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Bakers Square menu prices featuring 98 items ranging from $0.59 to $34.99

Bakers Square Restaurant and Bakery is a chain of casual dining restaurants in America. The company is best known for its pies.

Bakers Square menu prices featuring 98 items ranging from $0.59 to $34.99

Bakers Square is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in addition to its signature pies, the Bakers Square menu includes an impressive range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes.

Bakers Square hasn’t always been called Bakers Square. In fact, since the company was first founded in 1969 it has had three different names. It first operated as Mrs. C’s in Des Moines, Iowa and became known for its pies. Later on, the company changed its name to Poppin’ Fresh Pies, before changing its name to Bakers Square in 1983. While the name may have changed, the company has continued to serve high-quality pies.

To find out more about Bakers Square, visit the company’s website

Where are Bakers Squares restaurants located?

Bakers Square is exclusively located in the United States, and its restaurants are primarily located in the Upper Midwest. You can order from the Bakers Square restaurant in the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Ohio

What food does Bakers Square serve?

Bakers Square have separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and of course, their signature pies.

For breakfast, the company serves skills and scramblers, French toast, pancakes, crêpes, omelettes, and frittatas. If no options on the Bakers Square breakfast menu work for you, you can create your own breakfast by choosing 4 different breakfast favorite items.

The Bakers Square lunch menu includes burgers, toasty melts, savory sandwiches, pitas, salads, and soups. All burgers are served fresh, with beef patties that are grilled and never frozen, and with a side of fries, fruit or creamy coleslaw.

For dinner, the company serves a pot roast, chicken dishes, and seafood. Customers can select a good range of sides to accompany their dinner, including fire-roasted potato medley, and grilled vegetables.

And of course, Bakers Square serves pies! French silk is, according to Bakers Square, the company’s most popular pie. It has velvety smooth chocolate silk which is covered with whipped cream and chocolate curls – all inside an award-winning pastry crust. The company’s French Silk pie has won several American Pie Council Awards.

Does Bakers Square cater to vegetarians?

Yes, Bakers Square caters to vegetarians with a wide range of vegetarian options—most of the side dishes are vegetarian-friendly, and some main dishes are vegetarian.

Vegetarian options at Bakers Square include salad and tomato basil soup, and vegetarian fans of Bakers Square will be glad to hear that many of their signature pies are vegetarian-friendly. Full nutritional information is available on the company’s website, or be sure to ask at your local branch.

Yes! Bakers Square has a children’s menu. There is a wide range of food for children on the Bakers Square menu. Children can choose dishes including breakfast options, chicken strips, grilled cheese, and burgers. Children’s meals can be accompanied by a range of sides including kid’s salads, green beans, and rice pilaf.

The children’s meals at Bakers Square are made to cater for children’s palates, and the smaller-sized portions are child-friendly.

Do Bakers Square have gluten-free food?

Yes, Bakers Square have a good range of gluten-free foods. A good range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are gluten-free.

The kitchens at Bakers Square are not 100% gluten-free, so if you have a high intolerance to gluten, you should exercise caution when eating at Bakers Square.

What are Bakers Square's opening hours?

Bakers Square restaurants are usually open between 10am and 9pm, 7 days a week. Most stores open slightly earlier on Saturdays and Sundays, opening at 9am. However, opening hours do vary between stores, so be sure to check with your nearest branch for local opening times.

Does Bakers Square offer delivery?

Yes, Bakers Square delivery is available from your local restaurant for most stores. Check with your local branch to see if they offer a Bakers Square delivery service and the options that are available in your area.

Is Bakers Square healthy?

Yes, some options on the Bakers Square menu are healthy. Most notably the company’s salads and soups are healthy options, and the Bakers Square menu includes an option to have a bowl of soup, with a crisp garden salad as a side dish.

Items on the Bakers Square dinner menu can be made healthy by selecting healthier side dishes. For example, customers who want a healthy meal can choose green beans, and grilled vegetables.

Full nutritional information is available on the company’s website, or be sure to ask at your local restaurant.

Can I buy Bakers Square gift cards?

Yes, if you want to treat your friends, family, or coworkers to great food and pies at Bakers Square, you can now buy them a gift card. You can either buy an eGift card, which can be sent instantly, or a physical plastic gift card. Gift cards can be bought at a value between $10 – $200.

What is Bakers Street free pie Wednesday?

Every Wednesday, Bakers Street run an extra special promotion! All you have to do is order any entrée and beverage after 10:30am to get a free slice of the company’s signature pies.

This promotion is only available for dine-in only, and may not apply to all pie varieties. It also is only available in participating restaurants. Be sure to ask your local Bakers Street store if they offer free pie Wednesday.

Can I buy Bakers Street pies to eat at home?

Yes! Bakers Street pies are available in select retail stores. Bakers Street struck an agreement with A&P, to ship their fruit pies frozen to retailer’s units. Bakers Street’s pies are either baked in in-store bakeries for consumption, or they would be available in the retail store's refrigerators, for customers to defrost at home.

Does Bakers Street offer a senior discount?

Yes, Bakers Street offers a 10% senior discount to any diner aged 60 or over. The senior discount applies to all regular menu items, so be sure to tell your server if you are aged 60 or over to secure your discount.

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