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Bangkok Cuisine menu prices featuring 100 items ranging from $0.50 to $16.00

Have you ever had an authentic Thai cuisine experience? If not, the Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant is one place you should consider visiting. Just to mention, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

Bangkok Cuisine menu prices featuring 100 items ranging from $0.50 to $16.00

So, the Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant offers guests the wonderful opportunity of enjoying Thai’s unique and tasty foods. The fact that the restaurant opened its doors to the people of Detroit more than 30 years ago is a testament of how popular it has become.

The Bangkok Cuisine menu offers a wide variety of foods ranging from appetizers, Special Thai taste, desserts, soups, salads served for lunch and dinner.

About Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant

The journey of the Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant started when Somnuk and Montree Arpachinda landed in Michigan from Thailand to pursue the American Dream and, in 1983, the couple opened their pioneer Bangkok Cuisine restaurant. During their humble beginnings, the locals didn’t know much about Thai foods. It was, indeed, difficult for them to build a strong market base at the time. However, they persevered through the hardships of introducing something new in Detroit, and their dedication was not in vain. Today, there are more than 10 Bangkok Cuisine restaurants across Detroit.

Locations Where You Can Find Bangkok Cuisine

From humble beginnings, Bangkok Cuisine has grown tremendously, a single restaurant in 1983 to multiple Bangkok Cuisine restaurants across the larger Metro of Detroit. The locations include: Sterling Heights, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Clinton Township, Rochester, Roseville, Washington TWP, Royal Oak, Ann Arbor, and West Bloomfield Township. Undoubtedly, the fast-growing restaurant is an indication that Thai-based foods have a significant fan base in Metro Detroit. If you visit any of these restaurants, you’ll definitely have a true taste of a fine Bangkok Cuisine menu.

What are the Unique Features about Bangkok Cuisine?

The restaurant has its unique characteristics that differentiates it from any other food joint in the industry. To begin with, the Thai factor stands out. The restaurant has its roots rooted in the Thai way of cooking, which gives it a distinctive reputation. For example, Thai foods are known to be characteristically hot (spicy), so if you want an authentic Thai dish, it has to be hot for sure. However, the management understands that people have different preferences, therefore the level of spiciness can be mild, medium, hot, or extra hot.

Variety of foods also bring out the exceptionality of Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant. If you look at a Bangkok Cuisine menu, you’ll notice how varied the food options are. Apart from the restaurants offering a wide variety of food options, the quality of the menu is superlative. Of great importance still, the excellent service, professionalism, and dedication from the staff, makes Bangkok Cuisine a brilliant idea for your family outings.

If you’re a guest at one of the Bangkok Cuisine restaurants, you have the privilege of choosing from a wide range of foods available. The menu options at the restaurant include: Noodles, Bangkok Cuisine Specialties, Seafood, Desserts, Appetizers, Special Thai Taste, Sandy Recommends, Soup, Salads, Fried Rice, and Side Orders. Each of the categories on the menu has different foods depending on the method of preparation and ingredients. For example, for noodles, you can order either drunken noodles or curry noodles, among others. So, you can order according to your personal preferences and taste. Moreover, guests should specify whether they want the spice level to be mild, medium, hot, or extra hot.

Are there Vegetarian and Vegan Options?

Yes, there are food options for vegetarians and vegans. The restaurant acknowledges that there are people who don’t eat meat and animal products. If you belong to any of these categories, you don’t have to worry because your needs are taken care of. Some of the Bangkok Cuisine menu options for vegetarians and vegans include:

  • Apple salad
  • Thai style fried rice with snow peas, broccoli, and chili paste
  • Thai style fried rice with peas, onions, and carrots
  • Fried rice with beans, basil, and bell peppers

You can contact the Bangkok Cuisine restaurant near you to check the vegetarian and vegan options available.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation are from 11AM- 9PM from Monday-Friday. On the weekends, guests can order from 12 PM-9PM. These hours are flexible enough to give guests ample to order and enjoy their lunch and dinner.

Can You Order Food Online?

Yes, there is a provision to order food online. Visit the website of the Bangkok Cuisine restaurant near you and order from the foods available.

If you have kids with you on your visit, you don’t have to worry about what they will eat. There are options to choose from for kids including: Kid’s rice (traditional chicken fried rice with eggs, carrots, and peas), Kids’ noodles (Cheesy rice noodles with eggs and broccoli), and marinated chicken tenders served with rice. Furthermore, there are kid-sized beverages and drinks for your children to enjoy. Once you visit, just let the staff know about your kids, and you’ll be assisted accordingly.

Are the Foods Healthy?

This is an important question, especially given the level of consciousness that people have about their health nowadays. Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant hasn’t been in operation for more than 30 years and expanded exponentially as a coincidence. One of the reasons why they have remained relevant is that they strive to maintain a high level of quality standards. Healthy food preparation methods and usage of quality cooking ingredients are an indication of the priority placed on high standards of hospitality. Moreover, the chefs and other staff members go through training to ensure that they serve guests in strict adherence to superior quality and health standards.


Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant is an inspiring story of rising through challenges to become one of the best in the food industry. There is nothing that refreshes guests who visit restaurants more than dining and knowing that the value of your money counted. This is accurately what most guests who visit Bangkok Cuisine restaurants experience. If you’re in any of the locations where Bangkok Cuisine is, consider visiting to have a taste of amazing Thai foods.

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Have you ever had an authentic Thai cuisine experience? If not, the Bangkok Cuisine Restaurant is one place you should consider visiting. Just to mention, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

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