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Rainforest Cafe menu prices featuring 94 items ranging from $2.99 to $26.99

Rainforest Cafe, the jungle-themed restaurant chain, opened its first location in 1994, in the Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota at the hands of its founder Steven Schussler. With 16 locations in the US, Rainforest Cafe is currently owned by Landry’s Restaurant Inc., a company specialized in dining, among other things. With most of its income coming from local tourism, Rainforest Cafe is still, today, an unforgettable full-sensory experience for anyone, independent of your age.

Rainforest Cafe menu prices featuring 94 items ranging from $2.99 to $26.99

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  1. Rainforest Cafe Menu
Walking into Rainforest Cafe, I felt like I was entering another world altogether. Their tagline ‘Wild Place to Shop and Eat’ suddenly made sense. The restaurant truly lived up to its jungle theme and the entire vibe was like stepping into an actual rainforest, except with great food awaiting you! As a food lover, I was thrilled to dig into Rainforest Cafe's extensive menu that included everything from burgers, chicken, and pork dishes to pasta plates and seafood, appetizers galore, and an assortment of beverages and desserts.
In a special nod to their tropical décor, and as a nice break from typical American fast-food fare, they even had a selection of Mexican dishes. I decided to try the Amazon Fajitas which were absolutely delightful. But if you ask me, the real piece de resistance was the Volcano, their signature dessert. I keep forgetting how delectable that giant chocolate brownie cake, served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate sauces, and a fiery sparkler, tasted! It was like a grand finale to a jungle-themed food adventure. But what really sets Rainforest Cafe apart, is their decor. Their designers have done a stellar job in making you feel like you've actually ventured into the heart of a rainforest. Greenery and mist everywhere, waterfalls trickling down – this was truly an out-of-the-box dining experience. Animatronic animals were scattered around the restaurant, complete with butterflies, gorillas, elephants, and even tigers. And if you take a trip to the gift shop area, you'll surprisingly be greeted by a robotic python and a crocodile! They've even installed large aquariums laden with tropical reef fish, quite a sight to behold! Getting real for a moment, the food was delectable but the Sparkling Volcano dessert was a taste explosion of a different level. It's a towering construction—or destruction, if you may—of chocolate brownie cake. In the spirit of making it a spectacle as well, the dessert is served with a lit sparkler. A sweet celebration of an eatery, for sure! Rainforest Cafe also believes in celebrating special days, often with big discounts on menu items and giveaways. Being a regular, I was thrilled during their Breast Cancer Awareness Month; every cocktail sold meant a $1 donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. For those wondering, Rainforest Cafe is also kid-friendly. They have a dedicated menu just for little ones which includes charmingly named Rainforest Rascals—mini burgers, and Jurassic Chicken Tidbits—dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. During my visit, I noticed the cafe also doubles up as a party venue. Their Wild Bunch Birthday parties accommodate 10 or more children and include activity books, free invitations, and even a wild safari hat. Throughout the meal, I was attended by a Safari Guide (waiter) and was introduced by a Tour Guide (hostess)—just another aspect of their jungle theme. Even the bartender and busser had names that take you back to the wild. Pro-tip - don’t forget to say hi to “Trailblazer” in the kitchen. Before I wrap up, just a word of advice. For a smoother dining experience, the Rainforest Cafe website allows online reservations. So, this place doesn’t just serve good food, they are tech-savvy too! Here are some pros and cons that I summed up from my visit to Rainforest Cafe:


  • Themed atmosphere that’s a delight for kids and adults alike
  • Extensive menu with a variety of cuisines
  • Fun events for special occasions
  • Online reservations for a hassle-free dining experience


  • Quality of food could be more consistent
  • Service might be slow, especially during peak hours
  • Prices on the higher side
In conclusion, the Rainforest Cafe provides a unique dining experience that's worth a visit for the ambiance alone. I can't wait to revisit this jungle-themed restaurant and try more of their enticing dishes.

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