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Carvel menu prices featuring 28 items ranging from $0.59 to $52.99

In 1934, Tom Carvel launched his company, Carvel. Carvel's ice cream cakes, which come in a wide range of flavors and styles, are the company's bread and butter. Carvel's soft serve ice cream and ice cream cakes may be found in supermarkets and at Carvel franchisees. Other treats include shakes, ice creams, and chocolate milkshakes. Carvel ice cream is sold in grocery shops and convenience stores around the United States. More than five hundred offices are spread around the country.

Carvel menu prices featuring 28 items ranging from $0.59 to $52.99

So, I found myself at a place called Carvel, pretty popular for its frozen delights, and boy, was I excited. The place has a legacy behind it, being around since 1934! It's known far and wide for its soft-serve ice cream and ice cream cakes with more than 500 locations spread across the United States. Talk about a success story! Not to mention, it's a part of the Focus Brands family and has its footprint in the stock market.

The variety of desserts on offer at Carvel left me spoiled for choice! They have a ton of ice cream cake options, and their soft-serve ice cream has quite the fan-following. Plus, they've got toppings galore. On my trip, I must have devoured scoops laced with nuts, candies, and dollops of whipped cream. Okay, so maybe I overdid it, but who could resist?!

For those of you with kids or just wanting to relive your childhood, Carvel not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also offers some fun family activities. With balloon animals, face painting, and temporary tattoos, it's a sweet treat for both your palate and your family fun time. Plus, unlimited refills of the soft-serve ice cream (have mercy on my waistline!). But here's the cherry on top - you can even get their heavenly treats delivered to your doorstep or for pickup. You can check this out at their website: (

Where can I find Carvel?

While Carvel is a proud American brand, it has certainly made its sweet mark globally. I was surprised to learn that you can satisfy your Carvel cravings even in Puerto Rico, Canada, the UAE, and Kuwait!

Well, for ice cream lovers like me, Carvel is pure paradise. So many flavors to choose from - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry – and unlimited ways to customize your treat. You can, for example, add chocolate sauce, sprinkles, whipped cream, and more. This means you can create your own unique ice cream sundae, and trust me, I took full advantage of that. I tried a wild combo of vanilla ice cream with cookies and a dash of candy. Talk about a sugar rush!

This might seem unusual for an ice-cream parlor, but yeah, Carvel does have some items on the menu that can introduce a bit of kick to their chicken-based dishes. So, if you're like me and enjoy a bit of heat, Carvel can spice up your taste buds with their Buffalo chicken topping.

From my experience, here's what you can anticipate while exploring Carvel's menu. Their soft-serve ice cream and cream cakes are to die for. With a wide selection of dessert treats ranging from various types of ice cream and ice cream cakes (their Fudgie Whale cake being a hot favorite), it's truly a feast for the sweet tooth. They also have Milkshakes, ice cream sundaes, and floats. And trust me, all of them are as scrumptious as they sound.

Ordering from Carvel is pretty straightforward. They offer two options: you can either walk right up to their counter and place your order or, if you're one who likes to plan in advance or avoid waiting, you can use their app to place your order ahead of arrival.

If you're going for the counter method, consider what you want in advance to facilitate a smoother order. Trust me; seeing Carvel's vast offerings can be quite overwhelming (in the best way!) if you're unprepared.

Moving on to their application. Once you download and set up an account, you can browse through their heartfelt delicacies and place an order. Then you simply pick it up from the shop. Easy-peasy!

Although they do not have a separate kid's menu, there are several child-friendly items available. My little nephew particularly loved their Lil' Love and Lil' Dipper sundaes. And, not to mention, they serve amazing desserts for special events like children's birthdays.

What are Carvel's operational hours?

Most Carvel stores I know of are open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and extend their timings till 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, they open from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. However, available menu items could vary based on location - so maybe call ahead if you're planning to drop by.

Does the Carvel offer a delivery service?

You better believe it. You can get all the delicious Carvel treats delivered right to your door through their website or mobile app! Whether it's a cute Carvel ice cream cake you need for a celebration or just some sweet indulgence delivered to lift your mood, Carvel has you covered.

While Carvel's main offerings might not suit those looking for healthier options, they do offer a few healthier alternatives like fruit cups and sorbets. As for me, life's too short for sugar-free anything, so I say enjoy the indulgence.

Considering the ingredients used in their products, it's difficult to say for sure that their menu is halal. Their ice cream and cakes are made from ingredients such as milk, cream, sugar, and eggs, which are generally halal but need to comply with certain Islamic guidelines. Until Carvel officially clarifies on it, it could be a prudent suggestion that Muslims check before eating.

Attempting to recreate some of the items at home might require a fair bit of effort. Sure, for things like their Fudgie Whale cake, it would mainly be about getting the right mold. But, for the ice cream, it might be a bit tricky, at least for amateurs like myself!


  • Delicious and diverse menu;
  • Customizable treats;
  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere;
  • Convenient ordering options.


  • Can be crowded during peak hours;
  • Halal status uncertainty;
  • Not many healthy options available.

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