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City Barbeque menu prices featuring 95 items ranging from $1.19 to $89.99

Based in Columbus, Ohio, and a track record of being a notable industry leader in the world of BBQ that reaches all the way back to 1999, one thing they haven’t changed is how it’s done. No shortcuts. Only the way it was supposed to be done in the first place, and the way it will always continue to be done.

City Barbeque menu prices featuring 95 items ranging from $1.19 to $89.99

This level of dedication, firmness when it comes to having high standards, and progressive mindset helps not only maintain their locations across the United States but fuels their way to winning some of the most noted BBQ competitions in the world. The perfect cut of meat, just the right type of wood, and flame that sears the meat in just the right way, can really mean something once and for all.

Learn more about City Barbeque as their growth spurt across the country continues by visiting their official website at

Which states have a City Barbeque restaurant?

While they do have a rapid growth plan being put into play, as well as strategically hiring to support this is industry professionals proven to excel in this area specifically, they’re only in 8 states right now which includes Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Keep your eyes open as they’re rolling out stores quickly making them one of the industry’s top upcoming BBQ brands today.

Unfortunately, their local focus on growing their presence closer to home has them slacking when it comes to doing business internationally. This does not mean that it is not possible for them to change this in upcoming years, as they’re one of the ones we expect to get to this point eventually considering.

What is different about City Barbeque?

With so many BBQ chains out there, especially within the United States, one must carve their spot in the market to have a chance to win the hearts of consumers over. City Barbeque isn’t blessed with a rapidly growing territory within the United States for no reason, it accomplishes this by doing things such as:

· 20 years proves that the concept of City Barbeque is one that really works.

· Competition-quality barbeque is all that they produce in the kitchens of City Barbeque.

· Finding their way to the smokehouse before most crawl out of bed, our team’s committed.

· Local flavor isn’t ever overlooked, and there’s always the option for the city’s sample if desired.

· Smoking the meat is no small feat either, in fact it takes over 18 hours before being ready.

The 3 smokers seen at every City Barbeque location are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to satisfy the tastebuds of our customers as we dish out some of the best barbeque in the US (and surely beyond). We know that working tirelessly to refine our art and satisfy our guests is the only way to be the best.

Is City Barbeque spicy?

Just like with any other BBQ joint, it all depends on what you order and the type of sauce that you request as well. The original flavor profile used at City Barbeque traditionally is one that screams originality. Then you have the Brush Fire sauce, without depriving you from the natural taste of smoked meat, it has just the right amount of heat without setting your mouth on fire. Recommended for brisket.

LOWCO is named for what’s known as the lower country region, where they like to use mustard in their recipes for that zing their traditional dishes are known for. It’s a sauce that is great on chicken, sausage, and so much more.

Reaching down to the roots of BBQ in Kansas City comes this smoky flavor with just the right twist of sweet and sour. It’s a classic tomato-based barbeque sauce loaded with onion (which are very finely diced by the way). Most served on our St. Louis-cut ribs, along with delicious sides that are to die for.

Crafted for BBQ pork, but often used in some of our other dishes, comes this sauce that has a hint of fruit to its flavor as it hits just the right notes. It’s a vinegar-based sauce. As you can see, there are both spicy and non-spicy options for just about everyone’s taste at City Barbeque.

How big of an appetite will you bring with you when you come to embrace BBQ that has won at competitions, time and time again. You can choose from their meat sampler that they call Sample The City which embraces its local flavor dependent on the location that you’re visiting.

You can also go with the good ole BBQ sandwich or go all in and just buy your BBQ meat by the pound at City Barbeque, which is a popular option for families and get-togethers. A classic brand is timeless when they roll out classic deserts like the folks at City BBQ have done with favorites such as banana pudding, peach cobbler, triple chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls, plus much more.

As far as side items are concerned, they offer fresh salads, baked beans, French fries fresh cut at City Barbeque, fried pickles, hush puppies, collard greens w/ pork, cornbread, corn pudding, slaw, green beans, and many other classic options that traditionally come with homecooked meals.

They have one of the more expansive kids’ menus seen among local BBQ restaurants today, and you can expect to be able to choose from fine meals such as:

· City Barbeque 3-Cheese Baked Mac

· City Barbeque Kids Beef Brisk Sandwich

· City Barbeque Kids Chicken Leg

· City Barbeque Kids Chicken Tenders

· City Barbeque Kids Lolo’s Pulled Pork Sandwich

· City Barbeque Kids Pulled Pork Sandwich

· City Barbeque Kids Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Each kid’s meal at City Barbeque comes with a choice of 1 side plus a drink which comes with free refills when dining in with the family. If you’re wanting a family night out where nobody must go without, regardless of their needs, this is the place to be as they are a favorite among kids and adults alike.

What are City Barbeques opening hours?

Typical hours for City Barbeque locations tend to be 11am-9pm for the most part, but as always this is location-specific so visit their official website and enter your zip code for a precise answer. It is not uncommon for them to carry later hours during the weekends and other peak times either.

Does City Barbeque offer delivery?

It all depends on your specific location, and whether it’s within the coverage area for a local food delivery service such as DoorDash or Uber Eats, since these are the two most popular choices among City BBQ customers nationwide. Other delivery services may be available to, so contact your local store.

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Based in Columbus, Ohio, and a track record of being a notable industry leader in the world of BBQ that reaches all the way back to 1999, one thing they haven’t changed is how it’s done. No shortcuts. Only the way it was supposed to be done in the first place, and the way it will always continue to be done.

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