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Wawa menu prices featuring 59 items ranging from $0.95 to $7.29

Wawa is a convenience store franchise located on the lower Eastern coastline. Serving all those on the go, Wawa offers convenience store products, gas station products, and fresh foods.

Wawa menu prices featuring 59 items ranging from $0.95 to $7.29

Wawa is a convenience store franchise chain which also serves as a gas station and prides itself on the Wawa brand of ready-to-go and made-to-order food offered.


While Wawa originally began as a dairy farm in the early 1800s selling dairy and dairy products, it eventually developed a storefront location in the 1920s to compete with those buying dairy in grocery stores. In the 1960s, Wawa opened its first location which sold food products that weren’t just dairy products. During this transition, Wawa joined the trend of turning their store locations into convenience stores, allowing people to get what they needed whenever they needed it, even if they were on the go.

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Which countries have a Wawa?

The United States is the only country currently with a Wawa franchise. Wawa is currently located in seven different states located along the Eastern coastline. The states which are home to a Wawa location are:

  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C.

What is different about Wawa?

Despite the origins of the Wawa franchise, it now runs as both a food-service location, a convenience store, and a gas station, providing everything one may need when they are on the go.

Despite being both a convenience store and a gas station, Wawa also offers catering options for any work-related events you may be hosting.

Is Wawa food spicy?

While Wawa does offer some spicy foods, generally, the food available at Wawa is not spicy. They offer items such as Jalapeno Bites and other spicy snacks you may find at other convenience stores. When ordering a hoagie or sandwich, each one is made to order and is customizable, allowing you to add or remove any spiciness you would like.

There is a wide variety of food available on the Wawa menu, especially since Wawa is also a gas station convenience store and offers items which are commonly found in other such locations. However, Wawa has its own menu of food and drink which it produces in-store, both ready-to-go and made-to-order.

Wawa prepares a number of food items which are ready-to-go, already prepared and available for you to pick up and purchase. Items such as these include salads, soups, wraps, and a variety of hot breakfast items.

Wawa is always ready to help you with your food, having a section dedicated to made-to-order. You can order something on its own or as a complete meal. Things you can get include sandwiches, hoagies, paninis, salads, and a variety of breakfast items.

How do I order food at Wawa?

There are a few different methods available for ordering food at a Wawa location. There is the option of not ordering at all, as it is also a convenience store, allowing you a variety of food items featured at most convenience stores.

You can order food from Wawa through the Wawa mobile app. This allows you to order and customize your food, as well as pay. From there, you simply need to arrive at the Wawa location you placed your order at and pick up your food.

When ordering Wawa’s made-to-order food in-store, you will go up to an electronic kiosk where you will create and place your order, receiving a ticket for it. Your ticket is sent to the kitchen, where your food will be prepared. Once you are ready and have anything else you wish to purchase, you go to the checkout counter and present your ticket with your other items and pay for your food. You will be given your food at the counter.

Does Wawa cater to vegetarians?

While Wawa does not cater to vegetarians, it has plenty of vegetarian-friendly foods available. From a variety of salads, breakfast foods, and snacks, there is no shortage of vegetarian foods available. If the ready-to-go options aren’t to your liking, Wawa offers the ability to customize several made-to-order foods to fit your tastes, including sandwiches, hoagies, salads, and breakfast items.

Does Wawa have vegan food options?


Wawa does have vegan food options. There is a wide variety of vegan food available throughout the store, both prepackaged for sale and ready-to-go foods that Wawa has made. Wawa also offers the ability to easily customize a made-to-order food item to be vegan however you would like it.

Wawa does indeed have a children’s menu. Designed with children and caretakers in mind, Wawa created a children’s menu to simplify things for everyone involved. The children’s menu allows you to choose the main food, such as a junior hoagie or a small mac and cheese, a side dish such as apple slices or yogurt, and the choice of chocolate milk or water. The meal comes in a children’s box and features puzzles and trading cards with activities on it to keep children occupied.

What are Wawa’s opening hours?

All Wawa locations are traditionally open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Does Wawa offer delivery?

Some Wawa locations offer delivery. Participating locations offer delivery through third-party food delivery services, such as UberEats and GrubHub. Check with your local Wawa store to see if it offers delivery.

Is Wawa healthy?

Wawa can be healthy or unhealthy depending on what you order and what you add to your order. Wawa offers healthy salads and wraps, but also offers hearty hoagies and sandwiches with many extra or unhealthy toppings or condiments. However, as with all things, you should not worry when eating in healthy moderation.

Can I cook Wawa at home?

You cannot cook any Wawa menu items at home. Wawa does not sell any of its products in stores. There are recipes for duplicating a Wawa item, but these are not official and are only replicates.

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Wawa is a convenience store franchise located on the lower Eastern coastline. Serving all those on the go, Wawa offers convenience store products, gas station products, and fresh foods.


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