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China Buffet menu prices featuring 158 items ranging from $0.50 to $9.95

China Buffet is one of North America's premier Chinese buffets serving all of the classics you have grown to love. China Buffet is open for lunch and dinner and prioritizes fresh ingredients and attention to detail for every dish that they serve. Just because it is buffet-style eating, does not mean that quality has to be diminished.

China Buffet menu prices featuring 158 items ranging from $0.50 to $9.95

China Buffet is proof of that! You will find all of your favorite Chinese-American classics such as spring rolls, dumplings, Egg-fried rice, and shrimp with lobster sauce. Their menu contains any classic Chinese dishes that you can think of and a few that you might never even have heard of!

China Buffet is open from 11 am until 9:30 pm (10:30 pm on Friday and Saturday) for lunch and dinner.

China Buffet is a full-service Chinese buffet that prioritizes serving hot, freshly made, delicious Chinese food for a reasonable price and at a reasonable time. Quick service is key when it comes to running a successful buffet! China Buffet prides itself on using well-trained chefs and excellent servers to ensure that every experience is a delight and that you will keep on coming back for more. They firmly believe that a warm and welcoming server makes just as much of a difference as having great-tasting food to your overall experience. China Buffet has been operating for over 20 years now and has used that time to not only hone its craft but expand its culinary styles to be more accommodating to modern diets.

You can find out more about China Buffet and what they offer by clicking the following link.

Where can I find China Buffet?

There are over 50 China Buffet locations all across the USA. They have systematically expanded their reach over the last 20 years to include most major cities in 29 different states. Chances are there is a China Buffet near you for you to try out. When restaurants begin to franchise, it is a common occurrence that quality and consistency start to diminish. This is simply not the case with China Buffet. China Buffet prides itself on scaling in a manageable fashion so that each and every restaurant serves the same great, delicious, Chinese Food that you have come to know and love.

Here is a filterable list of all the China Buffet locations currently open in the USA. Click here.

Is China Buffet all you can eat?

China Buffet is indeed all you can eat. Most Chinese all-you-can-eat buffets sacrifice quality to increase their profit line. China Buffet makes no such sacrifice and serves the same quality of food you would expect at any other full-service restaurant. Which is precisely what China Buffet is. While it is true that food is served buffet style you can also order via your server and ask for recommendations as you would in any other restaurant. China Buffet keeps a constant rotation of fresh hot food coming out of the kitchen straight to the buffet to ensure that its customers are completely satisfied with the taste, quality, and hygiene standards.

Is China Buffet authentic Chinese Food?

China Buffet is as close to authentic Chinese food as any other Chinese restaurant in America. Chinese-American food has taken a life of its own and has become a cuisine in its own right. If you were hoping for the exact kind of food that someone in mainland China would eat, maybe China Buffet isn't the place to find it. But, if you are after traditional Chinese-American cuisine made with love and attention to detail, then China Buffet is just what you need.

Does China Buffet have healthy options?

China Buffet has a huge and incredibly diverse menu that has plenty of healthy options. And, plenty of some not-so-healthy ones! How healthy you want to be on a dish-to-dish basis is entirely up to you. Dishes like soups and rice are going to be quite a lot "healthier" than their sweet-and-sour pork. But, that being said, China Buffet ensures that all of its locations are using only the freshest ingredients and of the highest quality. By using fresh ingredients and sourcing their produce responsibly they can guarantee that all of their dishes are free from additives, preservatives, and other nasty chemicals that are used to improve the shelf life of food.

Does China Buffet have vegetarian options?

Chinese food traditionally makes use of lots of non-meat-based items like rice and a HUGE selection of vegetables. China Buffet sticks to these traditions and offers plenty of vegetarian options like their sauteed vegetable selections or using mushrooms as a substitute for a dish. For example, mushroom Lo Mein instead of beef or Vegetable Chow Mein instead of chicken. The servers at China Buffet are far more proactive than at other buffets so feel free to ask them about which dishes will and won't be suitable for you and your dietary requirements. Since everything is made in-house there is a good chance that if you ask your server to sub veggies for meat components of a dish the kitchen will be more than happy to make that accommodation for you.

Does China Buffet cater well to children?

China Buffet is well suited to children as portion control is left to the customer, not the kitchen, as is expected when it comes to buffet dining. It should be noted that China Buffet does not have a "kids menu" so to speak so it may not be ideal for very picky children. There are some equivalent dishes like chicken tenders that you may find on a kids' menu but there are not the usual standard items of mac & cheese or pizza. However, their amazing range of Chinese dishes of all sorts of varying flavors and styles is bound to offer something that even the fussiest customer will enjoy. Adults and children alike!

Is China Buffet Spicy?

Some items on the menu are quite spicy, however, they are all highlighted with a little chilli-pepper for your convenience. If you are unsure just how spicy a spicy dish is it's a good idea to check with your server. However, if the word spicy is in the dish name then you are probably better off avoiding that dish if spice isn't your thing!

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China Buffet is one of North America's premier Chinese buffets serving all of the classics you have grown to love. China Buffet is open for lunch and dinner and prioritizes fresh ingredients and attention to detail for every dish that they serve. Just because it is buffet-style eating, does not mean that quality has to be diminished.

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