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Mrs Fields menu prices featuring 86 items ranging from $1.11 to $153.32

Mrs. Fields is known for its soft, rich, and warm chocolate chip cookies. But more than just cookies, Mrs. Fields Cafe is found in many locations across the US and 22 countries around the world, offering the very same homey goodness of the famous cookies, but also its famous brownies, muffins, gift baskets, cookie cake, and more.

Mrs Fields menu prices featuring 86 items ranging from $1.11 to $153.32

Mrs. Fields Cafe belongs to the snack food industry and offers coffee and pastries, with the chocolate chip cookie its main draw.

Mrs. Fields Cafe is owned by Mrs. Fields' Original Cookies Incorporated based in Broomfield, Colorado. It is an American franchisor in the snack food industry and is recognized for being one of the largest retailers of freshly baked specialty cookies in the US. There are over 300 franchised and licensed locations in the US and countries all over the world. A Mrs. Fields Cafe consists of seating for dine-in customers and offers more than just baked goods. A Mrs. Fields Cafe offers drinks and savory dishes along with its cookies, pastries, and gift baskets. Kiosks and stalls of Mrs. Fields are also located in many different parts of the US, which are typically found inside malls or shopping centers.

Mrs. Fields was established by Debbi Fields in 1977. It started as a kiosk but eventually expanded and soon, the Mrs. Fields Cafe was born after the company was purchased by an investment firm in the early 90s.

What Makes Mrs. Fields Different?

The main draw of Mrs. Fields is its range of cookies, with the chocolate chip cookie being its signature product. The original cookie was chocolate chip but today, they offer a variety of flavors, such as triple chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, rainbow cookies, classic butter, and other flavors.

Aside from cookies, the cafe also offers a variety of other baked goods such as croissants, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, and more. They also have hot and cold drinks and the popular cookie cake where customers can customize the lettering.

They set themselves apart from other baked goods cafes by sticking to their original recipes for the cookies, which have homemade origins. The cookies don't taste commercial or mass-produced and when a Mrs. Fields kiosk is inside a mall, the scent of freshly baked goods is as inviting as nibbling on the actual cookies themselves.

What Makes Mrs. Fields Cookies so Good?

Mrs. Fields' cookies are known for being warm, fresh, soft, and rich in flavor. The cookies are made fresh every day and any leftover cookies from the day before are donated to charity. This means when you buy their cookies, you can guarantee they were baked that very day.

The company also has a serious commitment to using only the best quality ingredients. And they never skimp on quantity. Debbi Fields' original recipes are still being used today and they are committed to keeping this tradition in all Mrs. Fields locations. When baking the cookies and baked goods, the company stays true to using real butter, proprietary vanilla, perfect walnuts, and quality chocolate chops.

The Mrs. Fields menu varies depending on the location. If the branch is a kiosk or stall, baked goods, gift baskets, and a few drinks like coffee are served. However, if the branch is a full cafe, then you have a more complete menu.

Here are what you'll find in a Mrs. Fields Cafe menu:

  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Muffins and Cupcakes
  • Aussie Biscuits
  • Nibblers
  • Sweet Treats
  • Hot Beverages
  • Cold Beverages
  • Savory Items

Aside from the baked goods, some branches offer savory items you can order for a complete meal. Some branches have sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and others have pasta.

Is the Coffee Good at Mrs. Fields?

Yes, Mrs. Fields coffee is award-winning and the company roasts its very own coffee. Each bean is roasted individually and they are made with the highest standards, with the company having its very own Master Roaster that ensures delivery of the beans to each location and that the beans are at their peak drinking stage. The company imports its beans from different parts of the world, such as Brazil, India, Ethiopia, and Colombia.

When you order a cup of joe at Mrs. Fields, you can also guarantee that the beans are purchased directly from the producers since the company doesn't deal with middlemen. You'll get fresh, high-quality coffee beans that undergo stringent quality checks by Mrs. Fields' dedicated coffee connoisseurs.

Can You Order Mrs. Fields Online?

Yes, you can. Simply visit the company's official website, choose a branch near you, place your order, and choose whether you want to have your items delivered to your doorstep or for curbside pick up.

The online delivery form found on the website also allows you to send gifts to loved ones. Mrs. Fields loves holidays and special occasions and you will find a large category of gifts, such as cookie baskets, tin cans of nibblers, and other items that make for perfect gifts. You can even customize your packaging or message.

Simply head to the official website, place your order, pay for your order, and have the Mrs. Fields gift pack delivered to a loved one.

What Should You Try at a Mrs. Fields Cafe?

If you're planning to go to a Mrs. Fields Cafe near you, you need to try a few things. First, you need to order the original milk chocolate chip cookies for an authentic cookie experience. Next, you need to try the brownies. The double chocolate and macadamia nut brownies are a must-try. And of course, you need to order hot coffee to go with your sweet goodies.

If you don't want hot coffee, Mrs. Fields serves cold beverages such as frappes, which use the very same award-winning Mrs. Fields coffee beans. If there are savory items on the menu, try the range of gourmet treats such as sausage rolls, croissants, and pies. And before you leave, purchase a bag of cookies to take home with you.

What Are the Opening Hours of Mrs. Fields?

Typically, the opening hours of Mrs. Fields Cafe coincide with the opening hours of the mall or shopping center where it is located. Usual opening hours are from 9 am to 9 pm but it depends on the location of the branch.

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