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Claim Jumper Restaurant Saloon menu prices featuring 146 items ranging from $0.99 to $39.99

Claim Jumper has many locations in the United States and can be found throughout California, Colorado, Washington, and Texas.

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Claim Jumper Restaurant Saloon menu prices featuring 146 items ranging from $0.99 to $39.99

The Claim Jumper Restaurant Saloon menu offers dishes with old-school American charm and unique taste combinations, such as baked potato soup with pork dumplings or crab mashed potatoes with peppercorn-crusted ribeye steak and garlic mashed potatoes.

Despite the fact that Claim Jumper claims to have roots in the historic gold rush, you won’t find any prospector-themed food here — no all-you-can-eat gold nuggets or anything!


Claim Jumper is a casual, family-friendly, old-school Western restaurant that started in 1977. Craig Nickoloff, the founder of the restaurant, wanted to create a place where customers could come in for an affordable meal that would be flavorful, memorable, and fun.

Nickoloff found success by offering a menu with an extensive variety of items so everyone can find something they enjoy. Today there are over 30 locations across North America with more planned for the future.

Why is it Called Claim Jumper?

The 1849 Gold Rush inspired the name, Claim Jumper. The restaurant's original location was in a gold mining town called Los Alamitos, California. The name was also inspired by the fact that many of the menu items are based on recipes that were passed down from family members who settled in the area to strike it rich during the Gold Rush.

Is Claim Jumper a National Chain?

Claim Jumper as 46 locations in the Western U.S. alone. They are located in California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Washington. It's no wonder they have such success with their old-school charm and unique eats.

What's the Ambience Like at Claim Jumper?

Claim Jumper offers an old-school ambiance with a modern twist. Claim Jumper provides an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable wearing jeans or a suit because they make it easy to take the edge off of your day either way. When you walk into their saloon doors there is a friendly staff waiting to greet you with smiles on their faces.

The restaurant has remained popular since its inception because it has remained true to its roots while updating its dishes with fresh ingredients and creative recipes for today's society.

What Type of Food Do They Have at Claim Jumper?

The Claim Jumper Restaurant Saloon menu offers a variety of dishes, including rotisserie chicken, prime rib, seafood, pasta, steaks, and burgers. They also have a few specials each day that are not on the menu.

Is There Lobster at Claim Jumper?

Claim Jumper is an old-school saloon with modern flavors. The restaurant has a diverse menu with something for everyone. For those looking for a delicious seafood dish, try the Lobster BLT made with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado spread on toasted sourdough bread or the Lobster Mac & Cheese served in a cast iron skillet.

Do You Get Bread With Your Meal at Claim Jumper?

Bread is a staple of any restaurant and it can be the difference between a good meal and an excellent one. Claim Jumper does not offer bread with their meals but for $1.49 you can add homemade biscuits to your order.

This addition is worth every penny as they are a perfect consistency, served warm, and come with two different dipping sauces - country gravy or honey butter. I recommend adding these to any meal because they're a delicious addition that will make your dining experience that much better.

Does Claim Jumper Have Clam Chowder?

For an appetizer to share with your table or as a side dish to your meal, order the clam chowder. You can choose from clam chowder with bacon or clam chowder with clams (or both). The clam chowder is a creamy soup filled with potatoes, celery, onion, and chunks of clams simmered in their own broth.

What is Claim Jumper Most Famous For?

Claim Jumper, a Western-themed restaurant and saloon, is famous for its homestyle atmosphere and top-quality ingredients. This old-school restaurant features a full-service bar, a family-style dining area with table service, and an outdoor patio with live music.

Once you step inside the saloon doors of Claim Jumper, you are greeted by the sound of country and bluegrass music filling the room. A long wooden bar is stretched across the backside of the building and lined with stools where guests can enjoy drinks while they wait to be seated or while they wait for friends who have arrived before them to finish their meal.

Is There Prime Rib at Claim Jumper?

Claim Jumper has a wide variety of menu items, including prime rib. While some claim it is one of the most delicious meals they have ever had, others say that the ribs are more tender at some locations than others.

Who Currently Owns Claim Jumper?

Landry's Inc. purchased Claim Jumper for $76.6 million in 2010. Landry’s has put its own spin on some of Claim Jumper’s menu items. After acquiring it, they made changes to ensure that a low price doesn’t mean a cheap product.

The company is also focusing on speeding up service, which has been identified as an area where there is room for improvement. For example, diners can now order food with their drinks so everything arrives at once. This is a far cry from when Landry’s first purchased it—there were times when some orders would take more than an hour to arrive.

What Makes Claim Jumper Different?

Claim Jumper is a family-friendly restaurant with a Western theme and an old-school charm. The food is affordable, the portions are generous, the service is excellent, and there are plenty of choices for everyone in your group to find something they enjoy on the menu.

A popular item on the menu includes their signature burger made with thick ground beef grilled to perfection and served on an onion roll with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Claim Jumper offers great choices for pasta. The Black Tie is a well-known dish and combines linguine noodles, basil, garlic, red chili pepper flakes, cream, and Parmesan cheese.

Shrimp Fresca can be made with either angel hair or spaghetti noodles and features shrimp saute?ed in garlic butter with shallots and tomatoes.

Mac and Cheese is a signature dish that combines elbow macaroni with lobster meat simmered in an emulsified cheese sauce.

Does Claim Jumper Have Pizza?

Claim Jumper has a large menu with enough options to please everyone. They have Wood-Fired Pizzas, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza, and Pepperoni Pizza. The pizzas are made with fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and white flour crust. All of these pizzas can be ordered as individual-sized pizzas or as family-sized pizzas for the whole family to enjoy.

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