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Baja Fresh menu prices featuring 148 items ranging from $0.99 to $8.99

Baja Fresh is a chain of restaurants that serve Mexican-style fast casual food. The company uses fresh ingredients and has an impressive range of burritos, tacos, salads, quesadillas and sides.

Baja Fresh menu prices featuring 148 items ranging from $0.99 to $8.99

I had dropped by Baja Fresh for lunch, and again for dinner at another time. You get to fix yourself up a lovely salsa from the famously extensive self-serve salsa bar. You heard it right, the salsa bar is a common feature in every Baja Fresh restaurant.

Getting to know the inspiring backstory of how Baja Fresh came into existence, it's hard not to be moved. Jim and Linda Magglos, started the venture. They were so committed to launching this restaurant that they had taken a third mortgage on their home. The first-ever Baja Fresh restaurant set foot in Newbury Park, California in 1990. Even after being passed down through several companies thereafter, Baja Fresh continues its authentic taste and quality.

For more fascinating stories and information, do visit the company's official website

Where are Baja Fresh restaurants located?

Being a Californian myself, knowing that the first-ever Baja Fresh was set up in Newbury Park, makes me feel especially connected to this chain. From there, they have remarkably expanded to 162 outlets overall, most of them being situated in the United States. They've also created their own little Mexican paradise in Dubai and Singapore.

You can check the outlet nearest to you on their website.

The variety of Tex-Mex food at Baja Fresh is appetizing and tempting. They are famous for their range of burritos, particularly the signature Baja Burrito. It's a beautiful combination of melted jack cheese, fresh homemade guacamole, Pico de Gallo, all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla which can be filled with your choice of protein. It's a fulfilling treat, as I recall it.

They also engage your palate with savory tacos, fajitas, nachos, quesadilla, and a Baja Bowl that lets you select your preferred protein (usually, I opt for chicken), complemented by rice, beans, roasted vegetables, salsa verde, and an onion-cilantro mix. To finish it off, they have a selection of refreshing salads too. Don't worry if you're short on time- they have takeaway services!

What sets Baja Fresh apart?

Despite being a fast-casual chain, Baja Fresh has this unique way of preparing fresh food from scratch, no processed ingredients whatsoever. They stand out because they maintain the belief in 'real food', crafted with love and skill. Their principles include:

  • No microwaves
  • No freezers
  • No can openers
  • Absolutely unprocessed food
  • Farm-fresh ingredients
  • Handmade food

What makes the 'Wahoo' special?

The 'Wahoo' is something you'll find across various dishes in Baja Fresh. Essentially, Wahoo is a white fish with meaty texture. Baja Fresh ensures their Wahoo is wild caught, hand-battered, and fried to perfection. This results in the sublime blend of taste and texture hailed by Tex-Mex food lovers.

Options for vegetarians and vegans?

Of course, Baja Fresh's extensive menu offers a plethora of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. I was glad to know the menu now includes Impossible plant-based meat. Here's a few of the vegan and vegetarian choices:

  • Impossible Taco Combo
  • Fuego Impossible Burrito
  • Impossible Bowl. (Pro-tip for Vegans: Order it without cheese!)

The toppings and fillings in most dishes can be changed as per customer preference with suitable vegan and vegetarian options – superb!

Did my kids love it?

Yes, my kids absolutely loved it! The children's menu tricks them into trying signature dishes from Baja Fresh. They can choose between kids’ quesadilla, kids’ bean and cheese burrito, or kid's chicken taquitos. They’ve been smart to size down portions that cater to children’s taste buds.

Operating hours of Baja Fresh?

Most of the Baja Fresh restaurants are functional between 11am – 9pm. But, you can always cross-check the local branch opening times.

Can it be delivered?

Yes, isn't that convenient? They deliver the scrumptious Baja Fresh menu straight to your doorstep. But, it's advised to confirm this with your local branch.

Is it healthy?

Now as an informed foodie, I try to make healthy choices. Though Baja Fresh uses fresh ingredients, the sodium content in some of their offerings is fairly high. Sigh! Their website provides complete nutritional information, so you can be on your toes. You could also opt for their range of salads as a healthier alternative.

Do they offer Halal meat?

Some Baja Fresh outlets do serve halal chicken. Please confirm this from your local branch or their website.

Do they serve alcohol?

They do, a good ole drink to wash down some tacos? Yes please! You'd be delighted to know some Baja Fresh branches serve beer and wine. Extra check with your local store though!

Taco Tuesday a thing at Baja Fresh?

Absolutely! For the love of Tacos, Baja Fresh do have 'Taco Tuesdays'. At selected Baja Fresh stores, after 3 pm you get to enjoy $1 tacos. The promotion might end anytime, so rush now!

Club Baja membership: Worth it?

Undeniably, YES! As a member of Club Baja you can earn rewards in three steps:

  • Step 1: Create an account with Baja Fresh
  • Step 2: Provide your phone number at the checkout
  • Step 3: Earn a point for every $1 you spend (pre-tax).

Once you hit 100 points, you get a $10 reward voucher redeemable for in-store or online purchases. The sign-up itself gets you 50 bonus points to kickstart the journey. Plus, you get exclusive updates, special member-only offers, and an offer for your birthday. Who wouldn't want that?

My Pros & Cons at Baja Fresh
  • Stunning self-serve salsa bar
  • Loads of mouth-watering food choices
  • No use of microwaves and freezers
  • Fresh and handmade food
  • Vegan and vegetarian options
  • Caters for everyone - kids' menu and halal options
  • Availability of alcohol
  • Incentivizing loyalty program - Club Baja
  • High salt content in some offerings
  • Opening hours may vary between locations
  • Availability of Halal offerings not widespread

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