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Bob Evans Farmhouse menu prices featuring 318 items ranging from $1.29 to $109.99

Bob Evans Farmhouse, more commonly known as simply Bob Evans, is a wholesome restaurant that strives to serve good old-fashioned home/farmhouse cooking to the masses for a reasonable price. The menu is vast, as they have tried to include just about anything you might link to home cooking.

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Bob Evans Farmhouse menu prices featuring 318 items ranging from $1.29 to $109.99

Pecan pie? They got it. Eggs and grits? No problem. If you were hoping for Michelin star food, with tiny portions and extravagant flavors, you aren't going to find it. Bob Evans does classic wholesome foods done right. They have spent a good long while getting their menu items right, despite there being so many of them!

Bob Evans Restaurants are open from 7 am until 9 pm for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – 7 days a week.



Bob Evans Farmhouse was founded by Mr. Bob Evans himself way back in 1948, The restaurant chain also enveloped a small farm business that assisted in providing the wholesome and fresh food that their family style of home cooking strived to be. Bob Evans does everything from grits and toast for breakfast to seafood and steaks. The idea behind the restaurants, an ideal bastioned by Bob himself, was that home cooking should appeal to everyone and the menu must therefore reflect that.

If you want to uncover a bit more about what Bob Evans and his business are all about, you can do so on their website by clicking the following link here.

What makes Bob Evans restaurants so special?

Bob Evans strives to provide something for everyone. What that means is that the menu is so chock-full of every sort of dish that you can imagine your momma making to ensure that "special dish" that she would make just for you is on the menu. It is rare to find a proper sit-down restaurant with such a vast and constantly evolving menu. There is a misconception that just because the menu is vast, the quality is diminished. That is not the case, the menu is carefully crafted, and the staff is properly trained so that the sheer scale of the options does not impact the Bob Evans quality people have grown to expect.

Why did Bob Evans change its name from Bob Evans Farmhouse?

Bob Evans changed its name from Bob Evans Farmhouse to simply Bob Evans in 2017 when the company was taken over by Golden Gate Capital. The company was originally made up of two components, the restaurants and the farms. The restaurants are owned by Golden Gate Capital and the farms are owned by Post Holdings. There is no surprise that the chain was purchased given that they had over 400 locations and turned over close to half a billion dollars in revenue!

Do they do vegetarian options at Bob Evans?

They do everything at Bob Evans, so you can bet that they'll have plenty of great veggie options for even the pickiest of eaters. Bob Evans's home cooking covers everything from breakfast to dinner and includes dishes such as soups, salads, sandwiches, and cakes – it isn't all chicken and steak! Their breakfasts are especially great if you are a vegetarian as their choices of pancakes, French toast, brioche, and plenty of other delicious breakfast classics don't require a heavy meat component for them to truly shine. There aren't a huge amount of vegan options at first glance, but, if you take the time to speak to your server, they can point you in the right direction and even suggest some personal favorites of theirs.

What does home cooking mean?

Home cooking means different things to different people. To you, it might mean that chicken noodle soup that your mom or dad would make for you when you weren't feeling your best. It could be that cheesecake that you would only eat on special occasions. Home cooking means good food, that's fulfilling and enjoyable. It isn't trying to be flashy or fancy. There aren't gold leaves on minuscule desserts or tiny thin slices of cold cuts with some kind of convoluted sauce. It is every dish that makes you think of home and long for the days your mom would cook all of your meals for you!

Bob Evans has a heck of plenty of dishes, and since everyone's favorite family-style home-cooked dish is different, picking a definitive most popular dish isn't the easiest task! That being said, their giant snicker doodle cookies and their cinnamon blossoms are after-dinner favorites for adults and kids alike. Their family platters are always popular and can feed a small army (for quite a modest price!) Their slow-roasted chicken pot pie is always a winner, and for less than 8 bucks it is a pretty damn good deal too.

Does Bob Evans still own the business?

Bob Evans, unfortunately, died back in 2007. Since his death, his family and business partners have done a solid job of continuing his dream and maintaining all the qualities that make this popular chain of restaurants so popular. In 2017, the family sold the chain to Golden Gate Capital, who are now the owners of the business (of course). However, there is still consistent input from the family and there has been a minimal turnover of staff, meaning all the qualities that make Bob Evans, so great are still there and are thriving just as much now as they have ever done.

Is Bob Evans good for you?

There is nothing wrong with a bit of home cooking. Bob Evans uses fresh ingredients and family recipes designed to remind you of your home. That means they aren't using additives, preservatives, or any other harmful chemicals to affect their food. Bob Evans food is no better, or worse, for you than the food you might prepare yourself at home. As always, there are healthier dishes such as soups and salads compared to fried chicken. But, everyone deserves a treat every now and again. Bob Evans is as healthy, or unhealthy, as you make it!

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