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Long John Silvers menu prices featuring 126 items ranging from $1.79 to $36.99

Long John Silver is a chain of American fast-food restaurants that specialize in seafood products, served in nautical-themed restaurants. The company was known for its transparent food heaters and sword door handles.

Long John Silvers menu prices featuring 126 items ranging from $1.79 to $36.99
When I swung by Long John Silver's for a quick bite, I was greeted by a bustling hotspot that’s open for both lunch and dinner. It's not hard to see why it's a hit with the locals. With their specialty, deep-fried batter-dipped seafood, served with a side of fries and coleslaw - it's a symphony of flavors. They even have a
that let me explore the plethora of options on offer. I took a trip down memory lane when I learned that the first Long John Silver’s restaurant first raised its shutters in Lexington, Kentucky back in the nostalgic year of 1969. The early days saw the eatery styled like an adorable Cape Cod hut complete with uniquely nautical trappings like lobster pots and ship’s wheels. I bet it's enough to make your parents revel in a wave of sweet childhood memories just as it did mine. Although there was a bit of a rough patch during the '90s, the ship successfully weathered the storm and now stands proud with over 600 locations and a hardworking crew of over 10,000 employees dishing out delectable seafood treats. Those intrigued by my culinary adventure and Long John Silver's rich history can check out their website [here](

Where is the treasure trove of Seafood?

Exclusively operating in the United States, Long John Silver’s flag proudly flies high in over 600 locations across 37 states. Texas, in particular, boasts 88, ensuring my fellow Texans and I never have to go without our beloved seafood. To embark on your own quest for delicious fish and chips, simply use their handy restaurant finder tool on the website. All it needs is your city, state, or ZIP code to guide you to your local store.

What's on Offer at Long John Silvers?

Living up to its pirate-themed namae, the
at Long John Silver's is a chest brimming with seafood options. If you're a fan of batter-dipped seafood then this is your dreamland, offering wild Alaska Pollock, shrimp, and pacific cod served in a delightful, crispy batter. If you're interested in broadening your horizon as I did, you'll also find Grilled Salmon and battered chicken on the list. Stuck in a dilemma trying to choose between Pollock, chicken, and shrimp? Fret no more, as Long John Silver’s got you covered with their variety platters. Let's say the Fish, Chicken, and Shrimp Platter which has the perfect combination of batter-dipped Pollock, chicken, and shrimp, served with two sides and hush puppies that does wonders for your palate. And for the health-conscious among us, don't worry, you won't be left out. They have a good selection of grilled seafood packed with flavor. The grilled salmon bowl and grilled salmon tacos were a divine experience. Side options galore, my meal was accompanied by coleslaw, fries, corn, and green beans. Not to forget, a spoonful of their Chocolate Cream Pie left me with the sweetest memories of the meal.

Is Long John Silvers's Food Healthy?

As delicious as battered seafood with fries sounds, it may not win a lot of points on the health chart. However, I did discover healthier options during my visit. Remember, fish is teeming with omega-3, vital for muscle and brain function. The healthier options revolve around the company’s grilled offerings starting with their excellent grilled salmon bowl. At 370 calories and packed with the goodness from rice, this ensemble is as tasty as it's healthy. The staff can provide all the nutritional information, or you can find it on their website.

Does Long John Silvers offer Delivery Services?

Yes! Brace yourself for the comfort of having toothsome seafood delivered straight to your home from the Long John Silvers's kitchen. While this varies from place to place, local third-party apps can bring you closer to an unforgettable seafood experience.

Treasure Trove's Operational Hours

Typically, Long John Silvers is open from 10:30am to 10pm throughout the week; however, local store hours may vary. Don't let minor differences stop you; you can adjust according to other nearby locations, easily visible on the company’s website.

What about Vegan Options?

Most people wouldn’t associate a seafood joint with vegan food, but I was pleasantly surprised. Though limited, vegan options do exist. Some stores even provide Good Catch Vegan Crab Cakes and Fish Fillets. If these are unavailable, you can always fall back on sides such as fries, corn, and green beans. However, please cross-verify as some of these items may be cooked in meat oils. On a side note, the rice contains butter and chicken fat, making it non-vegan.

Can I purchase Long John Silvers Gift Cards?

Yes! A Long John Silvers gift card would make a perfect gift for your seafood-loving friends and family. You can conveniently purchase them from participating stores, or an eGift card directly from the company’s website. However, make sure your nearest location accepts gift cards. You can find this information on their website.

My Experience at Long John Silvers: Pros and Cons


  • Delicious and wide variety of seafood
  • Healthier grilled options available
  • Efficient delivery services
  • Ability to purchase gift cards
  • Website with helpful restaurant finder function


  • Limited vegan options
  • Absence of universal gift card acceptance across stores
  • Varying operational hours between stores
  • Fewer locations outside of Texas

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