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Chilis menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $0.79 to $64.99

You may be familiar with the iconic red pepper logo of Chili’s which has caught the attention of people since its doors opened in 1975. Since then, the Chili’s jingle was featured in one of the Austin Powers movies and sung by Mike Myers. Chili’s received another boost of internet popularity with the introduction of the social media app Vine, where a clip went viral of a teenager stating their slogan.

Chilis menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $0.79 to $64.99

Chili’s has been around for almost 50 years and is still serving delicious American and Mexican food along with its signature margaritas.


Chili’s is unique with their daily Happy Hour, featuring deals on their alcohol and appetizers. This is very popular, as they offer their margaritas for $5, with some of them gaining a 2-for-1 special purchase.

Chili’s created the Create-A-Pepper campaign, with all funds donated to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital and fundraises for it every year. Chili’s also believes in creating a professional, but fun to work in environment while still assuring the highest quality food and ingredients available.

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Which countries have a Chili’s?

Chili’s is currently open in 37 different countries around the world. Chili’s has over 1,500+ restaurants open globally. Having originated in the United States, the brand is heavily seen in North America, including Canada and Mexico. Both Central America and South America are also prominent hosts of the franchise, having stores open in countries such as Brazil, Chili, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.

You can find Chili’s located in other areas, such as India, Japan, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka in Asia. You can visit a Chili’s location in the Middle East, such as in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Egypt. In Europe, both Russia and Germany host the franchise.

What is different about Chili’s?

Chili’s is known for creating a fun atmosphere while serving delicious food. In the early 1990s, Chili’s became the number one margarita seller in the entire United States and still heavily focuses on the specialty of its iconic alcohol.

Is Chili’s food spicy?

There is a variety of spicy food on its menu. The menu name and description usually provide an adequate indication of the spiciness of the food. If you are unsure, you can always ask your server. As Chili’s specializes in Mexican, Tex-Mex, and American food, there is a mild spice to most of the dishes from the seasoning in the recipe. Chili’s does offer plenty of non-spicy menu items.

Chili’s specializes in American, Mexican, and Tex-Mex food, as reflected on the menu. Its menu is filled with a variety of burgers, tacos, sandwiches, fajitas, steaks, and various other fried or grilled foods. Chili’s also specializes in serving margaritas to those of legal age. With over a dozen different flavors of margaritas available and a new “Margarita of the Month” created monthly, there is no shortage of flavor variety.

Chili’s also offers other menu items as well, such as salads, seafood, and desserts. A popular menu choice is the 3-For-Me, allowing you to mix and match any appetizer, entre, and beverage to customize your plate.

How do I order food at Chili’s?

There are multiple ways to order food at Chili’s. The main way to order food at Chili’s is to dine-in, with or without a reservation. Once there, you will be greeted and seated, receive menus, you will place your order with your server, then receive your food and drinks.

You can order for pickup or delivery. You may call your local Chili’s and place an order for pickup or delivery. You can order online or through the Chili’s mobile app to place an order for pickup or delivery. With Chili’s mobile app, you can also find the nearest location and check-in to the waitlist there, similar to creating a reservation.

Does Chili’s cater to vegetarians?

Since Chili’s has a heavy focus on American, Mexican, and Tex-Mex food, the menu was not created specifically for vegetarians. This is because many American, Tex-Mex, and Mexican dishes focus heavily on non-vegetarian items featuring meats, milk, and eggs.

Chili’s does offer a vegetarian menu currently. The menu shows which of their items are vegetarian and what add-ons and sauces are vegetarian.

Does Chili’s have vegan food options?


Chili’s does have vegan food options available. They offer a variety of appetizers, salads, and vegan sides. There are also vegetarian items which may be modified to be vegan.

Chili’s does have a children’s menu featuring their signature Pepper Pal kids meals. It consists of a smaller portion of a few of their regular dishes which are geared to be more kid-friendly, such as pizza, chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, cheese quesadillas, and hamburgers. Each Pepper Pal meal includes a choice of a side and a drink. The menu offers one dessert item, a small chocolate lava cake topped with a scoop of ice cream and some hardened chocolate syrup.

What are Chili’s opening hours?

You will need to check the opening hours of your local Chili’s for accurate opening hours. Chili’s doesn’t require stores to have the same set hours. Generally, the average Chili’s opening hours begin around 11:00am, with exceptions. Chili’s will usually close around 10:00pm, though times may vary with location.

Does Chili’s offer delivery?

Chili’s does offer delivery. Chili’s is exclusively partnered with DoorDash, allowing you to order their food and have it delivered to you. If another company offers Chili’s delivery, don’t order from them, as Chili’s only partners with DoorDash.

Is Chili’s healthy?

Chili’s offers many fried or deep-fried items, so it is not the healthiest option. While still offering salads, they can be topped with unhealthy options. In moderation, most things may be healthy.

Can I cook Chili’s at home?

You cannot cook Chili’s at home. Chili’s doesn’t sell any of its products. Online recipes attempt to recreate the food but aren’t official. If you would like to cook Chili’s food at home, you will have to reheat leftovers or have food delivered.

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You may be familiar with the iconic red pepper logo of Chili’s which has caught the attention of people since its doors opened in 1975. Since then, the Chili’s jingle was featured in one of the Austin Powers movies and sung by Mike Myers. Chili’s received another boost of internet popularity with the introduction of the social media app Vine, where a clip went viral of a teenager stating their slogan.

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