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Benihana menu prices featuring 139 items ranging from $0.50 to $78.00

Today Benihana is known as a Japanese restaurant, but the idea started from a small coffee shop in Tokyo. Rocky Aoki’s father, Yunosuke Aoki wanted to give his customers something different and rode his bicycle over 20 miles to purchase real sugar to serve to his customers.

Benihana menu prices featuring 139 items ranging from $0.50 to $78.00

I found it a pleasing fact that all ingredients at Benihana are shipped directly to them these days, rather than the old-fashioned way of sourcing everything via bicycle!

Getting to visit Benihana, famous for its authentic Japanese food prepared on dazzling steel grills, was an experience to remember. Did you know they are open for both lunch and dinner? And let me tell you, the chefs thereare not just culinary maestros but also entertainers in their own right. They kept the atmosphere lively with their jovial banter throughout our visit, and I can totally see why celebs like The Beatles and Muhammad Ali were known to be fans!

Giving us a tour down memory lane through his restaurant, our greeter informed us that the inaugural Benihana outlet was first opened back in 1964 by Rocky Aoki. The name and concept were inspired by his father’s coffee shop in Tokyo. Benihana’s constant feature on popular shows and movies like The Office and Wolf of Wall Street served to pique our interest!

Oh, and here is a cool fact. You can always follow their offerings and updates by checking out the company’s official site

My Benihana Experience & Their Widespread Presence

The first thing that struck me is Benihana's global footprint. You can relish their epic menu anywhere — be it in North America, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East. The United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Romania; their presence is simply remarkable!

With upcoming outlets in Egypt and established ones in Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E - not to mention Thailand and Indonesia - you're never too far from a Benihana outlet!

A Peek at the Benihana Menu

The Benihana menu is sprawling with exciting and fresh Japanese food. My favorite was the traditional Hibachi lunch, prepared on circular griddles right before my eyes. I apologize to my vegetarian friends, but my heart was won over by this succulent Chicken, Teriyaki Steak and oh, the sushi was to die for!

Appetizer lovers, you're in for a surprise with their range of small dishes. My top choice would be the Chicken Gyoza, an explosion of ground chicken and spices in every bite.

By the time we reached the main courses, my foodie heart was already pounding with excitement. I can still taste the Benihana Onion Soup, Hibachi Vegetables, and Steamed Rice that came with the traditional Benihana dinner. A must-try, trust me!

What Makes Benihana Stand Out?

Benihana has two major selling points - the unparalleled dining experience and the top-tier food. Their original Japanese farmhouse setting adds a pleasing cultural touch to their service while observing the expert chefs cook food fresh in front of you was thrilling.

Did I mention these chefs are not only excellent cooks but entertaining comedians too? They often steal the show with their amazing knife work, astounding theatrics, and sparkling wit.

What About Vegetarians?

Yes, they have plenty of vegetarian-friendly options, from spicy tofu steak to miso soup, vegetable tempura, seaweed salad, edamame, and sushi rolls to name just a few. Finish your meal with a sweet treat from their range of desserts! Full nutritional information is available on their website or just ask at the restaurant.

Vegans, do not fret. You also get to savour some plant-based options, including Spicy Tofu Steak, Yakisoba Noodles, and Banana Tempura.

And if you're wondering about their offerings for children, yes, Benihana has a dedicated kids menu tailor-made for children up to 12 years of age. The child in me still squeals a little thinking about the Teriyaki Steak and Tiger Prawns.

Benihana’s Business Hours

Most Benihana restaurants open from 12:00 to 3:00 pm for lunch, then reopen at 5:00 pm till late during the weekdays for dinner. On weekends, they mostly remain open from noon till late.

Benihana’s Dress Code

Remember, Benihana is not a hangout spot for beach bums. They expect their guests to show up in appropriate attire to maintain the upscale dining ambience. Gym attire, offensive graphic tees, torn clothes, and flip-flops, among others, are considered inappropriate.

My Experience: Pros and Cons

  • Great fusion of entertainment and impressive culinary skills
  • Diverse menu with lots of options
  • Vibrant ambiance created through the Japanese farmhouse theme
  • High-quality fresh ingredients used in food preparation
  • Worldwide presence
  • Can be a bit pricey
  • The restaurant may have limited vegan options
  • Can get crowded during peak hours
  • There could be a long waiting time for a table without reservation

Overall, Benihana offered an unforgettable dining experience, and I look forward to visiting again soon!

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Today Benihana is known as a Japanese restaurant, but the idea started from a small coffee shop in Tokyo. Rocky Aoki’s father, Yunosuke Aoki wanted to give his customers something different and rode his bicycle over 20 miles to purchase real sugar to serve to his customers.

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