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Martins Bbq menu prices featuring 66 items ranging from $0.90 to $26.99

If you are a fan of food television programs, you have probably heard of Martins BBQ. They have been featured on Food Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, and the Today Show. If that wasn’t enough, Martins BBQ has been written about in Esquire, Bon Appetit, Men’s Journal, and Conde Nast Traveler. With all that great publicity they must be doing something right?

Martins Bbq menu prices featuring 66 items ranging from $0.90 to $26.99

Martins BBQ serves a great range of West Tennessee-style smoke and meat and has been doing so since 2006. Every single day at every single Martins BBQ starts at 5am, where the food is cooked from scratch, and you really can taste the difference.

Pat Martin founded the company in 2006 when he opened his first Martins BBQ restaurant in Nolensville, Tennessee. Pat had long been obsessed with the art and craft of BBQ and smoking meat and has become known as a master of the style, later releasing his own cookbook.

To find out more about Martins BBQ visit the company’s website

Where are Martins BBQ restaurants located?

Martins BBQ restaurants can be found in 9 locations, in 4 different states of the United States. You can currently order from the Martins BBQ menu in the following locations:

  • Downtown Nashville, Tennessee
  • Belmont, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Nolensville, Tennessee
  • Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
  • Spring Hill, Tennessee
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Midtown Nashville, Tennessee
  • Charleston, South Carolina.

To find your nearest Martins BBQ restaurant head to the company’s website, which also provides information on the individual stores opening times, and delivery information.

What makes Martins BBQ different?

While Martins BBQ serves its food in a fast-casual style, it doesn’t do this at the expense of its food or hospitality.

Everything that is served on the Martins BBQ menu is made from scratch each day, even the sauces! It can take up to 24 hours to smoke the barbecues in the company’s restaurants, and this is a process that isn’t rushed, to make sure that you get great-tasting meat every time!

Does Martins BBQ do catering?

If you want to treat your guests to traditional West Tennessee-style barbecue, then look no further than Martins BBQ catering, which provides many of the signature items found on the Martins BBQ menu for catering.

The company can provide smoked meats, finger foods, sides, or boxed meals which have a sandwich, chips, and chocolate chip cookies. If you have a large event, you can go the whole hog, with the company’s whole hog BBQs!

The company’s catering department can cater for small family gatherings, right up to parties of 250, or more. If you are placing a catering order for more than 20 people, Martins BBQ request at least 48 hours notice and longer is recommended for very big parties. Catering orders can be picked up at the restaurant or the company can deliver them to you in certain locations.

Does Martins BBQ take reservations?

No, Martins BBQ does not take reservations at any of its restaurants. The one exception to this is the company’s Private Dining service at their Downtown Nashville, Spring Hill, and Indian Springs Louisville restaurants.

The company serves food in a fast-casual style, where customers will wait in line to place their order at a counter, and then take a seat where you please, and then Martins BBQ staff will bring the food to you. Because of the fast-moving nature of the service, they are not able to reserve seating.

Does Martins BBQ cater to vegetarians?

It is probably safe to say that when you think of barbecue restaurants, vegetarian food won’t be your first thought. And Martins BBQ is no different. The only items on the Martins BBQ menu which are suitable for vegetarians are the company’s salads, and even those need to be modified to be suitable for vegetarians.

While this isn’t a great selection, it might just be enough for you if you have to visit the company’s restaurant because a loved one or friend has chosen this restaurant. Maybe on your next meal out you can be the one to choose the restaurant?

Yes, Martins BBQ is very welcoming to families, and children can eat at any of their restaurants. The Martins BBQ children’s menu has a selection of grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken fingers, and BBQ sliders.

If your little one was to try something more adventurous, you could always order some BBQ trays, or Family Suppers from the Martins BBQ menu to share with your family - just make sure that they leave enough for you!

Can I buy a Martins BBQ gift card?

Yes! If you know someone who loved barbecued meat, then why not get them a Martins BBQ gift card. You can either buy a physical gift card or a digital gift card of any value above $5.

Digital gift cards can be sent in an instant, making them a great last-minute gift! If you have planned ahead of time, you can arrange for Martins BBQ to send a digital gift card on a future date of your choosing.

It is worth noting that the Martins BBQ gift cards can only be used in the company’s restaurants, and cannot be redeemed against purchases on the company’s online store.

Can I cook Martins BBQ at home?

Yes! The Martins BBQ online store is full of exciting choices for you to try at home.

Many of the sauces and spice mixes used in Martins BBQ restaurants can be purchased for you to try at home, and if you are looking for inspiration the company even sells a cookbook authored by Pat Martin - the founder of Martins BBQ - which has over 65 recipes.

The Martins BBQ online shop even includes a range of merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, and even baby onesies.

Does Martins BBQ offer parking?

Free public parking is offered at every Martins BBQ restaurant, except for the company Downtown Nashville restaurant. While the company doesn’t have its own car park at this location, there are several pay-to-park locations within just a few blocks of the restaurant.

Does Martins BBQ serve alcohol?

Most Martins BBQ restaurants serve alcohol, and the alcohol options vary depending on the location. Every Martins BBQ restaurant, apart from their Mt Juliet location, has a full bar service, which serves local and international beers, liquor, and wine by the glass and bottle. The Mt Juliet location does not serve wine or liquor.

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If you are a fan of food television programs, you have probably heard of Martins BBQ. They have been featured on Food Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, and the Today Show. If that wasn’t enough, Martins BBQ has been written about in Esquire, Bon Appetit, Men’s Journal, and Conde Nast Traveler. With all that great publicity they must be doing something right?

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