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Lazy Dog menu prices featuring 218 items ranging from $3.05 to $27.50

Because of the prefix "Dog" in the name of the restaurant, many people mistakenly think that it is only for dogs. But think again! Lazy Dog is a restaurant that serves different meals for humans. Dog to say that there is also a place for your dog. You don't have to leave your sweet dog behind just because you want to go to the restaurant. 

Lazy Dog menu prices featuring 218 items ranging from $3.05 to $27.50
Actually, my main reason for visiting Lazy Dog was to fully immerse myself in the true taste of the local community – the food. This is apparently their main objective! Lazy Dog is unique in this regard, embodying local culture and spirit through their high quality, mouthwatering dishes and beverages. Pretty awesome, right?

LAZY DOG Menu Prices


Why I Think Lazy Dog Deserves All the Acclaim

First impressions are a big deal to me. I noticed right off the bat that there's something certainly different about Lazy Dog. What is it, you ask? They have an on-site kitchen, producing everything they need right within the restaurant. It was fascinating to witness the output of what I can only describe as a culinary assembly line. Yes, Lazy Dog serves high quality food at consistent low prices. Remember that amazing Spaghetti Carbonara I told you about that melted in my mouth? That quality, at an amazingly reasonable price, could only have been the product of their in-house production. Truly, Lazy Dog deservedly gets all the praise it receives.

Lazy Dog's Bag of Experience

Lazy Dog has been around for two decades, born on February 6, 2002 by culinary standouts, Chris Simms, Roshan Mendis, Steve Price, and Gabe Caliendo. That's right, it all started in California. Trust me, after 20 years in the business, their kitchen specialists don’t just cook – they curate a unique culinary experience every single time.

Why I Feel Lazy Dog Is Extra Special

  • They make everything fresh in-house, no outsourcing.
  • You can enjoy great quality food at economical prices.
  • Dog lovers rejoice! You can bring along your four-legged friends.
  • The team is inventive and highly skilled. Their dessert variations had me delighted!
  • No matter when you visit, warm food awaits you.
  • The food choices are varied and well-cooked, catering to diverse palates.

Where Else Can You Find Lazy Dog?

Apart from the US where it originated, Lazy Dog operates in 30 restaurants across six states and has over 499 restaurants in various countries such as France, Korea, Poland, the UK, and Ireland - even on the African continent. The success and reach of Lazy Dog is a testament to the growing popularity and acceptance of its unique concept globally. The choices are incredibly diverse. I enjoyed some Fish N Chips washed down with a pint of refreshing beer and as a cheese lover, I can’t wait to try their Cheese enchiladas with homemade chipotle ranchero sauce on my next visit. They also have a Campfire Pot Roast with a House Red Wine Sauce that sounds tempting.

Can I Reserve a Seat at Lazy Dog?

Yes! You can easily reserve a seat at Lazy Dog either through their official website or by calling the restaurant in your area.

What Drinks Pair Well with Lazy Dog's Food?

Lazy Dog’s handcrafted cocktails and house beers took the dining experience up a notch. The sublime pairing of their Lemon Grilled Chicken with Homemade Citrus Cream Sauce and the Old Fashioned Smoked Maple Bacon was definitely one for the books.

Ordering Experience at Lazy Dog?

I was impressed at how quickly they took my order and served the food. All I had to do was place my order, get settled, while the friendly attendants took care of the rest. They even ensured that my dog, Bo, was comfortable. It was undoubtedly one of the best dining experiences I've had.

Star Dish at Lazy Dog?

Lazy Dog takes customer favorites to another level. I totally recommend their Durham Ranch grass-fed bison, served with red-hide mashed potatoes, smoked bacon, and sautéed spinach. Their chocolate peanut butter brownie was the perfect endnote to my meal.

Does Lazy Dog Offer Take-Out?

Yes! You can place an order for take-out and they package your meals using non-toxic plates. In my case, the food was just as delicious at home as it was at the restaurant.

Any Lazy Dog Home Delivery?

Good news, folks! Lazy Dog does offer home delivery for orders over $25. On days when I'm feeling lazy, or when Bo doesn’t feel like going out, I opt for this convenient choice.

Lazy Dog Hours of Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Yes, that's right. Lazy Dog serves to satisfy cravings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner round the clock. I’m planning on trying out their chicken salad next time.

What's Everyone Else Saying About Lazy Dog?

People love Lazy Dog! Although there are a few negative reviews (as expected with any business), the positive vibes are overwhelming. But you don't have to take my word for it, you can check out the reviews on their website. Remember, the goal here is to share my personal experiences with you, but I think Lazy Dog is definitely worth a visit!

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