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Arctic Circle Restaurants menu prices featuring 203 items ranging from $1.59 to $14.39

Arctic Circle never started as a burger and shake franchise, but as a simple refreshment stand in the 1920s. By the 1940s, it had evolved into a BBQ restaurant. Finally, 1949 saw the creation of the first Arctic Circle. As of today, there are over 70 different locations open.

Arctic Circle Restaurants menu prices featuring 203 items ranging from $1.59 to $14.39

Serving shakes and burgers, Arctic Circle has been thriving on the Western Coast for over 70 years.

Arctic Circle is a very family-friendly franchise, committed to providing a great time to go with their food. Offering a children’s menu, some Arctic Circle locations also feature a play area for children to enjoy.

Arctic Circle is dedicated to helping those around them thrive. The Arctic Cares is a non-profit organization focused on community involvement. Helping to sponsor community events, contributing to local food banks, and offering support to struggling employees, Arctic Circle proudly takes care of the communities it is a part of.

Learn more about Arctic Circle via their website here.

Which countries have an Arctic Circle?

The United States is the only country with Arctic Circle restaurant locations. The franchise is mainly located on the Western Coast of the country. Arctic Circle is available in seven different states, originating in Utah and expanding to the following states:

  • Wyoming
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Arizona

What is different about Arctic Circle?

Arctic Circle claims to have invented the chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. Having been open for over 70 years, this could well be true. Either way, serving their Brown Topper Ice Cream Cones delighted many.

Is Arctic Circle’s food spicy?

Arctic Circle’s food is not spicy. Arctic Circle does offer its own signature Chipotle Fry Sauce, which has some spicy to it. Their menu mostly consists of ice cream products, hamburgers, and fish products. Arctic Circle does offer a Taco Salad, but it doesn’t feature anything which may be spicy.

Arctic Circle has three main sections on its menu: burgers and fish, sides, and ice cream products. They offer a variety of burgers made with black Angus ground beef, such as the Mushroom and Swiss or the Ranch Burger. Arctic Circle also offers fish products made using Alaskan Halibut, such as the 2 pc. Halibut n’ Fries or the Halibut Sandwich.

The menu focuses on the sides offered. These include french fries, cheese curds, and onion rings. The onion rings are made using Spanish Onions. The cheese curds feature cheese from Wisconsin.

The final section of the menu is focused on the ice cream products offered. Featuring treats ranging from cones to shakes, they specialize in serving cones with a Flavor Burst, an additional flavor added to the ice cream. They also specialize in serving overfilled shakes, called Rim Shakes, in which they proudly use name-brand candy and ingredients.

How do I order food at Arctic Circle?

To order food at Arctic Circle, you enter the building and approach the counter, placing your order with the employee present. After paying, your order will be processed, made, and given to you. From there, you can take a seat inside to enjoy your food or travel to a separate location. You can call your local restaurant and place an order for pickup, allowing you to order and then arrive at the restaurant to pay for your food and pick it up.

Does Arctic Circle cater to vegetarians?

Arctic Circle doesn’t cater to vegetarians. Arctic Circle prides itself on the black Angus beef used in the burgers, so it isn’t focused on serving many vegetarian options. You may be able to order a variety of their ice cream, as dairy is a cruelty-free animal product. You could order the french fries, though they are fried in the same oil as fish. There is also the option to order a modified Taco Salad, removing the beef.

Does Arctic Circle have vegan food options?

Arctic Circle does not have much in the way of vegan food options. Focusing on fish, burgers, and ice cream, it isn’t too vegan-friendly. You could order french fries, though they are fried in the same oil as the fish products. The only “true” vegan product is a modified Taco Salad, removing both the beef and cheese.

Arctic Circle does have a children’s menu. The menu allows children to choose between a hamburger, cheeseburger, mini corndogs, a corndog, chicken tenders, or chicken rings. The children’s meal comes with a soft drink and a side of fries.

What are Arctic Circle’s opening hours?

The opening hours for Arctic Circle are, for the most part, standard across most locations. An Artic Circle restaurant will usually have opening hours beginning at 10:00am. From Monday-Saturday, the opening hours do not change. Arctic Circle is not open on Sundays. The closing hours for Arctic Circle are usually 10:00pm Monday-Friday, with the closing hours for Saturday being 11:00pm. As some locations host different hours, be sure to check with your local Arctic Circle beforehand.

Does Arctic Circle offer delivery?

Arctic Circle does offer delivery. You can order delivery by calling the restaurant itself or by placing an order through UberEats or other local food delivery services.

Is Arctic Circle healthy?

Arctic Circle is moderately healthy. Priding itself on using only black Angus beef, it maintains certain quality standards. Arctic Circle claims to use fresh Alaskan Halibut for all the fish products on the menu.

Arctic Circle does offer menu items which do have extra toppings or condiments which may make the food less healthy. The franchise also heavily focuses on its ice cream products, which often have extra candy, chocolate, or flavorings added. Most items can be healthy when eaten in moderation.

Can I cook Arctic Circle at home?

You cannot cook Arctic Circle food at home unless you are reheating food from the restaurant. Arctic Circle doesn’t sell any of its food in grocery stores. However, you can purchase Arctic Circle’s signature Fry Sauce to enjoy at home.

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Arctic Circle Restaurants

Arctic Circle Restaurants Menu

Arctic Circle never started as a burger and shake franchise, but as a simple refreshment stand in the 1920s. By the 1940s, it had evolved into a BBQ restaurant. Finally, 1949 saw the creation of the first Arctic Circle. As of today, there are over 70 different locations open.

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