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Saladworks menu prices featuring 131 items ranging from $2.49 to $18.40

We all know that salads are great, but they can get pretty boring after awhile, right? Even if you’re lucky enough to find an establishment that offers some sort of dressing, you still have to hope that the salad you get is topped with a variety of vegetables and toppings.

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Saladworks menu prices featuring 131 items ranging from $2.49 to $18.40

If not, then your salad can quickly turn into something bland and sad that’s more like rinsed lettuce than a meal. That’s why we recommend checking out Saladworks in your city if you haven’t already heard about it!


Saladworks started in 1986 by John Scardapane in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and has continued to grow ever since. The company currently offers more than 60 fresh toppings, 10 different dressings and a variety of options for those who want to customize their salads.

How Many Saladworks Locations Are There?

Saladworks is a restaurant franchise that allows customers to create their own salads from over 50 fresh ingredients, all for one low price. Since its inception in 1990, the company has grown to over 107 locations in over 13 states and is still expanding at a rapid pace!

The key to their success is not only being able to offer healthy options but also being able to please any palate with any kind of cuisine imaginable. With menu items ranging from Asian sesame noodles, Thai chicken, Mexican fajita and Italian pasta salad just to name a few, there's something for everyone!

Saladworks is a fresh, healthy alternative to fast food and with so many ingredients available at every location, there's always a new flavor to try. One of our favorite combinations is the Farmhouse Salad which has 5 grams of fiber and 420 calories.

The Farmhouse Salad starts with:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Baby spinach leaves
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Red onion
  • Croutons

They are then tossed in an Italian vinaigrette dressing.

Then it's topped off with a choice of grilled chicken or grilled salmon and finally finished with feta cheese, pine nuts and gorgonzola cheese. This amazing salad has all the flavors of Italy that everyone loves while also providing plenty of options for healthy eating habits.

What's the Best Dressing at Saladworks?

While there are many dressings to choose from, Lemon Olive Oil Vinaigrette is a customer favorite! With just the right balance of lemon and olive oil, this dressing pairs well with just about any ingredient. Plus, it's a little sweet and salty at the same time. It's also vegan-friendly so anyone can enjoy it!

How is the Tivoli Salad at Saladworks?

The Tivoli is a customer favorite. It has radiatorre pasta, roasted turkey, tomatoes, provolone cheese and iceberg and romaine blend. Plus ham to top it off. What's not to like? I love that this salad is open-faced so you can add as many items as you want.

When I went to try out this new restaurant, I was a little skeptical about what they were going to offer in terms of greens and veggies.

After looking at the menu and talking with one of their chefs, I realized that they had an extensive list of supergreens that included spinach, kale, broccoli, arugula, romaine lettuce (my personal favorite), and more! The best part is that all these green options are organic and non-GMO.

Saladworks also has a variety of other toppings for your bowl including organic chicken breast strips, black beans, mangoes (yes please!), apples (another favorite), cranberries, almonds and more!

Saladworks menu includes a variety of greens, meats, toppings and dressings. The grain bowl is an excellent option for those who don't want to make a full-size salad. It consists of kale, roasted butternut squash, roasted onions, feta cheese, warm organic quinoa and avocado.

Choose from various toppings like grapes and corn before adding a dressing like balsamic vinaigrette or Caesar. The balsamic vinaigrette is also gluten-free so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

What Makes Saladworks Different?

Saladworks makes it easy to create the perfect blend of veggies and toppings, or if you're looking for something a little more hearty, they also have six specialty salads that offer a variety of proteins like grilled chicken and shrimp. Saladworks offers a multitude of healthy options so that no matter what kind of diet or lifestyle you follow, there is something for everyone on their menu.

If you're feeling adventurous, this is also the place to go for dairy-free dressings like ranch and bleu cheese! Saladworks has been around since 1982 when one man had an idea to make serving salads easier with pre-made ingredients at his restaurant in Florida by allowing customers to create their own salad from start to finish.

Many people ask if their items are organic and unfortunately, there is no one answer to that question. It depends on what you mean by organic. If you are asking whether they grow their vegetables on an organic farm, the answer is no.

They buy them from local farms in different parts of the country, some of which might be certified organic and others that may not have any certification at all.

If you're asking if your ingredients are organic- meaning they have been grown without pesticides or herbicides- then the answer is yes! That's why they wash everything thoroughly before they use it so that nothing gets left behind to contaminate your healthy lunch or dinner.

Saladworks is a new restaurant that offers all the toppings and dressings you could dream of. Choose from a variety of flavor-infused wraps, or choose to make your own, one-of-a-kind salad. They offer two types of wraps: grilled chicken caesar and smoked BBQ crispy chicken.

These wraps come with all the fixings, including romaine lettuce, red cabbage, baby kale, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, artichoke hearts and Parmesan cheese.

For those who are craving something different than a wrap, there's also an option for an Avocado Cobb Wrap which includes romaine lettuce topped with corn kernels and black beans. The final touch is either balsamic vinaigrette or avocado ranch dressing on top!

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We all know that salads are great, but they can get pretty boring after awhile, right? Even if you’re lucky enough to find an establishment that offers some sort of dressing, you still have to hope that the salad you get is topped with a variety of vegetables and toppings.

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