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Jack In The Box menu prices featuring 134 items ranging from $0.25 to $8.00

Jack in the Box is a fast food restaurant chain that primarily serves sandwiches and tacos.

Jack In The Box menu prices featuring 134 items ranging from $0.25 to $8.00

I love how versatile Jack In The Box is. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they've got me covered for any meal of the day.

When I dig a bit further, I found out that Jack in the Box has quite an interesting origin story. Did you know it was founded in 1951 in sunny San Diego by American businessman Robert O. Peterson? And get this - it all started as a simple drive-through hamburger joint. They also emerged as pioneers in drive-through chains by being among the first to use an intercom! Talk about an innovator.

The eatery's name and branding is quite noteworthy. Paying homage to the childhood toy, the jack-in-the-box, their brand identity and advertisement campaigns frequently make use of the theme. It gives the place kind of nostalgic retro hint, don't you think?

Trust me, it's a fun brand to explore. Check more about them on their official website.

Where Can You Find Jack in the Box?

Though Jack in the Box is widespread only in the US, the brand has carved quite a niche for itself across 21 states. With more than 2,200 locations mainly concentrated on the West Coast, even the unincorporated U.S territory of Guam has a Jack in the Box! You can indulge in their delicacies in prime locations like Los Angeles, Nashville, Denver too.

What Sets Jack in the Box Apart?

What sets Jack in the Box apart for me is their fascinating menu. Picture this - a place where you can enjoy a mouthwatering burger and a crunchy taco under the same roof. The incredible diversity of salads, desserts, burgers, and side dishes does spoil you for choice. Plus, they are open 24/7 in most of their locations, unlike many other places. Hungry for breakfast at noon? Craving some Late-Night munchies in the afternoon? Jack in the Box has got you covered!

How Spicy is Jack In the Box?

If you're a fan of fiery taste, you will love options like Jack’s Spicy Chicken with Cheese and the Stuffed Jalapeños deep-fried and filled with creamy cheese. Warn you, their Spicy Nacho Chicken Sandwich Munchie Meal does pack a punch! But don't worry, if spicy isn't your thing, they have plenty of milder, satisfying options too.

The menu is where Jack in the Box shines. From sandwiches to tacos and breakfast meals, their product range is incredibly wide. For instance, their popular Double Jack burger is an impressive two-patty delight stacked with cheese and crisp veggies. Their Tiny Tacos filled with 15 small tacos served with creamy avocado lime sauce- it's just the perfect finger food!

Plus, the Loaded Tiny Tacos, loaded with cheese sauce, lettuce, and taco sauce on top of the tacos... oh, heaven! From salads to chicken teriyaki bowl, chicken nuggets, and the sweet mini churros, everything just wows you.

How to Order Food from Jack in the Box?

Now, making your order is a breeze. Through their mobile app or delivery apps, you can either get your order delivered straight to your doorstep or choose pick-up from one of their locations. Pro tip: Keep their app installed as they frequently offer discounts!

Can Vegetarians Dine at Jack in the Box?

Admittedly, their options are meat-centric, but they do dish out some appetizing vegetarian options like side salads, fries, pancakes, hash browns, and irresistible desserts. Just note, they currently lack options for vegetarian burgers or tacos.

Does Jack in the Box Cater to Kids?

I wouldn't say they have a specific kids menu, but they have a fair bit of items that you can easily share with kids. The mini pancakes and tacos are easy to munch. Their Jr. burger line may seem like kid's size, but no... trust me, they are adult-sized servings!

Jack in the Box Operating Hours

Another thing I loved about them is their round-the-clock service (24/7). Most locations follow this pattern, but there are some which are open from the wee hours of 6 am to the late evening at 10 pm. You might want to check their specific hours on their website or call to make sure.

Is Jack in the Box Healthy?

Well, let's say many of their meals may not qualify as health food 101. But, they have carved out some healthier alternatives in their menu like their chicken club salad, jumbo egg rolls packed with a variety of veggies, or their teriyaki chicken bowl that serves up a hearty serving of broccoli, rice, and lean chicken pieces.

Can You Cook Jack in the Box at Home?

No, Jack in the Box doesn't offer any products for home use. However, if you want that Jack in the Box taste at home, why not try recreating their meals? It would be a fun culinary experiment, wouldn't it? And yes, reheating some of their meals is definitely a possibility.

My Jack In The Box Experience: Pros & Cons


  • Diverse menu with items for all meals of the day
  • Option to have breakfast foods or their late-night items at any time
  • Many locations open 24/7
  • Easy to order with their mobile application, plus frequent discounts
  • Pioneer in using intercom in drive-through dining


  • Limited vegetarian options
  • No specific children's menu, but kid-friendly options are available
  • The meals tend to be high in calories, salt, and sugar
  • Jack in the Box does not offer products specifically designed for home use
  • Outlets are predominantly on the West Coast, limiting its reach

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