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Crumbl Cookies menu prices featuring 7 items ranging from $2.18 to $26.48

Crumbl Cookies is a cookie cafe based in the US. There are over 400 branches of Crumbl Cookies all over the country, and they are known to be the fastest-growing cookie company in the States as of 2022. A chain of cookie cafes, Crumbl Cookies is one of the most popular cookie cafes in the US because of its strong social media presence, often engaging customers to what flavors they want the cafe to make, as well as creating viral videos that are fun and entertaining.

Crumbl Cookies menu prices featuring 7 items ranging from $2.18 to $26.48

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Picture this, I walk into this vibrant little café named Crumbl Cookies, that just so happened to be my haven for fresh, oven baked cookies. These weren't your run-of-the-mill cookies. The smell alone was enough to convince me these were perfect for my breakfast, my mid-day snack, and even my late-night cravings.

Coming in with an impressive label of 'the best cookies in the world', this charming place turned out to be a product of sheer will and determination by two ambitious cousins, Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley. A little birdie (aka the cashier who knows I’m writing a blog) told me that Harper was still making heads turn at his university when the decision of their unique side-hustle, having no previous cookie making experience, was made. The milk chocolate chip cookie, now a staple at the café, was the result of their tireless testing and multi-flavored adventures, all carefully adjudicated by friends, family, and unbiased strangers.

Their modest beginnings can be traced back to Logan, Utah, where their smart use of social media like TikTok struck gold. I must admit that their cookie-making process videos hooked me in too, and the rest, as they say, is history.


So, What Stands Out About Crumbl Cookies?

The uniqueness of Crumbl Cookies manifests in their simplistic approach with menu revisions. Every single week they surprise you with 4 to 5 new flavors, always keeping it fresh and exciting. Think unicorn-themed cookies for your little one's imaginary tea party, right? They don't just come up with unusual recipes, but actively engage their customers in the process of creating a new flavor. Every time unwrapping a Crumbl Cookie box feels like Christmas, always something novel to experience.

The café presents a rather simple assortment of just cookies and drinks. Being quite a cookie enthusiast myself, I decided to opt for their party pack, which allowed me to choose from 6 to 12 cookies of different flavors. Packaged in their iconic pink boxes these delectably whopping 4.5" cookies were just the treat I had in mind for the family get-together at my place.

The bestsellers, as I found out, are the Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Pink Chilled Sugar Cookie. The evolving menu also included seasonal stars like the pumpkin-flavored cookies for Halloween. Here are a few customer favorites that blew me away-

  • Key Lime Pie- no pie tastes as good in cookie form, trust me!
  • Waffle- should I call it a cookie or a waffle, a cookie-waffle? It came complete with rich maple syrup and buttercream.
  • Corndog Cookie- a surprisingly delightful combination of a corndog base cookie and honey butter topping.
  • Reese's Cup- a chocolate peanut butter heaven!

For those following a healthier diet, the café currently doesn’t offer any gluten-free, vegan, or Kosher options. However, keep your fingers crossed because the management team has shown interest in adding healthier options to their menu, still in the works!

Can You Order Online?

Yes, Crumbl Cookie provides delivery and online order services through their app. In my experience, the app is user-friendly, convenient, and they also offer enticing deals and reward points.

The Timings

The café operates from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday, and on weekends they pull up the shutters at 8 am and pull them down at the stroke of midnight.


  • Weekly introduction of new flavors
  • Engage customers in creating new flavors
  • Highly interactive user-friendly app
  • Delivery option available


  • No healthy options on the menu yet
  • Menu only consists of cookies and drinks

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