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Bolay menu prices featuring 24 items ranging from $1.50 to $44.99

Bolay is a chain of fast-casual dining restaurants in America. The company serves 'bols' which are bowls of salads.

Bolay menu prices featuring 24 items ranging from $1.50 to $44.99

My Experience at Bolay

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Bolay, one of America’s prominent fast-casual eateries. As a health-conscious foodie, their idea of turning salad bowls into artful, delectable 'bols' was pretty refreshing.

Open for lunch and dinner, Bolay has garnered quite a reputation for dishing out health-centric meals in a hurry. I was thrilled to enjoy a leisurely dinner amidst their famed bright flavors and nutritious ingredients.

Created as a father-son venture back in 2016 in sunny Florida, Bolay was conceived by Chris Gannon and his father Tim Gannon. The Gannons' commitment to offering vibrant flavors in a casual setting has earned them a loyal fan base, and I am proudly one of them.

For those who may want to learn more about this novel dine-out spot, you can explore their website, https://www.bolay.com.

Where did I find Bolay?

Being based in Florida, United States, Bolay is particularly easy to locate for me, with branches present in a multitude of locations:

  • Brandon
  • Palm Beach Gardens – Alton Town Center
  • Boca Raton – Uptown
  • Coral Springs
  • {Continue with the list...}
  • South Tampa – Drive Thru

Their handy online map on the website helped me locate my nearest outlet pretty quickly!

What did I eat at Bolay?

Walking into Bolay, one is met with a menu heavily concentrated on nutritious 'bols’. These bowls let you mix and match a protein, veggies, sauce, and your choice of rice or noodles to form an enticing meal.

Personally, I tried out their Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Chef Bol and found the blend of jasmine rice, broccoli, and teriyaki chicken quite delectable. If you're a fan of DIY-ing your own meals, Bolay’s option to build your custom bol is also a nice touch.

They also cater to larger appetites with their family packs, which are pretty filling and can serve up to five people. Of course, to sip and savour alongside, they have an array of beverages and even a sweet corner for desserts.

Ordering was a breeze at Bolay. Just walk up to the counter and have your order freshly tossed together, made right before your eyes, or simply place an order online or via their mobile app.

What I particularly appreciated was their efforts to include every dietary preference. They have good options for vegetarians, vegans, and even gluten-free diets. While they're not certified organic, they're definitely moving in that direction.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast, healthy meals
  • Bright, appetizing ingredients
  • Bespoke menu with diverse options for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free dieters
  • Convenient locations


  • Limited options for organic food lovers
  • Order preparation can take a bit longer during peak hours

My Verdict

My experience at Bolay was overall a pleasant one marked by fresh, tasty food. While there's room for improvement in terms of offering more organic food options, the overall odds are stacked in Bolay's favor, making it a choice destination for quick, health-focused meals.

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Bolay is a chain of fast-casual dining restaurants in America. The company serves 'bols' which are bowls of salads.


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