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Crumbl Cookies menu prices featuring 7 items ranging from $2.18 to $26.48

Crumbl Cookies is a cookie cafe based in the US. There are over 400 branches of Crumbl Cookies all over the country, and they are known to be the fastest-growing cookie company in the States as of 2022. A chain of cookie cafes, Crumbl Cookies is one of the most popular cookie cafes in the US because of its strong social media presence, often engaging customers to what flavors they want the cafe to make, as well as creating viral videos that are fun and entertaining.

Crumbl Cookies menu prices featuring 7 items ranging from $2.18 to $26.48

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Crumbl Cookies is a cookie cafe that serves freshly made cookies for take-out and indoor seating. They serve cookies for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and late-night munchies.

Crumbl Cookies markets its products as the best cookies in the world. They are a chain of cookie cafes based in Utah and founded in 2017 by cousins Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley. The latter was still a student in university when the pair of cousins decided to start a cookie business. They had no background in baking and wanted to have a side hustle, and decided to make really delicious cookies. They did their own testing and research, asking friends, family, and strangers to taste their cookies until they decided on one recipe. This cookie is the Milk Chocolate Chip cookie, which was the first product in their cafe.

They opened the first location in Logan, Utah, and used social media to create a buzz. They opened a TikTok account where they showed videos of the cookie-making process, as well as other viral videos, and the rest is history.


What Makes Crumbl Cookies Different?

Crumbl Cookies sets itself apart from other cookie restaurants or cafes with a very simple menu: they have a couple of mainstays in their menu, but every week, they change up the cookie flavors, introducing 4 to 5 new flavors to make a new experience for customers. They are masters at making new flavors that are not typical of cookies, using cakes, candies, and other trendy flavors as part of their inspiration.

With a strong social media presence, they engage customers by helping them develop new flavors. Through this, they have a strong appeal to customers because they consider the public's opinion in every flavor they make. They do have rotating menu items, such as bringing back popular flavors from previous weeks, but the best thing about buying cookies from Crumbl Cookies is that every week is a surprise and you will always have something new to discover.

Crumbl Cookies only serves cookies and drinks. They have milk and their signature Crumbl Water, which is alkaline-based water served n a recyclable aluminum water bottle. Aside from this, there's nothing else to order at the cafe.

When visiting Crumbl Cookies Cafe, you can choose between Single (one cookie), Box (4 pieces of cookies), and Party (choose between 6 or 12 cookies). The cookies will then be placed in pink boxes, which are the signature boxes used by the cafe. The brains behind the company wanted to use pink boxes to make them recognizable.

The cookies are slightly larger than average cookies, at 4.5" in diameter. The owners have said that they intentionally made the cookies bigger than most because they want Crumbl Cookies to be shared between family and friends.

The rotating menu happens every Sunday, where they post on social media the new menu that will be offered in the next week.

The Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies remain to be the bestselling item on the Crumbl Cookies menu. This is the staple product of the cafe, available every day of the week no matter what change in the menu they have. It's a classic chocolate dough, eggs, milk, and chocolate chip recipe the owners made to open the company.

Another staple, which is new in the cafe, is the Pink Chilled Sugar Cookie. Aside from these two staple items, all of the new flavors are not made the following week. Some flavors in the past have returned, but only briefly. The company is also known for making unique and celebratory cookies depending on the season and holidays. For example, they offer pumpkin-flavored cookies for Halloween and Christmas cookies for Christmas. They are also very in-tune with real-time happenings in the world and adapt to new trends and flavors.

Though some flavors will never come back to they might in the future, here are some of the most popular flavors to have graced the Crumbl Cookie menu:

  • Key Lime Pie

This was one of the most popular cookie flavors consisting of a graham cracker base, fresh lime cream filling, and whipped cream on top with crumbles of graham crackers.

  • Waffle

This was their version of a waffle made into a cookie. It literally looks like a waffle complete with rich maple syrup and buttercream.

  • Corndog Cookie

This flavor was a surprise favorite, which consisted of a corndog base cookie and honey butter topping.

  • Reese's Cup

The cafe occasionally partners with popular chocolate brands such as Twix and Reese's, and this was one of the most popular flavors to have ever been made. Peanut butter and chocolate lovers loved this flavor and became one of the bestsellers in the cafe.

Unfortunately, there are no healthy options at Crumbl Cookies. They don't have any gluten-free, vegan, or Kosher cookies yet. However, they have expressed their interest and desire to make healthier cookies and they've also stated that they are still in the process of doing research and testing on how they can offer healthier options for customers.

Does Crumbl Cookies Offer Online Ordering and Delivery?

Yes, there is a Crumbl Cookie app that allows customers to make orders online and have their cookies delivered to their homes. Simply download the app, make your order, and choose to pick up or delivery. You can also order catering options through the app, as well as gifting options. Reward points, promos, and other deals are also sent through the app. Make an account and enjoy the benefits of the app.

What are the Opening Hours of Crumbl Cookies?

The opening hours of the cafe vary by location and by day. From Monday to Friday, operating hours are from 8 am to 10 pm while opening hours on Saturdays and Sundays are from 8 am to midnight.

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