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Dunkin Donuts menu prices featuring 109 items ranging from $0.50 to $22.99

Dunkin Donuts is a popular chain of coffee and doughnuts stores, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The company has gained a reputation for serving great coffee, donuts and other products quickly.

Dunkin Donuts menu prices featuring 109 items ranging from $0.50 to $22.99

I dove headfirst into a little doughnut history and found out that Dunkin Donuts was actually founded by a chap called Bill Rosenberg. Bill embarked on his doughnut adventure back in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts. Dunkin seemed to spread like wildfire, going from a single store to 100 in just ten years! And that bustling growth didn't slow down; fast forward a few decades and now you can find Dunkin almost anywhere in the world.

If you are really into Dunkin Donuts like I am, you should definitely check out their website at It's full of fun facts and drool-worthy doughnut details.

Where can you find Dunkin Donuts?

Just to give you an idea, think about this - there are almost 13,000 Dunkin Donuts stores sprinkled across 42 countries. They've definitely got the United States covered, and they have made impressive inroads into South America, with stores dotting the map in Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

Heading to Europe? You can satiate your Dunkin cravings in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Spain and Germany, not to mention quite a few spots in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

And what about the actual doughnuts?

You weren't thinking the only thing they dunked was named 'Donut', were you? Dunkin Donuts' menu brims with doughnuts of every conceivable kind, each one handmade and finished meticulously, ensuring you're served a fresh treat every time. The toppings come in tons of flavors too, just to add to the fun!

I have a soft spot for the Boston Crème doughnut, and apparently, I'm not alone; it's one of their original recipes and remains a favorite among customers. This doughnut has a delightful crème filling, coated in chocolate icing, sending your taste buds into overdrive.

Then there's the Chocolate Frosted doughnut, a classic and highly popular choice, which comes topped with a generous layer of fudge and rich chocolate. In my opinion, this one definitely sticks to the "K.I.S.S" principle: "Keep it Simple, Sweetie!"

Maple fans can head straight for the 'Make It Maple' range. I tried the Maple Chocolate Chip Ring, topped with lovely maple icing, sprinkles of chocolate chips and a chocolate drizzle. It was the perfect mix of indulgent and comforting.

And for the soft, fruity filling lovers out there, try the Jelly Doughnuts, with flavors like strawberry and raspberry. If you're a fan of Homer Simpson, the Strawberry Froasted Ring Rainbow Sprinkles will surely pique your interest.

Ever heard of Dunkin Donuts' Munchkins?

During my visit, I've found out that they've figured out the best use for a doughnut hole - turn it into Munchkins, bite-sized goodies that come in several different flavors, including glazed chocolate cake! Clever, isn't it?

Is That All They Serve?

Good god, no! Apart from doughnuts, Dunkin Donuts serves a fantastic range of bakery items as well! I sampled their cinnamon rolls and croissants, and they were the perfect companions for the freshly brewed coffee. Then there are the bagels, English muffins, and oatmeal, which you can find at selected locations in the United States.

The coffee at Dunkin Donuts - Worth it?

A big, fat, resounding yes! Dunkin Donuts is hailed for its fantastic coffee – and I vouch for that! They use only top-tier 100% Arabica beans sourced from both Central and South America. And guess what, they offer dairy-free milk options as well including almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk.

What About Halal Options at Dunkin Donuts?

That depends on the individual store. Make sure to inquire at your local Dunkin Donuts about their Halal options.

Can I Get Dunkin Donuts Delivered?

Absolutely! Most Dunkin Donut locales offer a delivery service. Do check with your local Dunkin to see what services they provide.

When Can I Visit Dunkin Donuts?

They generally open from 7 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. However, timings may vary from one store to another, so I recommend checking your local outlet or their website for updated timings.

Does Dunkin Donuts Cater to Vegans?

You bet! To meet the growing demand, Dunkin Donuts stores in several countries now offer vegan doughnuts. I discovered that in Belgium, for instance, they recently launched a vegan doughnut range with a whopping 41 flavors!

Can I satisfy my Dunkin cravings at home?

Yes, indeed! If you love their coffee as much as I do, you can now make it at home, thanks to their array of coffee products - ground coffee, cold coffee, coffee pods – they have them all. I found the seasonal-flavored coffee, like Pumpkin Spice, intriguing; they've been a mega-hit with customers, too.

Does Dunkin Donuts Have a Loyalty Scheme?

Yep! It's the best thing for regular customers like me. Based on the country you're in, the promotions may vary. In the US, you earn points for every dollar you spend, which can be redeemed against items from the menu. In the UK, I earned loyalty stamps for purchases, which can accumulate to earn freebies. Another great thing about being a loyal Dunkin customer is that in several countries, you get a free drink just for downloading their app. Talk about incentives!


  • Delicious doughnuts, coffee and bakery items
  • Vast menu to cater to different palate preferences
  • Incredibly fresh and quality ingredients
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Rewarding loyalty scheme


  • Highly popular, which often leads to long queues
  • Not all branches offer every items on the menu
  • Vegan options are limited in some locations

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