fair share.

Do they offer a drive-thru service?

Though a drive-thru service isn’t offered by American Deli, they’ve got their bases covered with takeout and delivery services from most of their stores.

On the matter of drinks, do they serve alcohol?

American Deli sensibly sticks to a range of non-alcoholic soda beverages to couple with your meals.


  • The chicken wings are simply divine with a satisfying crunch.
  • Has over 100 locations and they're all within Georgia State for easy access.
  • Their delivery and takeout services are very convenient, especially during the pandemic.
  • With their comprehensive children's menu, kids are well catered for.


  • I found the vegetarian and vegan options to be quite limited.
  • No drive-thru service, which can be a downer for some folks on the go.
  • They don’t serve alcohol, which might be a bummer for those looking to enjoy a beer with their wings.
  • Store opening hours vary, so it’s necessary to check with individual stores.

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