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Moes menu prices featuring 65 items ranging from $0.50 to $8.70

Moe’s Southwest Grill (previously known as “Moe’s”) is an American fast-casual restaurant. The franchise was founded by Raving Brands and opened its doors in 2000 at its first location in Atlanta, Georgia. Contrary to what some may think, the name Moe doesn’t represent a name; but is an acronym! M: Musicians O: Outlaws E: Entertainers

Moes menu prices featuring 65 items ranging from $0.50 to $8.70

Over the last couple of decades, I've seen Moe's Southwest Grill grow and expand from a solitary American eatery to a major global franchise, with an impressive count of 700 locations dotting the globe in its 22 years of existence!

Being a huge fan of Mexican food, I was drawn in by Moe's menu full of Mexican-inspired favorites like burritos, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas that titillate your taste buds from the mere sight of them. Not to mention, their fresh, organic, all-natural ingredients.

Now, I've done my fair share of Mexican fast food hopping, and I must say despite having about half as many restaurants as big competitors like Chipotle and Taco Bell, Moe's has definitely found a way hooked my heart. Aside from feasting my taste buds with fresh guacamole and pico de gallo made in-house daily, picturing those 34 fresh tomatoes being minced every morning is something that makes Moe’s unique. Plus, the menu spoils you with 20 different customizable ingredients!

But, just when I thought, it couldn't get better, I discovered that this 2008 winner of the Gold Award at the Consumer’s Choice in Chains Awards, puts community and giving back at the forefront. Turns out, a part of every Moe's purchase goes straight back into their local community. Eating great food and contributing to the community? Yes, please!

Where Can You Find Moe's Southwest Grill?

Unfortunately, for my international friends, Moe's Southwest Grill is currently only operating within the United States. But if you're a state dweller like me, you're in luck because you can find Moe's in all 50 states!

What Makes Moe's Southwest Grill Stand Out?

The uniqueness of Moe's can be summed up as follows:

  • With every meal, you score FREE bottomless chips and salsa.
  • The “Influential Musician” background playlist is a cool, quirky twist.
  • The self-serve salsa bar lets you help yourself to your heart's content.
  • The pop-culture-driven menu adds an extra touch of fun to the dining experience.
  • With fully customizable orders, you can have it your way

What's the Most-Ordered at Moe’s Southwest Grill?

Moe's Southwest Grill is paradise for food-lovers, offering plenty of options for any diet type. Personally, I can't resist their Homewrecker burrito – a meal in itself with rice, black beans, fajita veggies, cheese, and sour cream.

If it's a calorie watch day, my go-to is the Grilled Chicken Salad. It provides the right blend of grilled chicken, tomatoes, green onions, cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing for a lighter but satisfying option. But for those sweet cravings, nothing beats the Queso Blanco Chimichanga. It's a deep-fried burrito delight, stuffed with white queso cheese, and served with sides of pico de gallo and sour cream.

Ordering Food From Moe's: The Drill

You can order Moe's in person, online, through their app, or even find their frozen food options at your local supermarket. They’ve even rolled out a drive-thru service in 2021. You can go for the "Fast-Track" meal for a quick bite that includes a burrito or taco wrap, chips, salsa, and a drink.

If there's a gathering, I find their platter option great, coming with tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and salads in abundance. And don’t forget their sweet finishers - a variety of mouth-watering churros and ice cream!

Something for the Vegetarians

One of the things I love about Moe's is, it caters to all folks. As a practicing vegetarian myself, dining is made easy here thanks to options like organic tofu and dairy-free cheese/sour cream and a strict policy of preparing veggies separate from any animal products.

Child-Friendly Options

Moe's Southwest Grill, caring for the little ones, offers kid-friendly menu options: quesadilla, burrito, and hard/soft tacos! It's not just healthy but fun too, with the perks of free chips, salsa, a drink, and cookies thrown in!

Timings and Specialties

While Moe’s typically operates between 11 am - 9 pm, timings may vary. One dish that remains consistently their speciality though, is their delicious queso. Whether it's the classic queso, hot jalapeño queso, or the daring chorizo queso, you just can't have enough!

Catering Options & Reward Program

If you're planning an event, Moe's Southwest Grill has you covered with catering services including individually packed, bundles, bars, dips & salad, drinks, and desserts. Plus, they throw in free chips, salsa, and all the necessaries like plates, cups, cutlery included as well!

And for the regulars, Moe's rewards program is a win-win; for every dollar spent, you bag a point, rounding up to $10 off upon earning 100 points! You stay updated on new products and rewards, a very neat treat indeed!


  • Wide variety of customizable food options
  • Passionate about community service
  • Efficient and friendly staff
  • Great rewards program


  • Only operates in the United States
  • It can get busy at peak hours
  • Restaurant hours may vary by location

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