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Benihana menu prices featuring 139 items ranging from $0.50 to $78.00

Today Benihana is known as a Japanese restaurant, but the idea started from a small coffee shop in Tokyo. Rocky Aoki’s father, Yunosuke Aoki wanted to give his customers something different and rode his bicycle over 20 miles to purchase real sugar to serve to his customers.

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Benihana menu prices featuring 139 items ranging from $0.50 to $78.00

Thankfully today, Benihana get their ingredients shipped to them, and no bicycles are used to source products!

Benihana is open for lunch and dinner and is famous for serving authentic Japanese food prepared on steel grills right in front of customers. The Benihana chefs are known to tell a joke or two to their customers, and it has been popular with celebrities such as The Beatles and Muhammad Ali.

Rocky Aoki opened the first Benihana restaurant in 1964 on West 56th Street in New York. The name Benihana comes from his father's coffee shop in Tokyo. Each Benihana restaurant has highly trained chefs which cook your food fresh right in front of you. Benihana has featured in several films and television series, such as the Office and the film Wolf of Wall Street.

You can find out more about Benihanas by visiting the company’s website.

Which countries have a Benihana restaurant?

Benihana restaurants can be found across the world. You can order from the Benihana menu in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

In North America, Benihana restaurants can be found in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

In Europe, there are 5 Benihana restaurants, with restaurants located in:

  • The United Kingdom (Chelsea, Covent Garden, Piccadilly – all in London)
  • Slovakia (Bratislava)
  • Romania (Bucharest)

The company has restaurants in numerous Middle Eastern countries. They have restaurants in Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., and have a restaurant opening in Egypt soon. The company also has restaurants in Thailand and Indonesia.

To find your nearest Benihana restaurant, visit the company’s website.

What food does Benihana serve?

The Benihana menu is full of exciting and fresh Japanese food. The company serves traditional Hibachi lunches, which are cooked on circular griddles. Hibachi lunches can include chicken, teriyaki steak, salmon, prawns, and sushi.

The company serves a good range of small dishes on the Benihana menu, that are perfect for starters. Popular options include Chicken Gyoza, which are dumplings with ground chicken and spice filling.

Benihana has a wide range of main courses, which are either called Traditional Dinners or Specialities Dinners. Both traditional dinners and Specialities Dinners are served with a Benihana Onion Soup, Salad, Prawn Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables and Steamed Rice.

To accompany your food, there are some side dishes. This includes shiitake mushrooms, spicy prawns and garlic chicken rice. However, as stated above, Benihana dinners come with a range of accompanying dishes. Desserts are also available from Benihana if you can fit them in!

What makes Benihana different?

Benihana has two main things which make it different from many other restaurants – the experience and the great, fresh food.

Each Benihana restaurant has an authentic Japanese farmhouse setting, and highly trained chefs cook your food right in front of you. The chefs love entertaining their customers and will delight their customers with great knife work, theatrics, and a joke or two.

The food at Benihana is different from many other restaurants. It is cooked freshly right in front of you, so you know that there is no reheating your food. They use great seafood and other ingredients, which are specially sourced from all over the world.

Do Benihana’s cater to vegetarians?

Yes, Benihana has a good selection of options for vegetarians. While the company doesn’t have a separate Benihana menu for vegetarians, the company still has plenty to offer.

Popular meals for vegetarians include:

  • Spicy Tofu Steak
  • Miso Soup
  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Seaweed Salad
  • Edamame (and spicy Edamame)
  • Sushi Rolls
  • Rice – brown, white and fried rice
  • A good range of desserts, including Ice Cream and Sherbet.

Full nutritional information is available on the company’s website, or ask at your local restaurant.

Do Benihana’s have vegan food options?

Benihana does have some plant-based, vegan options, but some of the vegetarian products listed above contain dairy. Options for vegan customers include Spicy Tofu Steak, Yakisoba Noodles and Banana Tempura. Ask at your local Benihana restaurant for vegan options.

Yes! Benihana has a children’s menu. There is a good choice of food for children on the Benihana menu. This includes the company’s signature dishes such as Teriyaki Steak and Tiger Prawns. The children’s menu is available for children up to 12 years of age.

All children’s meals are served with Onion Soup, Steamed Rice, cucumber roll appetizer, hibachi vegetables and a children’s dessert. Benihana is a great place to take children, as they love seeing their food prepared right in front of them, and the theatrical performances of the Benihana chefs.

What are Benihana’s opening hours?

Generally, Benihana restaurants open between 12:00 and 3:00pm for lunch and reopen at 5pm until late during the week. On weekends, many Benihana restaurants open from 12:00 until late. Benihana’s opening hours do vary between stores, so be sure to check with your local restaurant, or the company’s website, for local opening hours.

Does Benihana offer delivery?

Yes. Benihana’s delivery is available from many restaurants, meaning that you can order from the Benihana menu at home. Check with your local restaurant to see if they offer a Benihana delivery service and the options that are available in your area.

Does Benihana have a dress code?

Benihana prides itself on providing guests with an upscale dining experience. To create this, their guest attire policy requires customers to wear appropriate attire. The company do not expect all guests to wear suits or dinner jackets, but they do set out some examples of unacceptable attire, which include:

  • Flip-flops, slippers or bare feet
  • Gym attire, tank tops, sportswear
  • Torn, ragged, soiled clothing or shoes
  • Clothing with offensive language or graphics

The company’s full Guest Attire Policy is available on the company’s website.

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Today Benihana is known as a Japanese restaurant, but the idea started from a small coffee shop in Tokyo. Rocky Aoki’s father, Yunosuke Aoki wanted to give his customers something different and rode his bicycle over 20 miles to purchase real sugar to serve to his customers.

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