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Paris Baguette menu prices featuring 225 items ranging from $2.29 to $49.32

Paris Baguette is the most popular chain of bakeries in South Korea. There are almost 4000 branches in the country, more than 200 in China, 99 in the US, and smaller locations in Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia. The bakery cafe is known for its cakes, pastries, bread, and deli offerings like soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Paris Baguette menu prices featuring 225 items ranging from $2.29 to $49.32

One day, while wandering the bustling streets, I stumbled upon a charming little niche of French bakery heaven that goes by the name of Paris Baguette. This remarkable spot — half-café, half-bakery, but completely alluring — beckoned me in with the wonderfully intoxicating balance of fresh coffee and just-out-of-the-oven pastries.

This spot is not just any café — Paris Baguette, in fact, originates from Seoul, South Korea. I now jokingly refer to it as "my local bakery" despite its roots and 3,600 siblings scattered across the globe. The brainchild of SPC Group, this thriving chain opened its first branch in 1986 in Seoul's Gwanghwamun district. As of May 2022, she had siblings in over 240 locations in China, and almost touching triple digits in the US. Not to mention siblings in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam with plans to grow the family across the UK, Europe, and the rest of Southeast Asia.

The self-service style at Paris Baguette lends an interesting touch. Here I am, handed a tray to take a stroll around 'Bread Island'. A glorious feast for the eyes is this masterfully arranged display of freshly baked delights. It is here I find myself challenged with the difficult decision of choosing which of these goodies would accompany my coffee. Taking my pick, I head to the register, settle my bill, and eagerly anticipate my taste buds' about-to-be adventure.

A Unique Blend of Korea and France at Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette might be a Korean bakery chain, but don't be fooled, as when it comes to the food, it's French all the way. Think cakes and slices of the moreish kind, coffee that beckons with each waft, and a deli counter that’ll keep you satiated round the clock. I found a delightful mash-up of French-style pastries tweaked to local Korean preferences that worked incredibly well together. The meticulous craftsmanship of cakes is evident, with each branch housing experienced bakers and decorators who elevate these treats from mere desserts to pieces of edible artwork.

Despite being well-known for its pastries, Paris Baguette also has a surprise up its sleeves. Hop over to the deli counter, and you'll find an enticing selection of salads and sandwiches if you're in for a more filling session.

Got a special event on the horizon? Paris Baguette does an impressive catering gig, too. Order their delectable platters and become the toast of your party!

Exploring Paris Baguette’s Delicacies

With an expansive selection of tantalizing deli items, gorgeous cakes, creamy coffees, and Asian-inspired French pastries, the Paris Baguette menu is a trove of delights. Let your taste buds wander from croissants with Asian twists, such as fusion foods like red bean bread and Korean cheese garlic bread, or stick with the classics like scrumptious soups, gourmet sandwiches, and more.

The Allure of Paris Baguette's Cakes

Their cakes are renowned not just for the visual feast they present but their indulgent flavors too. Made by master bakers in-house, the sensational cake selection includes signature as well as specialty cakes available on order. I lanquished in the minimalist aesthetic of their cakes — simplistic icing topped with an abundance of fresh fruit and little extras like macarons. And did I mention you could sample their heavenly cakes by the slice as well? Life's little pleasures!

The "Bread Island": The Heart of Paris Baguette

The Bakery Island Display undoubtedly steals the show. The daily freshly baked goods have made it a treasure for patrons and also a personal favorite. The bakery cafe offers a myriad of sweet pastries along with an appetizing range of savory options which you can enjoy right at the cafe or take home to stretch your Paris Baguette experience.

One thing worthy of a mention is the relatively low cost despite Paris Baguette's prime offerings. You can pick up exquisite French-style baked goods without straining your wallet, most of them priced below $10.

Paris Baguette: The Must-Trys

If you're a fellow first-timer or someone looking to try new offerings, here are some of the crowd favorites you absolutely must try: the Best Ever Garlic Bread is as irresistible as the name suggests, Cranberry Chicken Pastry Wrap Sandwich treats you to a masterful blend of sweet and savory, and the Egg Mayo and Avocado Sandwich will lure you back for more.

Craving some Paris Baguette Goodies at home?

Yes, you can get Paris Baguette delivered right to your doorsteps! They offer online ordering and even delivery through apps like Grab in Asian regions.

When to satisfy the Paris Baguette Cravings?

Most often than not, Paris Baguette opens its welcoming doors by 9 am and keeps them open till 10 pm, with some branches opening an hour earlier at 8 am and closing an hour earlier by 9 pm.


  • Great selection of French-inspired pastries and bread
  • Reasonably priced for the quality
  • Welcoming, warm atmosphere
  • Delicious coffee
  • Variety of offerings from breakfast to dinner
  • Convenient self-service and online ordering options


  • Can get busy, leading to congested self-service lines
  • Some menu items might be a different taste for those unfamiliar with the fusion of flavors
  • Some locations might not have consistent operating hours

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