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Qdoba menu prices featuring 58 items ranging from $0.70 to $8.40

Qdoba is a popular chain of Mexican-style restaurants serving food in a fast-casual setting. The company strives on providing great service, and high-quality food in a fast fashion. All of the kitchens are open

Qdoba menu prices featuring 58 items ranging from $0.70 to $8.40

Let's take a trip down memory lane to 1995, when Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser launched what has now become Qdoba in Denver, initially dubbed "Zumba Fresh Mexican Grill". They definitely kept their attorneys busy though, with a couple of lawsuits forcing them to change the name, first to "Z-Teca Mexican Grill" and then, finally, in 1999 to "Qdoba". They've been lawsuit-free since then, at least when it comes to their name! It sounds like a lot of time in courtrooms, doesn't it? But if that’s what it took to bring us these delicious meals, then we're not complaining!

To learn more about the Qdoba backstory, swing by their website at

Where can you run into a Qdoba?

It's been quite an experience exploring different Qdoba locations in both the United States and Canada. They've got establishments sprinkled all across North America - 733 in the U.S. to be exact, stretched over 45 states. By the way, if you ever find yourself in Colorado, you're bound to stumble upon one of their 84 eateries. Wisconsin isn't trailing far behind with 55 locations.

My trip to Canada left me stomach-full and heart-happy, with the 12 Qdoba restaurants equally divided between Manitoba and Ontario, each with 6 spots. Need help locating your nearest Qdoba? Find a full list on their site!

What culinary delights does Qdoba offer?

I remember my first delve into the vast array of Mexican-style yummies that Qdoba conjures up. From signature dishes such as the Steak Fajita Quesadilla (a personal favorite of mine), to the freedom to mix and match a meal yourself - it’s all a foodie’s paradise.

The array of options is dazzling! You could select a hearty burrito, a refreshing salad, or a delicious quesadilla as your base, and then top it up with pulled pork, grilled steak, or even ground beef. The finishing touches include a colorful array of fillings - think beans, vegetables, rice, and salsa. You really get to paint your own meal canvas here.

Is Qdoba cuisine spicy or mild?

Contrary to popular belief, not everything Mexican is about fiery spices and sauces. Qdoba is a testament to that. Some choices may be seasoned to take you on a spicy adventure, while others won't break a sweat!

Creating your own dish? The salsas and sauces on the Qdoba lineup carry a spice meter, represented by lightning bolts! One lightning bolt, for instance, indicates mild options like Pico de Gallo, while four bolts are a nod to the fiery Habanero Salsa. Trust me, that one packs a punch!

If spicy isn't your flavor, don't fret. Plenty of options are milder, but still bursting with flavor. Just steer clear of sauces and salsas, and you could even try their creamy alternative sauces to counteract the spicy ones.

Are Qdoba’s delicious eats a call away?

Imagine my relief when, after a tiring day, I found that I could enjoy a plethora of Qdoba food from the comfort of my couch! Most branches offer a delivery service, just be sure to double-check with your nearest one.

The website gives you all the details about delivery options in your area or if you prefer a pickup service. Trust me, that grilled quesadilla tastes just as good on your living room rug!

When can you pop into a Qdoba restaurant?

I remember the day I walked into a Qdoba at 10:30 am and was greeted by the mouthwatering aroma of fresh Mexican food being prepared. I walked out, my stomach full and my heart happy, at 10 pm. They are usually open 7 days a week, from 10:30 am to 10 pm. I'd suggest checking with your local branching just in case.

Does Qdoba charm the little ones too?

Zap! That was the sound of my kids falling in love with Qdoba's appealing children's menu. It's filled with child-friendly, smaller versions of their signature dishes so that the little ones don't miss out on the awesomeness.

My kids particularly enjoyed the quesadilla and the naked burrito (a fun term for a burrito without tortilla), loaded with chicken or cheese. Plus, all meals come with a side and a drink, just perfect for those little tummies!

Is Qdoba a healthy choice?

My health-conscious buddies would be thrilled to know that Qdoba manages to pack flavorful, inviting food options into their menu that are healthy too. I remember the day I bit into their Taco Salad - the mix of fajita-spiced veggies, chicken, black bean and corn salsa, salsa verde, and a dollop of fat-free Picante ranch. It was bursting with flavors and just 345 calories!

Another highlight for me was the Burrito Bowl, a hearty serving with just 555 calories! A quick trip to their website for nutritional values can guide you when placing an order.

Does Qdoba cater to vegans too?

If you're a vegetarian or vegan, rejoice! Qdoba excels in dishing out vegetarian and vegan meals, with a wide range of options to choose from. I was really impressed when the server mentioned that they've teamed up with Impossible Meat for their plant-based protein source!

What about gluten-free options at Qdoba?

Yes, my gluten-intolerant friends, you too can gorge on scrumptious Mexican delights at Qdoba! Their gluten-free range features a unique ‘Naked’ burrito, minus the tortilla, loaded with rice, pinto beans, grilled vegetables, shredded pork, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, and guacamole. However, remember that it's not a completely gluten-free environment, so cross-contamination might occur.

Can you get Qdoba to cater for your party?

Throw in a Taco Kit or a Mexican-themed buffet from Qdoba's catering menu to your next party, and you'll be the talk of the town! Right from customizable hot bars, boxed meals to hearty breakfast burritos - they’ve got it all. Regulars also earn reward points for catering orders. I especially liked the convenience of either picking up the order or having them deliver and set it up!

Are Qdoba gift cards worth it?

A food-lover's heart (like mine) pitter-patters at the sight of gift cards, especially when they are from Qdoba! You can pick physical gift cards online or in-store, or opt for an e-Gift card from their website. They make for delightful last-minute surprises. Canadian food lovers though, would be missing out on Qdoba gift cards for the time being.


  • Savor the freedom to build your own meal
  • Vegan and Gluten-free options are available
  • Delight in a diverse & child-friendly menu
  • They deliver, making takeaway easy
  • Cons

  • The name changes might cause confusion to some
  • Gift cards are not available in Canada yet
  • The heat-level of the dishes can be unpredictable
  • Possibility of cross-contamination in gluten-free orders
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