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Cinnabon menu prices featuring 41 items ranging from $0.71 to $22.99

It all started with a father and son's dream to create the perfect cinnamon roll from scratch. After several trial and error and a couple of trial recipes, a world-changing sweet and cinnamon-spiced pastry was born. Cinnabon opened its first store in December 1985 at the SeaTac Mall. Whether you are in the mall, dining, shopping, or just out travelling, you'll see Cinnabon everywhere.

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Cinnabon menu prices featuring 41 items ranging from $0.71 to $22.99

Cinnabon serves world-renowned cinnamon rolls, cinnamon products, frozen drinks, and coffee and is open all day.

Cinnabon is the most recognized brand when it comes to cinnamon rolls. You can find this awesome pastry anywhere you go. The father and son duo behind this brand has created the perfect recipe for cinnamon rolls. Thousands of customers and guests are obsessing over this tasty pastry. Cinnabon to this day is still expanding and growing. It has branches in over 50 countries worldwide. The menu has expanded to accommodate every customer's taste. Every Cinnabon restaurant offers the same experience and irresistible pleasure as its products.

Every recipe is carefully thought of to produce high-quality cinnamon rolls and provide customers with a tasty pastry they'd never forget. Cinnabon uses Makara Cinnamon for its rolls. It has a luscious and sweet flavor creating a one-of-a-kind experience for every customer. It is one of the reasons why every Cinnabon store you pass by gives that distinct and flavorful aroma.

The Cinnabon menu is guaranteed to please every customer's taste. Every pastry is made with fresh-baked dough. Cinnabon has perfected making that soft and sweet dough perfect for baking cinnamon rolls. Cinnabon's signature dough is the foundation of all its products and it proved to be a hit in fifty countries worldwide. Every cinnamon roll deserves a great layer of addicting frosting. Cinnabon has that unique deliciously gooey topping of signature Cinnabon cream cheese. The waves of frosting are topped on all of the rolls adding a layer of perfection and creating that signature Cinnabon taste.

You can find out more about this fantastic world-renowned brand through their official website.

How Do I Find The Nearest Cinnabon Bakery Near Me?

To find the nearest Cinnabon bakery near you, you can use the official website's store locator here.

How Many Calories Does the Classic Cinnabon Roll Have?

The Classic Cinabbon roll has 816 calories. The calorie count doesn't stop customers from buying these tasty rolls. Over 100 million Cinnabon rolls are sold every year. There are other choices to choose from on the Cinnabon menu and calorie-conscious customers have a choice of low-calorie options.

How Does Cinnabon Bake Their Rolls?

Cinnabon bakes every batch of rolls fresh and made with utmost care. The rolls start as dough and then stretched into a rectangle. Margarine is then poured all over the dough then sprinkled with brown sugar and signature Makara cinnamon.

What are the Standard Operating Hours for Cinnabon Bakeries?

For Cinnabon stores located in malls, they follow the mall's store hours. Each Cinnabon bakery is operated individually and operating hours can vary.

Do Cinnabon Offer Coffee?

Coffee with Cinnabon is the perfect combination for any time of the day. Cinnabon started with the Mochhalatta Chill. It is a Cinnabon best-seller and is a flavorful coffee drink coated with a blanket of chocolate. From there, Cinnabon expanded its coffee selections from iced coffees to Arabica bean coffees.

Do Cinnabon Offer Vegan-friendly Food Items?

Cinnabon has served millions of satisfied customers. While there are many delicious and sweet offerings, Cinnabon has yet to cater to vegetarians. There are a lot of people who have requested vegan-friendly options but sadly, no changes have been made.

What Organizations Do Cinnabon Support?

Cinnabon's mission is to spread warmth not only in their bakeries but also in communities and organizations. Just as they serve guests with honestly made fresh cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon rewards those who serve others. Cinnabon supports The Daisy Foundation, Operation Gratitude, and a lot more philanthropic organizations.

Does Cinnabon Use a Secret Blend of Cinnabon in Their Baked Goods?

Every detail counts when making the best Cinnamon roll in the whole world. Cinnabon uses a secret blend of spices and cinnamon to give every roll that unique taste and aroma that Cinnabon is known for. Regular baking ingredients wouldn't cut it for Cinnabon. Only high-quality ingredients are used in all of its products. Makara Cinnamon which comes from the West Sumatra province of Indonesia provides a robust powerful flavor that is unmatched by regular cinnamon.

Why is There a Distinct Aroma Every Time There is a Cinnabon Bakery Nearby?

Cinnabon is known for its aroma every time someone passes by their store. They put Cinnabons in malls and airports where the smell can linger. The ovens are near the front entrance of malls so that every time the oven opens, the wonderful scent of cinnamons is smelled by customers.

How Often Are The Cinnamon Rolls Baked?

Each cinnamon roll is baked to perfection. Cinnabon bakes its rolls carefully at least every 30 minutes. Employees also heat the sheets of cinnamon and sugar making the aroma linger more in their stores.

Why Do Many Customers Call Cinnabon "JollyBon" During The Holidays?

Sales of Cinnabon are at an all-time high during the holidays. From Black Friday to January 2, national sales of the popular cinnamon rolls increase by as much as 50 percent. During Thanksgiving weekend, Cinnabon also sold a whopping million rolls. Customers like to call Cinnabon "Jollybon" during the holidays because it brings joy to every family's home.

How Do You Reheat Cinnabon Rolls?

We all love to eat Cinnamon rolls at home. A box of freshly baked Cinnabon rolls might be cold when we go home. The rolls can be easily reheated by placing these uncovered on a microwave-safe plate. Heat the Cinnabon rolls for thirty to forty seconds. For minibons, you can heat them for fifteen to twenty seconds.

Can You Add Butter When Reheating Cinnabon Rolls?

Absolutely! You can add butter before reheating your rolls to improve your Cinnabon experience. Nothing can compare to the buttery and savoury taste of Classic Cinnabon rolls.



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It all started with a father and son's dream to create the perfect cinnamon roll from scratch. After several trial and error and a couple of trial recipes, a world-changing sweet and cinnamon-spiced pastry was born. Cinnabon opened its first store in December 1985 at the SeaTac Mall. Whether you are in the mall, dining, shopping, or just out travelling, you'll see Cinnabon everywhere.

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