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85 Degree menu prices featuring 107 items ranging from $1.25 to $34.20

85° Bakery Cafe is a Taiwanese franchise that opened in 2004. Focusing on coffee, the cafe has since expanded to over 1,000 different locations. In June of 2021, 85° Bakery Cafe began offering its first vegan food item, the highly successful Impossible BBQ Bun.

85 Degree menu prices featuring 107 items ranging from $1.25 to $34.20

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When I stepped into 85° Bakery Cafe, I was immediately struck by the familiar aroma of coffee, fresh bread, and pastries - the ultimate comfort trio for any food lover like myself. This global franchise, with a presence in multiple countries, has earned the admiration of customers worldwide for its extensive menu.
I'd discovered this gem back in 2008; four years after its inauguration, when founder Wu Cheng-Hsueh was inspired to create affordable, quality coffee and pastries, in stark juxtaposition to the exorbitant prices he'd encountered at a 5-Star hotel. The savvy entrepreneur named the cafe after his personal belief that 85° Celsius is the perfect temperature for brewing coffee. Even though I'm located on the East Coast, I've enjoyed many a 85° Bakery loaf and pastry. Thanks to the cafe's innovative shipping system, some of their mouthwatering breads and pastries are delivered frozen right to your doorstep within 5-7 business days. If you'd like to know more about this remarkable cafe, you can check out their website right[p]( As someone who loves exploring the culinary landscapes of other cultures, I was thrilled to learn of 85° Bakery Cafe’s international exposure. The franchise, originally hailing from Taiwan, made its overseas debut in Australia in 2006 and soon branched out to China, Hong Kong, and the United States. In 2019, Cambodia became the latest country to welcome an 85° Bakery Cafe store. With more than a 1,000 stores worldwide, it's clear that this bakery knows its dough! 85° Bakery Cafe, with its famous coffee, diversified its offerings to include tantalizing breads, pastries, and desserts, and has made a name for itself globally. They say home is where the heart is, and with the convenience of frozen breads and pastries delivered right to your doorstep, it's easy to see why 85° Bakery Cafe has secured a place in the hearts of food lovers worldwide. Despite being a bakery, 85° Bakery Cafe eloquently caters to the spice-loving faction of foodies with offerings like Spicy Sausage and Jalapeno Cream Cheese. However, not to worry if you can't handle a chili challenge – their menu is mostly mild. Perusing the 85° Bakery Cafe menu reveals a tantalizing array of offerings - breads inspired by various international cuisines, a confectionery wonderland comprising cream puffs, soufflés, and layered cakes, and a slew of beverages from smoothies and teas to their specialty – Sea Salt Coffee. About three years ago, while visiting family in San Francisco, I decided to share the 85° Bakery Cafe experience. We placed our orders online via their app for pickup and were not disappointed. The app offers a seamless experience, and I love that it provides options for pickup or delivery. For those of you visiting the cafe, just walk up to the counter, place your order, and either dine or take go. From my experience, dining-in offers a distinct charm and I would highly recommend it. Vegetarians and vegans, this cafe has you covered! While their bread and pastry items contain milk and/or eggs, there are vegetarian options available, and their famous Sea Salt Coffee can be customized to preference. Their Impossible BBQ Bun - a vegan take on the classic Chinese pork bun, has won over many customers too. I’ve also found 85° Bakery Cafe to be a hit with children courtesy their wide variety of breads, sweets, and non-caffeinated drinks like fruit smoothies and hot chocolate. 85° Bakery Cafe’s operating hours may vary depending on location, but my 8 AM morning meetup with a toasted bagel and coffee has never been interrupted. They generally open sometime between 7-9 AM and wrap up between 7-9 PM. Sundays can be a bit unpredictable with them opening late or closing early. Their delivery features are effective, with customers having the option of either calling directly, ordering via their app or through their website. Like any restaurant, how healthy 85° Bakery Cafe is for you depends on your choices. From health-boosting fruit smoothies to indulgent, sugar-infused treats, they cater to all ends of the dietary spectrum. Personally, one of my favourite Sunday morning rituals involves baking 85° Bakery Cafe goodies at home. Their online service allows you to order some of the breads and pastries, and following their easy instructions, you can have a taste of 85° in your own kitchen. In summation, here were the pros and cons of my experience -
  • Cosy ambience, perfect for a casual meet-up or some alone time with my book.
  • Extensive, varied menu satisfying all types of cravings.
  • Efficient delivery system, bringing the goodness of 85° to my doorstep.
  • Inclusive menu catering to vegetarians and vegans.
  • The bustling noise during peak hours can be a trifle disrupting.
  • Limited seating space, making it a squeeze during busy hours.
  • The staff can sometimes be too busy to attend to specific requests immediately.
All things considered, my experiences with 85° Bakery Cafe has been overwhelmingly positive, and with every visit, every delivery received, my love for this global franchise continues to grow.

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