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Tgi Fridays menu prices featuring 117 items ranging from $1.00 to $24.49

When you hear “TGI Friday”, you will definitely think of the word association of “Thank God it’s Friday”, but you may also think of the popular restaurant TGI Friday’s. First opened in the 1960s as a way to create a cocktail party vibe for people in their early 20s to their late 30s to mix and mingle in a social setting, TGI Friday’s has now become a common restaurant serving high-quality food in a fun social setting for people and families of all ages.

Tgi Fridays menu prices featuring 117 items ranging from $1.00 to $24.49

TGI Friday’s has a focus on a friendly atmosphere while serving quality food for people to mingle while also having a family-friendly atmosphere suitable for children.


TGI Friday’s was the first restaurant to offer the Ladies’ Night promotion and continues to do so today. Ladies’ Night was started to help men and women mingle, encouraging people to meet and form relationships.

TGI Friday’s is currently collaborating with Jamie Foxx. This collaboration features the use of Jamie Foxx’s BSB (Brown Sugar Bourbon) Flavored Whiskey added to TGI Friday’s own barbeque sauce. This BSB Flavored Whiskey barbeque sauce has currently been given its own menu slot with several dishes being highlighted with the use of the sauce, such as being used on ribs, sirloin steak, and wings. You can also have the sauce as an additional side sauce by asking for it, allowing you to use it with whatever menu items you please.

You can learn more about TGI Friday’s by visiting their website here.

Which countries have a TGI Friday's?

TGI Friday’s has locations all over the globe. There are TGI Friday’s franchise locations open in 55 different countries. With 869 locations worldwide, the United States is home to 298 TGI Friday’s.

What is different about TGI Friday's?

TGI Friday’s has a strong focus on a fun and exciting atmosphere for singles, couples, and families to enjoy. Still having a strong focus on selling alcohol from when the restaurant’s focus was on singles, TGI Friday’s still sells a wide variety of alcohol, along with a variety of alcohol that is both to-go and made ready for you to take home in quart gallon containers.

There is also a sports bar off-shoot of TGI Friday’s named Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill.

Is TGI Friday's food spicy?

TGI Friday’s does have spicy food available. Most of the menu items are not spicy and the menu items which are spicy are easily identified by the menu name.

The TGI Friday’s menu is much more expansive than when it first opened. TGI Friday’s expanded its menu in the late 1980s from focusing on singles to focusing on families. The menu is divided into several different sections:

  • Friday Favs
  • Appetizers & Wings
  • Whisky Glazed
  • Ribs, Steak, & Chicken
  • Pasta & Seafood
  • Burgers
  • Salads & Sandwiches
  • Desserts & Kids
  • Family Meals Platters
  • Beverages & Cocktails
  • Sides & Soups

TGI Friday’s is still commonly associated with beverages and cocktails, selling an abundance of drinks, both in-store and to-go.

How do I order food at TGI Friday's?

In order to order food at TGI Friday’s, you enter the location and are greeted and seated by your waiter/waitress. After being given a menu, you have time to review it and place your order with your waiter/waitress who will relay it to the kitchen. Your food will be cooked and brought to you. Afterward, you pay for your food and exit the restaurant once you have finished eating.

You can call to place an order for pickup by calling your local restaurant and placing an order with them or by placing an order online. Once your order has been placed, you head to the restaurant you placed the order with to pick up your food.

Does TGI Friday's cater to vegetarians?

TGI Friday’s does not cater to vegetarians, though there are plenty of vegetarian options. There are a plethora of appetizer options, such as Fried Mushrooms, Green Bean Fries, and Loaded Baked Potato Skins without bacon. There are a few salad options and TGI Friday’s sells an Impossible Burger as well. Any fried options are most likely fried in the same oil as non-vegetarian items.

Does TGI Friday’s have vegan food options?


TGI Friday’s does have a few vegan options if you make some modifications when ordering your meal. There are several appetizers and sides which are vegan-friendly, such as Chips and Salsa, Steamed Brocolli, and Seasoned Fries. The vegan-friendly main dishes are the Pasta with Marinara Sauce (available on the children’s menu) and the Impossible Burger with some modifications.

In the early 1970s, several years after opening, TGI Friday’s became a more family-oriented restaurant and now features a children’s menu. All children's meals come with a choice of a side, either fries or broccoli. The children’s menu options are:

  • Kid’s Crispy Chicken Fingers
  • Kid’s Cheddar Mac & Cheese
  • Kid’s Sliders
  • Kid’s Pasta

What are TGI Friday's opening hours?

TGI Friday’s has standard opening hours for all locations, which start at 11:00am. The closing hours are generally around the same time, though there are some exceptions, as the closing hours are not standard. The closing hours for TGI Friday’s are usually 11:00pm or 12:00am.

Does TGI Friday's offer delivery?

TGI Friday’s does offer delivery through the third-party food delivery service GrubHub. For health purposes and safety, only contactless delivery is available.

Is TGI Friday's healthy?

TGI Friday’s offers healthy and unhealthy options. They offer a variety of salads and other healthy menu items. Also offered are less healthy menu items topped with unhealthy toppings and condiments. As with most things, as long as you eat food from TGI Friday’s in moderation, you should have nothing to worry about.

Can I cook TGI Friday's at home?

You can cook food from TGI Friday’s at home as TGI Friday’s sells a few of their products in grocery stores. The available food you can cook from TGI Friday’s at home includes:

  • Potato Skins
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Cheeseburger Sliders
  • Boneless Chicken Bites
  • Mac & Cheese Party Bites

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