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Goldilocks menu prices featuring 144 items ranging from $2.03 to $119.12

Goldilocks Bakeshop is a giant Filipino bakery chain with a humble beginning in 1966 when two sisters Clarita and Milagros, together with their sister-in-law Doris, came up with a small bakeshop to place in Pasong Tamo Street found in Makati. Maria Flor, the other sister, thought of an easy-to-pronounce and easy to remember business name. She believed that the name suggests good luck. Even though they started humbly, the bakeshop became well-liked and surprisingly exceeds expectations. It leads to another branch opening in 1968, and the bakeshop developed its services and added catering to the list. Goldilocks did not stop there but through the years, accepted franchising and expansion abroad, and in other parts of the Philippines.

Goldilocks menu prices featuring 144 items ranging from $2.03 to $119.12

Goldilocks bakery has mall branches that open same time as the malls. They initiate business at 10 AM and end at 9 PM. Goldilocks bakeshop has stores outside malls with varied starts as some stores open at 9 AM, others at 8 or 7 AM. Changes in business hours will depend on the occasion, such as Mother's Day, Christmas Holidays, Graduation, Valentine's Day, and New Year, among others.

This bakeshop started producing freshly baked pastries, bakery products, bread, cakes, pies, and popcorn. Aside from their high-quality baked goodies, they also opened a food shop where people can enjoy various tasty dishes prepared according to Filipino taste. They have Boneless Chicken, Beef Caldereta (beef stew), Beef Kare-Kare (Oxtail in peanut sauce), Breaded Porkchop, Dinuguan (Filipino pork savory stew), Pancit Malabon (flavorful noodle dish), BBQ, and more.

This world-renowned bakeshop begins with a modest plan of selling pastries, cakes, and other baked goods. They also have some food specialties to add to the list so people will have more choices. Through the years, Goldilocks has served customers by providing them with high-quality products and making sure it is something the people will value. People are not disappointed cause they are extremely enjoying their favorite meals and cakes from the bakeshop up to the present. Some of the most-loved offerings from this bakeshop are their cake rolls (chocolate, black forest, classic mocha, Brazo de Mercedes, and their pastry snack, to name a few.

For people to enjoy their cakes with their favorite viands, they order their favorite dish and partner with one or two slices of cake. There are also options for cold drinks, such as "Mais con Hielo" (sweet corn with shaved ice), Sago with Gulaman (tapioca pearls, brown sugar, and vanilla), or go with plain soda. But some patrons do not choose cakes but instead consume their favorite dish with desserts that are all so mouthwatering such as Leche Flan Slice and Halo-Halo (mixed dessert).

Through the years, Goldilocks Bakeshop has perfected its service as the bakeshop did not change its style or way of serving the public. With the international expansion, they now have numerous stores in Canada, US, Thailand, Hongkong, and Singapore. They have over 600 stores globally and continuously accepts application for a franchise.

Whenever you ask their consumers what they love about Goldilocks Bakeshop, you will hear them discussing not just their favorite cake but also their favorite dish. Goldilocks started their focus on Dinuguan (Pork blood stew) paired with steamed Puto (rice cake). It has a savory taste that those who have tried it come back for more. Pancit Malabon is also another favorite as it is paired with Lumpiang Sariwa (fresh spring rolls), another favored dish because of the presentation and the great taste.

To find out more about Goldilocks Bakeshop, you can visit their website.

Which countries have Goldilocks Bakeshop?

Goldilocks can be found not just in the Philippines but also in the US, Canada, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, and a plan to have a few in the Middle East.

What is different about Goldilocks?

The renowned bakeshop does not play with the quality of its initial offerings, maintaining its brand by serving high-quality cakes, pastries, and well-loved meals. Every people who order their food will certainly enjoy a hot, flavorful, and ample proportion of their orders. What is surprising with Goldilocks is that they also make sure that through the years, even with inflation, they do not let it affect their products. Consistent in size, taste, or quality, making people embrace their products from one generation to the next.

Goldilocks Bakeshop has provided not only individuals but the entire family with affordable meals since they also made sure to have a serving that will be enough, such as the Party Fun or their Fiesta Pack. The price is cost-effective, and the serving is generous.

This bakeshop has been there during important occasions as their cake selections are the favorite of every family to celebrate. Their famous tagline "How thoughtful, how Goldilocks" has proven highly effective.

The business is successful not only because of the strategy but because of the numerous menu they have presented through the years. Initial food offerings of Goldilocks improved and more were added, such as Lechon Paksiw (pork dish), Breaded Porkchop, Rellenong Bangus (stuffed milkfish), and a few meals with soup.

They have varying menus, mostly Filipino cuisines, and some have variations depending on store location overseas.

How do I order food in Goldilocks?

What impresses customers with the service of Goldilocks is that they see to it that their service crews are always welcoming and leading those who enter their establishment to where they can order. It is effortless, as it will only take a few minutes to detail the foods you prefer, and delivery to your dining area will be fast.

Ordering takeaway, whether in restaurants or chain stores, will not take you a long time to finish the transaction.

Does Goldilocks cater to vegetarians?

Besides having various meat dish selections, the good thing about dining in Goldilocks is their vegetable offering, one of the most sought-after and well-favored is their fresh spring roll. A mix of veggies rolled in an egg roll wrapper with a sweet sauce sprinkled with chopped, raw garlic.

In other branches, they have vegetable stir fry, vegan veggie bowls, cold soba noodle salad, vegan rice noodles, and more.

In the Philippines, where the bakeshop originated, children can enjoy their meals and cakes with their families.

In branches outside the Philippines, some Goldilocks have a kid-size entree available where the dish is just enough for a kid to consume.

What are Goldilocks' Bakeshop's opening hours?

In the Philippines, the opening hours vary, and branches inside the mall begin at 9 AM or 10 AM. When the shops are outside the mall, business hours change too. In other parts of the world, the US in particular, Goldilocks opens as early as 9 AM until 5:30 PM, sometimes extending till 8 PM. The time does not differ in other branches nationwide as the shop's business hours usually start at 9 AM or 8 AM depending on the surge of customers. Also, there are shops in other parts of the world where they close shops on Sundays.

Does Goldilocks offer delivery?

Goldilocks is not just available for dine-in but also caters to people who like to purchase from the store and have it delivered. It is applicable in the Philippines or other branches overseas.

Is Goldilocks Bakeshop healthy?

With the discussion about the nutrition and health of Goldilocks Bakeshop menu, it is essential to adapt a strategy where they would at least offer a menu with high nutritional value. Goldilocks instigated the low-calorie meal that has only prime ingredients. Vegetables are on the top of the list, as well as fish and chicken dishes.

Is Goldilocks Halal?

Goldilocks is on the list of food suppliers with Halal-Certified products.

Can I cook Goldilocks at home?

You can enjoy their food at home if you reheat cooked takeaway meals. They also offer ready-to-eat meals in pouches that you can reheat or eat as it is.

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