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Steak N Shake menu prices featuring 155 items ranging from $0.89 to $6.49

Did you ever wish that your favourite restaurant would be open 24 hours a day, seven days per week? Well, Steak n’ Shake is an American restaurant chain that operates by this schedule! Founded back in 1934, in the state of Illinois, the restaurant chain continues to expand, even to this day. Today, the restaurant can be found primarily in the South, Mid-Atlantic, and the Western United States, but also includes locations in Europe and the Middle East.

Steak N Shake menu prices featuring 155 items ranging from $0.89 to $6.49

The “Steak” in the restaurant’s name, comes from their most prominent food item on the menu - the “Steakburger”, which originally included a T-bone, sirloin, and round steaks. The term “Shake” stands for hand-dipped milkshakes that come in many delicious varieties. 

If you’re planning to have a party or a group outing it is very convenient to order from Steak n’ Shake, thanks to their amazing catering options! The menu choices are the delicious classic steakburgers, grilled cheese, steak franks, crispy fries, and homemade milkshakes. The restaurant offers same-day delivery and pickup of your order, serving groups from 10 to 1,000 people. 

Steak n’ Shake has several discount and reward opportunities. First of all, participating restaurants offer a half-price happy hour on weekdays 2-4 p.m., with all shakes and drinks being half price.  Secondly, customers are offered to join the Steak n’ Shake Rewards Club, on their website or via the Steak n’ Shake App. The benefits of joining the club include a free shake for signing up, a 5$ reward for every 50$ spent, and many exclusive deals! 

You can visit the company’s homepage to find out more information about Steak n’ Shake, as well as see the appetizing menu for yourself.

Which countries have a Steak n’ Shake restaurant?

The number one country with the Steak n’ Shake restaurants is the country where it’s had its roots - the United States, with 454 locations all over the country, the state of Florida being the most popular for the restaurants, owning 17% of all locations. However, the restaurant didn’t stop there. It has spread its global brand into other countries. First of all, the restaurant has four company locations and 35 franchises in Europe. It even has a website for prospective European franchisees. In addition, Steak n’Shake has locations in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

What is different about Steak n’ Shake?

What makes Steak n’ Shake different is that it has quality customers can see:

  • All burgers are made to order
  • Each meal is created in front of the customer 
  • The products are fresh and wholesome
  • The meat has no preservatives, no hormones, and no antibiotics

The Steak n’ Shake has three premium products- Steakburgers, milkshakes and fries. The basic meal includes a choice of a steakburger, fries, and a drink. The restaurant is famous for its great variety of milkshakes that are traditionally made with real milk and ice-cream, and topped with whipped cream and cherry. Their thin and crisp fries are made to order from newly harvested potatoes, and served with various sauces, including cheese, chilli, guacamole, parmesan n’ garlic, sea salt, and more. In addition to french fries, Steak n’ Shake offers a range of sides including onion rings, garden salad, vegetable soup, baked beans, creamy coleslaw, and cottage cheese. 

Steak n’ Shake also has an extensive breakfast menu. The menu offers a choice of sausage or bacon egg n’ cheese biscuit, sausage or bacon bagel sandwich, breakfast tacos, buttermilk biscuit, fruit n’ yoghurt parfait, hashbrowns, and chocolate-chip or blueberry pancakes. The drinks include premium blend coffee, hot chocolate, and orange juice. 

Steak n’ Shake has a dessert menu, including a sundae, Oreo ice cream sandwich, root beer float, and brownie fudge sundae. 

Yes! Steak n’ Shake has a wide range of food on the kids’ menu and smaller-sized portions that are child-friendly. The children’s menu includes mini steakburgers, mini corndogs, hotdogs, chicken fingers, and macaroni and cheese. The beverages include kids' classic and speciality milkshakes, and a kids’ soft drink. The children’s breakfast menu offers egg, bacon, or sausage toast, breakfast minis, chocolate chip pancakes, and silver dollar pancakes. 

How do I order food at Steak n’ Shake?

If you’d like to eat at the Steak n’ Shake location, the restaurant has a drive-thru and sit-down service. When you enter the restaurant, one of the options is to go to the counter to order and pay. Another option is to find a touch-screen menu, located inside the restaurant, choose what you’d like to order, click “check out” and wait for your order to be ready. When your order is ready, it will be announced and you can pick it up at the counter under the sign “Pick Up Here”. Their soft drinks have free refills where you can help yourself, but milkshakes are ordered by the glass only. The cutlery, straws, napkins and your selection of sauces will be included as you pick up your meal.

There is also a convenient option of ordering online via their website, or by downloading the handy Steak n’ Shake app, where you can redeem rewards and get surprise bonus offers! 

Do Steak n’ Shake cater to vegetarians?

Yes, Steak n’ Shake caters to vegetarians with a wide range of vegetarian options - most of the side dishes are vegetarian-friendly, and they offer a special order of a veggie melt. The veggie melt is a portobello mushroom burger or sandwich, which is a delicious substitute for meat. Make sure to ask at your local restaurant for this option, as you may not see it on all versions of the Steak n’ Shake menu.

Does Steak n’ Shake have vegan food options?

Steak n’ Shake does have some plant-based, vegan options, with a choice of rye bread or sourdough bread. You can also order sides or melts without cheese. There are two options of vegan fries - Thin n’ Crispy fries and Cajun fries. Another unique aspect of the menu is their vegan oyster and saltine crackers. Most of the sauces and spreads at Steak n’ Shake are vegan, as well as their veggie toppings. The salads have an option of Light Italian Dressing. There is also a variety of dessert options such as cookies and cream, maraschino cherries, strawberries and sugar, banana, and peanut butter. 

What are Steak n’ Shake opening hours?

Most of the Steak n’ Shake restaurants are open seven days a week, from 10:00a.m to 10:00/12:00p.m. Many of the Steak n’ Shake locations are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore, as Steak n’ Shake opening hours vary by location, make sure to double-check the hours of the restaurant you’d like to visit. 

Does Steak n’ Shake offer delivery?

Yes, Steak n’ Shake delivery is available from most of your local restaurants. Some of the delivery options include Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Door Dash. Check with your local branch to see if they offer a Steak n’ Shake delivery service and the options that are available in your area.

Is Steak n’ Shake healthy?

Steak n’ Shake is healthy. Steak n’ Shake offers a wide range of healthy options, including salads, sandwiches, and fruit. The famous steakburger has a healthy option of a single steakburger without cheese. Also, any meal can come with a side of vegetable salad or soup. A great selection of menu items and components does not include gluten. Full nutritional information is available on the Steak n’ Shake website, or you can check with your local Steak n’ Shake restaurant.

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