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Abuelos menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $0.59 to $27.59

Abuelos is a popular chain of Mexican restaurants, which are found across America. The company was voted America’s favourite Mexican restaurant, which is testimony to its high-quality food at everyday prices, and great hospitality.

Abuelos menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $0.59 to $27.59

Abuelos has always been open for both lunch and dinner. Aside from being hailed as America’s darling when it comes to Mexican food, it's pretty high up on the popularity meter across all restaurant chains in America. Its exceptional customer feedback has me wondering why some of us haven't tried Abuelos yet. It’s definitely worth a visit!

You know it wasn't too long ago, in 1989 to be exact, that James Young, Chuck Anderson and Dirk Rambo, a trio of savvy businessmen, decided to bring authentic, made-from-scratch Mexican food to all, and hence, the first Abuelos restaurant was born in Amarillo, Texas. The authentic charm of the open air Mexican courtyard feel to their restaurants is a tribute to both traditional and modern Mexican decor.

And if you want to dig deeper into the Abuelos experience, feel free to visit their website.

Abuelos? Where can I find them?

Launched in Texas, Abuelos restaurants have since spread across several US states. As of today, you can relish their delicious food in the following states:

* Arizona
* Arkansas
* Florida
* Kansas
* Oklahoma
* South Carolina
* Tennessee
* Texas
* Virginia

Looking for the nearest Abuelos restaurant? Check out their website, they have a handy restaurant finder.

What's sizzling in the Abuelos kitchen?

Food at Abuelos is a vibrant array of classic Mexican dishes. Be prepared to be amazed by their variety of dips and appetisers. I personally recommend Abuelo’s Dip Sampler, a fusion of their tantalizing specialities.

When it comes to the main courses, you’re spoilt for choice. From salads, soups, burritos, tacos and fajitas, to seafood and enchiladas, they've got you covered. And don’t overlook the House Specialities. The Ambassador, a prime sirloin steak paired with bacon-wrapped shrimp, stuffed with jalapeño, is a delight to the taste buds. Don't forget to add their characteristic sides such as Mexican rice, refried beans, and Papas Con Chile.

And to top all of this off, Abuelos offer mouth-watering desserts, such as their signature creamy cheesecake. Oh, and did I mention you can grab your food to go, or enjoy a drink from their extensive alcohol menu?

What's Abuelo's speciality?

While there are quite a few star dishes at Abuelos, a few known customer favourites really stand out. You can easily spot these popular picks on the menu as they are highlighted with a small 'A' symbol.

What if I'm not too fond of spicy food?

You may think Mexican food, you think spice. But rest assured, not all dishes at Abuelos are spicy. They cater to various taste buds and preferences. But if you're a spice lover, keep an eye out for that little chilli symbol next to the dish name - it marks out the spicy ones!

What if I'm a vegetarian?

Abuelos does not disappoint when it comes to vegetarian options, and even has a special vegetarian menu. Their Vegetable Fajitas and Quesadilla al Horno are a few vegetarian delights you might like. And that's not all. They have vegetarian options on their children's menu, too.

What about vegan options?

Yes, there are options for vegan folks as well. Just inform your server and they will guide you to vegan suitable dishes. Plus, all their tortilla products are free from animal products.

Does Abuelos cater to children?

A big yes to that! The array of kiddie delights include miniature versions of their Mexican staples like tacos, nachos, and enchiladas. Paired with milk, refined beans and Mexican rice, or French fries, it's perfect for the little ones. You can replace milk with a small fountain drink upon request.

How about some gluten-free options?

Absolutely! Abuelos provide a good deal of gluten-free options. They even have a separate menu catering to those preferring gluten-free dishes. However, since their kitchens are not 100% gluten-free, those with severe gluten intolerance should be cautious.

When can I visit Abuelos?

Usually, Abuelos welcomes guests between 11am - 10pm, seven days a week. However, the timing may vary for different locations.

Does Abuelos deliver?

Yes, indeed! They do have delivery options. You can place your order for delivery right from their website or through third-party apps.

Can I reserve my table at Abuelos?

Reserved seating is a breeze at Abuelos. You can make your reservation online on their website, or by ringing your local store.

And hey, they also serve booze!

They do have a pretty diverse alcohol menu. You can enjoy American classic lagers, a selection of Mexican lagers or even get a kick from their Mexican-inspired cocktails, like the El Jefe Margarita. Does Abuelos cater events?

Yes, they do! In fact, they offer a Nacho Bar, where your guests can have fun building their own nachos.

And finally, let's not forget about their reward scheme, Mi Abuelo's rewards. A sure shot way to get customer loyalty, this scheme offers a point for every $1 you spend, convertible into free meals. They even throw in a special offer just for joining their scheme.

Pros and Cons Experienced at Abuelos

Let's break down my own personal experience with Abuelos:

  • Wide variety of menu items
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free options available
  • Kids friendly
  • Availability of alcoholic beverages
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Convenient delivery & takeaway service
  • Kitchens aren't 100% gluten-free, which may a concern for those with severe intolerance
  • Somewhat heavy meals, which may not be suitable for all
  • Reservations are recommended as it can get crowded

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Abuelos is a popular chain of Mexican restaurants, which are found across America. The company was voted America’s favourite Mexican restaurant, which is testimony to its high-quality food at everyday prices, and great hospitality.


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