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Cheba Hut menu prices featuring 99 items ranging from $1.69 to $11.59

Cheba Hut Toasted Subs, or Cheba Hut for short, is far from your normal fast food restaurant. It is a cannabis-themed chain of restaurants, that uses the best ingredients to create toasted sandwiches which are the perfect cure for the munchies. Cheba is a term synonymous with marijuana, hence the name Cheba Hut.

Cheba Hut menu prices featuring 99 items ranging from $1.69 to $11.59

As I steered into Cheba Hut for lunch, I found out quickly that it isn't a typical restaurant. Open from lunch until dinner, it was a unique experience I was eager to share.

Lasting over 20 years in this kind of business isn’t easy; Cheba Hut's roots go way back to 1998, when Scott Jennings realized his college dream. The journey started in Tempe, Arizona near Arizona State University where Jennings was a student. What's not to like about passionate food cooked by someone who began their journey in college just like me? I marveled at the first Cheba Hut as I walked in, feeling an ounce of history in the air.

Should you become enamoured by the Cheba Hut experience just like me, check out their website at

Where Can Your Taste-Buds Explore?

I found out there are 45 hangouts across the United States where you can munch on Cheba Hut's subs. Here's where you can find this sub-loving community:

  • Arizona, where it all started
  • Arkansas, with those sweet southern vibes
  • California, land of the foodies
  • Florida, to satisfy your sunshine state cravings
  • Georgia, besides the peaches, of course
  • Illinois, a heartland favorite
  • Louisiana, where Cajun meets cannabis
  • New Mexico, spicing up the southwest
  • Nevada, more than just Vegas glamour
  • Ohio, adding flavor to the Midwest
  • Oregon, for the food-obsessed Northwesterners
  • Texas, proving spicy food is not the only thing they do well
  • Wisconsin, yes, they do more than cheese

If you're unsure where the closest Cheba Hut is to you, the website's store finder map could be your guide to the Cheba treasure. It sure was helpful to me.

Why Cheba Hut Could Be Your Next Thing?

What differentiates Cheba Hut from any regular restaurant is its cannabis theme, which is ironic and quirky from my perspective. It brilliantly ties in the association between the munchies and delectable food. Don't misunderstand though, it's a marijuana-themed place, sans the actual marijuana. It serves a wide array of lip-smacking subs and beverages in a laid-back setting, making the experience quite unique.

Cheba Hut boasts an impressive range of subs, which you can customize with a plethora of toppings like buffalo chicken, chicken and turkey, or my personal favorite, the combo of toasted cheese and chicken. The bread is superbly hand-rolled and scored by an experienced bakery in three styles - classic white, wholesome whole wheat, and unique garlic herb blend.

Some of their signature subs include:

  • White Widow - A delectable combo of grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, ranch dressing, mushrooms, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, tangy pickle, Shake and House dressing. Simply put, heaven in every bite!
  • Kali Mist - Don't be fooled by its name, this is a sub made for spice lovers out there! Roasted turkey breast, bacon, chipotle mayo, jalapeño, rich avocado, pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, Shake, and House dressing all come together to make this wild combo.

The smaller foods, or as they like to call them "munchies", are not to be overlooked either. Bowl o' Balls offers meatballs, served in sauce with veggies and cheese. If you’re ‘high’ on sweets and cereals (like me), do not miss their unique dessert called Kristy Bar; it's tender, cereal bites engulfed in marshmallow goodness.

Can You Get Tipsy at Cheba Hut?

Absolutely, yes! Most Cheba Huts have a bar that serves a myriad of local beers, signature cocktails, and spirits. Drinks vary by location, so give your local Cheba Hut a ring to see if they offer a bar service in your area.

High on Food, not on Edibles

No, the food at Cheba Hut won't get you high; there's absolutely no marijuana in their offerings. However, any foodie (like me) can vouch that good food can leave you with a euphoric sense and a satisfying full belly, holding true for a lot of us who dined at Cheba Hut.

Is it Kid-Friendly?

Yes, indeed! Although Cheba Hut exudes marijuana vibes, it’s a welcoming place for the whole family. Several of the Cheba Hut subs I tried were kiddie taste-tested and approved. So, don't hold back from treating the little ones to a unique meal out.

Can You Beat the Clock?

Typically, Cheba Huts are open all seven days from 10 am to midnight. I’d suggest checking with your local eatery to nail down their specific opening hours.

Is It All Just Fun and No Health?

They offer a variety of salads for the health-conscious diners among us. Furthermore, you can enjoy lower-calorie options like the Magic Mushroom sub. And the good news doesn't stop there: full nutritional information is available on the Cheba Hut website or at their stores upon request.

Does Cheba Hut Deliver?

Yes! I was thrilled to find that every Cheba Hut outlet offers a delivery service. I had mine to go, so I could bask in the afterglow of the meal at home.

What about Vegan Options?

Vegan mates, rejoice! Wheat bread used in the subs is vegan, and they can modify the vegetarian subs upon request to be vegan as well - just ask your server to tweak it for you!

And Gluten-Free?

While I found out that they don’t offer gluten-free bread, they’re always ready to turn any of their route 66 subs into a crispy, fresh salad. Ask your server to ditch the croutons and confirm the gluten-free status of the dressing, and you're good to go!

In a Hurry? Get Takeout!

All options from the Cheba Hut menu are available for takeout. Surprisingly, it’s as simple as placing an order online, over the phone, or in-store. I placed an order while I was there and picked it up to avoid the wait. Really efficient!

Loyal to the Cheba Hut

Join the Cheba Hut family! They have a loyalty program accessible on their app, where you can earn points with every order to score vouchers or play their own game, Flippy Bird, to earn fun rewards. I'm excited about joining the ride myself!


  • Unique marijuana-themed concept
  • Vast menu with both healthy and indulgent options
  • Offers vegan options
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Affordable prices
  • Fun and relaxed vibes
  • Loyalty program offering bonuses


  • No gluten-free bread options
  • Despite its name, it does not serve marijuana-infused food
  • Some may find the cannabis theme off-putting

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Cheba Hut Toasted Subs, or Cheba Hut for short, is far from your normal fast food restaurant. It is a cannabis-themed chain of restaurants, that uses the best ingredients to create toasted sandwiches which are the perfect cure for the munchies. Cheba is a term synonymous with marijuana, hence the name Cheba Hut.

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