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Jack In The Box menu prices featuring 135 items ranging from $0.25 to $8.00

Jack in the Box is a fast food restaurant chain that primarily serves sandwiches and tacos.

Jack In The Box menu prices featuring 135 items ranging from $0.25 to $8.00

They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Jack in the Box was founded in 1951 in San Diego by the American businessman Robert O. Peterson and started as a drive-through hamburger service. They were also one of the first drive-through chains to use an intercom, and the first big chain to implement it.

The name and branding of the restaurant revolve around the jack-in-the-box toy, which has been used in much of the company's advertisement and company identity.

You can explore more about Jack in the Box on their official website.

Which Countries Have a Jack in the Box Restaurant?

Jack in the Box is currently available in only a single country: the United States. They have over 2.200 locations. They have locations in 21 different states, with most of them on the West Coast. One of their outlier locations is their one restaurant in Guam, which is an unincorporated area of the US.

Some of their main locations include Los Angeles, Nashville, and Denver.

What is Different About Jack in the Box?

The main differentiator of Jack in the Box is the variety of its menu – very few chains offer both high-quality burgers AND tacos. Not only that, but their menu is incredibly diverse – with a bunch of different salads, desserts, burgers, and side dishes.

Another big plus about Jack in the Box is their 24/7 service in most of their locations, unlike most other restaurants that remain closed for a large percentage of the day.

On top of that, they offer their entire menu at all times of the day. So, if you’re looking for some of their breakfast items for lunch or evening, you can have them! The same is true for their “Late Night” items.

Is Jack In the Box Spicy?

It can be! They have a wide variety of spicy options for heat lovers, like the Jack’s Spicy Chicken With Cheese, which is a spicy chicken sandwich, and their stuffed jalapeños, which are deep-fried jalapeños filled with cheese that melts on your mouth with a bit of heat to it, or their Spicy Nacho Chicken Sandwich Munchie Meal, whose sandwich comes with spicy chicken, jalapeños, and onion rings.

With that said, the vast majority of their menu is not spicy at all, so if you’re worried about getting burnt, then you don’t have to worry! Because you can easily order non-spicy items.

The menu – this is one of the areas where Jack in the Box shines. They have a wide range of products, from sandwiches to tacos and breakfast meals.

First of all are their burgers – which come in many different varieties, with different fillings and types of bread. Two of their best burgers include their Sourdough Jack which comes with deliciously toasted sourdough bread and bacon, their popular Double Jack burger is an impressive burger that comes with 2 big patties, two cheese slices, and a bunch of vegetables like tomatoes and pickles. They also offer a wide variety of fried chicken sandwiches.

As for their tacos, you can get a traditional taco with American cheese, lettuce, sauce, and meat that is a mix of chicken and beef. Alternatively, you could go for one of their wilder options – the Tiny Tacos, which is a box filled with 15 small tacos that come with their creamy avocado lime sauce. The perfect finger food!

And if that’s not enough for you, you can always choose the Loaded Tiny Tacos, which comes with a bunch of cheese sauce, lettuce, and taco sauce on top of the tacos.

Besides their chief items (tacos and burgers), they also offer salads, a chicken teriyaki bowl, chicken nuggets, and chicken strips, french fries, egg rolls hash browns, mini pancakes, milkshakes, mini churros, and a bunch of other dishes.

How Do I Order Food at Jack in the Box?

You can use one of their drive-thru locations, or you can use their mobile app or delivery apps to get your Jack in the Box order. Through their app, you can either get your order delivered to you, or you can choose to pick it up at one of their locations.

One extra tip is to always install their app since it often has special discounts and offers available that you can make use of!

Does Jack in the Box Cater to Vegetarians?

Only partially. Most of their items are meat-based, but they do have some vegetarian meals, like their side salad, fries, onion rings, pancakes, hash browns, and desserts. They do not currently have any burgers or tacos that are vegetarian.

No. But they do have many items that are good for kids, like their mini pancakes and mini tacos that can be shared amongst many people and are easily consumed by children.

They also have a line of burgers named “Jr.”, but do not be confused, these are not designed for kids and are adult-sized meals.

What Are Jack in the Box’s Opening Hours?

Most Jack in the Box locations is open around the clock 24/7 every day of the week.

However, not all locations are the same with some restaurants not being up 24/7. Those locations generally open early in the morning at 6 am and close down at 10 pm, but make sure to check in on your local Jack in the Box for their specific hours.

Is Jack in the Box Healthy?

Most of their meals are not healthy – they’re calorie dense, fat-rich, full of salt and sugar, and often contain unhealthy ingredients or cooking methods like deep-frying.

However, Jack in the Box boasts a highly diverse menu and some of their items are much healthier, like their chicken club salad, their jumbo egg rolls that come packed with a bunch of different vegetables, or their teriyaki chicken bowl that comes with broccoli, rice, and lean chicken pieces.

Can I Cook Jack in the Box at Home?

Jack in the Box doesn’t offer any products for home use, though you can try to replicate some of their meals, and you can reheat some of their meals.

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