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Chopt menu prices featuring 51 items ranging from $0.69 to $11.59

If you think all salads are boring and consist of bland ingredients and old lettuce, Chopt is here to change your mind. They use the freshest ingredients to create fun, flavoursome and vibrant salads for you to enjoy.

Chopt menu prices featuring 51 items ranging from $0.69 to $11.59

My Visit to Chopt

If you know me, you know I never skip a salad! So when I heard about Chopt, which launched in 2001, promising a salad experience unlike any other, I knew I had to pay a visit. Their mission is a simple but impactful one - to serve tasty and fresh salads using only the best ingredients. Guess they must be doing something right, from their humble beginnings with just one store, they've unfurled green leaves across the nation with nearly 80 outlets!

I'm certain you'd want to explore more about Chopt after hearing my account. To find out more about their philosophy and offerings, do visit their website here.

For all my salad-loving friends across United States, good news is that Chopt can exclusively be found around the country with nearly 80 stores. If you're from any of the following states, you're in luck:

  • New York
  • Washington
  • Maryland
  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee

New York proudly sports the laurels of having the maximum count - a whopping 27 Chopt stores! To find the Chopt store nearest to you, visit their website. They've got an intuitive store finder feature that'll de-complicate the process for you.

My Ordering Journey at Chopt

Here's where it gets personal. Every Chopt store has a long serving counter manned by three vivacious Chopt personnel. As I approached the counter, the first employee took my order, the second whipped it up freshly right in front of me, and then I paid my bill at the third who manned the cash register. A unique salad-making relay, if you will.

Laze at Home with Chopt's Delivery

Now, here's the deal breaker for many - Chopt delivers! So on days you're craving for that perfect blend of crunch and zest, but don't want to change out of your comfy PJs (we've all been there!), Chopt has got you covered. However, do check with your local store about their delivery parameters.

Chopt's Operating Hours

Now, let's talk about Chopt's hours of operation. Generally, they're open from 10:30am to 9pm. But do confirm with your local branch or check out the specifics on their website. Interesting tidbit – stores in office-centric areas usually call it a day around 4 or 5pm. Perfect for that lunch-hour salad run, isn't it?

A Haven for Vegetarians

For my veggie-loving fam, Chopt's got you covered with their considerable menu exclusively for vegetarians. From light faves, the Chopt classics to warm bowls, there's a plethora of veg-friendly options. And if you're feeling creative, they allow you to build your own salad or wrap. They have an impressive selection of greens, fruits, veggies, cheeses, grains and beans. They even offer falafel or tofu add-ons - score!

Chopt's Vegan Variety

Chopt also has a carefully crafted vegan range. Check their menu for items marked with a small leaf symbol. Their Mexicali Vegan Salad is the hot favourite among vegan customers. Can't find your dream salad on their books? Craft your own using their wide selection of add-ons and dressings. They're super accommodating!

Health Quotient of Chopt

But here's the billion-dollar question - is it healthy? Absolutely! Chopt's array of salads and wraps are chock-full of the good stuff. They're all about the naturals here, sweetening their dressings with agave nectar or honey instead of sugar. They also offer a range of four Light Favourites, each not clocking over 500 calories, like the Sesame Ginger Crunch at just 245 calories. Nutritional info is readily available on their website or at your local store, so you know exactly what you're putting in your body.

Spice it Up Chopt Style

And if you're a spice enthusiast like me, Chopt's got just the thing for you. Look out for the items marked with a chilli symbol on their menu or customize your own dish with their spicy dressings. But if you're on team Mild, they've got plenty on the plate for you too.

Carry the Chopt Flavor Home

Another thing I loved about Chopt was getting to bring a piece of it home – their outstanding salad dressings! They have 19 different varieties available in take-home 12 oz bottles. They’re all gluten-free, made in small batches to ensure the freshness quotient and a select five of them are also vegan-friendly. Brace yourself for salad parties at home!

Chopt's Rewards

If you're a frequent visitor, like me, I have some exciting news for you. Chopt run a tasty rewards scheme where you bag rewards with every order you make. All you have to do is download their app to start reaping the benefits. The app also enables a faster ordering process, so win-win!

Chopt Drop for Businesses

And since my love for Chopt isn't limited just to personal consumption, I enrolled our business for their Chopt Drop scheme too. A recurring delivery service, Chopt Drop gives each registered business a custom link through which orders can be placed, and voila! The meals are delivered free of cost. They go that extra mile for special customers by providing branded shelving units to house the orders. It's been a wonderful lunchtime perk for our team.

Chopt’s Philanthropic Initiative: Feed the Frontline

And before we wrap up, here’s something I truly admire about Chopt, their Humanity. When they got to know about the hardships frontline healthcare workers were facing because of the pandemic, they launched the Feed the Frontline initiative. As a part of the project, they donate more than 1000 meals to hospitals every day. As a humble contribution to this noble cause, anybody can order a Feed the Frontline salad, 100% of which is used to provide meals to frontline hospital staff.

Pros :

  • Good selection of salads and dressings
  • Options available for vegetarians and vegans
  • Fresh ingredients used
  • Customizable meals
  • Take-home dressings available
  • Good rewards program
  • Delivery option available

Cons :

  • Delivery boundaries may limit certain areas
  • Eatery hours vary from location to location
  • No specified gluten-free options mentioned on the menu

Light, fresh, and convenient - my Chopt experience in a nutshell!

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