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Bonefish Grill menu prices featuring 93 items ranging from $1.50 to $29.90

Bonefish Grill is a casual dining restaurant chain founded in 2000. Initially, there was only one restaurant, created by Tim Curci and Chris Parker. It grew from only three locations in 2001 to 100 locations in 2006 and more than 180 locations in 2022.

Bonefish Grill menu prices featuring 93 items ranging from $1.50 to $29.90

Bonefish grill specializes in fresh fish, but also offers countless other meals.

Bonefish Grill is a good food place rather than a fast food place. It is relatively expensive and offers great food and service rather than low prices.

You can go there for quality seafood that is grilled rather than fried, cocktails, and dessert. The restaurants frequently change what they offer, so you can always find something new on the Bonefish Grill menu.

Bonefish Grill restaurants are often only open for dinner and not lunch or breakfast. They open at 4 pm and close at 10 pm on weekdays in many places. However, the company is experimenting with lunch hours and special lunch dishes in many places.

Bonefish Grill has its headquarters in Florida, the same state where the company was founded.

Which Countries Have a Bonefish Grill Restaurant?

Bonefish Grill has not yet expanded to Canada or the UK. There are more than 180 Bonefish Grill restaurants in the United States, and the chain may expand elsewhere in the future.

What is Different About Bonefish Grill?

Bonefish Grill is relatively high-end. It is not a fine dining restaurant where you dress up, but you can still go there on a date or go there for an important meeting. The food is prepared with care – they shake their handmade martinis at least twenty times.

The restaurant has more of a big-city vibe than a country vibe to it. The staff are very helpful and know the best wine to go with each meal. Overall, it is better than most comparable restaurants, but more expensive.

Is Bonefish Grill Environmentally Conscious?

Yes, Bonefish Grill cares about the environment. They care about where their fish comes from and get it from sustainable sources. Bonefish Grill cares about yearly catch limits, current stock status, fish migrations, and much more.

They make sure they have accurate information about how sustainably harvested the fish are. Bonefish grill works with Ocean Trust (a major ocean conservation group) and supports sustainable fisheries.

Is Bonefish Grill Spicy?

Bonefish Grill is not known as a spicy food restaurant, but they do offer spicy dishes. If you want to try something spicy there, try the seared scallops and spicy tuna bowl.

While anyone visiting the restaurant should try one of their wood-fired fish dishes, there are many other dishes to try. There are other seafood dishes, such as shrimp and oysters.

The restaurant also has excellent steaks. There are a variety of desserts, plus hand-made cocktails.

How Do I Order Food at Bonefish Grill?

You can order food online or over the phone instead of at the restaurant. If you order in the restaurant, the staff will take you through the menu and talk about different dishes.

If you need any clarification, you can ask the knowledgeable staff. After you have made up your mind, ask the staff what you want.

Does Bonefish Grill Cater to Vegetarians?

While Bonefish Grill is nowhere near a vegetarian restaurant, they do have vegetarian dishes. There is no vegetarian menu, but there are some vegetarian dishes to choose from.

You can also order a dish that usually has meat without it. Many relatively low-meat dishes are good without it. For example, any of these brunch items are good with the meat removed:

  • California Omelet (without bacon)
  • Crème brûlée French Toast (without bacon)
  • Oscar Omelet (without crab)

Many bone fish grill desserts are also vegetarian. You can eat crème brûlée, doughnuts, macadamia nut brownies, and Jamaican coconut pie on a vegetarian diet.

Does Bonefish Grill Have Vegan Food Options?

Vegan and vegetarian options are fairly limited at Bonefish Grill. However, there are still vegan dishes available.

You might be stuck with appetizers, salads, and sides, although some other dishes might be vegan if you remove the meat. It is not a great restaurant if you want a filling vegan dish. Some of the vegan options include:

Salads and Dressings

  • Cobb's salad (crackers are not vegan)
  • Cobb's salad (minus meat and cheese)
  • Citrus dressing
  • Oil and vinegar dressing


  • Avocado toast without the cheese
  • Bread with oil or dressing rather than pesto for dipping


  • Jasmine rice
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Steamed asparagus
  • Mango salsa

This is not a complete list of vegan dishes – many others may be vegan if you remove certain things. Some locations have different food, for example, you might find corn or a baked potato.

Yes, if you ask for a children's menu, they will bring you one. The kids' menu offers chicken tenders, fish strips, macaroni & cheese, grilled chicken, popcorn shrimp, and grilled tilapia.

What are Bonefish Grill's Opening Hours?

Different restaurants have different hours. Many of the restaurants have the following opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 4 pm to 10 pm

Friday and Saturday: 11 am to 11 pm

Sunday: 10 am to 9 pm

Call the restaurant and ask for their hours first, because the hours may be significantly different at your local restaurant.

Does Bonefish Grill Offer Delivery?

Yes, you can order meals online and have them delivered to your door. Bonefish grill works with DoorDash.

Is Bonefish Grill Healthy?

Bonefish Grill serves fish and vegetables, so it is a relatively healthy restaurant. There are plenty of vitamins, healthy fats, and protein in the food Bonefish Grill serves. It is certainly very nutritious food.

Not everyone needs to cut back on salt, but if you are trying to eat a low-salt diet, a lot of the food is salty. There is also trans fat in some of the food. However, grilling is a healthier way of cooking than frying.

Fish is clearly good for you, maybe one of the healthiest foods. There is plenty of protein and many essential vitamins in fish. Fish even includes a lot of vitamin D, so it is great in the winter in colder climates.

Is Bonefish Grill Halal?

Bonefish Grill does not mention anything about serving halal food. Beef served at Bonefish Grill is likely not halal.

Can I Cook Bonefish Grill at Home?

Yes, you can make similar dishes at home. You need more than a few ingredients, but they are not truly difficult dishes. Some dishes are easier than others.

People make Bonefish Grill-inspired lobster tail dishes, grilled fish and salad dishes, pork chops, and more. You can also make similar macadamia nut brownies and other desserts at home.

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