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Jersey Mikes Subs menu prices featuring 107 items ranging from $0.65 to $14.45

Jersey Mikes Subs is a popular chain of sub-stores, which has grown to have over 2,300 stores. The company serves its subs ready to order, slicing meats and cheeses in front of the customers as and when it is needed.

Jersey Mikes Subs menu prices featuring 107 items ranging from $0.65 to $14.45

I recently made a trip down to Jersey Mike's Subs, one pretty compelling establishment that has a unique history. It was started by a dude named Peter Cancro, would you believe it? He was only 17 back in 1975, when he opened the first-ever Jersey Mike's Subs in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. But where on earth did the name Mike come from? That's a fun little story. When Peter was just 14 years old, he worked at a submarine sandwich shop called Mike’s Submarines in the same town. When he was 17, he bought out the joint when it came up for sale.

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The Story Behind The Jersey Mike's Locations

Jersey Mike's Subs, as Peter would have it, has grown into a chain of over 2,300 stores, the majority of them, of course, scattered across the U.S. So, wherever you are in the U.S, except, apparently, Alaska, you can expect to find a Jersey Mike's nearby. If you're in California, well, you're in the state with the most Jersey Mike's (333 stores to be exact). They're also quite popular in Florida (190 stores) and Texas (182 stores).

And of course, there are also stores outside the U.S., Oh Canada comes to mind, specifically Ontario, and there are even a few down south in Guadalajara, Mexico. To find your local Jersey Mike's Subs, utilize their website's helpful store finder.

Mike's Way or The Highway

When you walk into a Jersey Mike's Subs and order a cold sub, prepare to experience it “Mike's Way”. That means your sub will be layered with all the goodness of onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and a liberal sprinkling of herbs and spices. The “juice” – a delicious blend of red wine vinegar and olive oil—completes the mix.

Portions To Fulfill Any Hunger

You'll get any sub from the Jersey Mike's menu in three different sizes:

  • Mini: It's just 5 inches. Excellent for a solo lunch.
  • Regular: At 7 inches, it's perfect for a quick lunch date.
  • Giant: Stretching 14-15 inches, this monster can feed up to 4 people. Or one very hungry person.

If you've got an event, the company also offers Individual Lunch Boxes, with the option of a regular or mini sub.

Is That Real Meat I Taste?

Indeed it is! Jersey Mike's prides itself on using high-quality ingredients, and their beef is USDA Choice Top Rounds - a sure sign of top-notch quality. And they roast it right there in the stores nationwide. When you start placing your order, you'll see employees slicing your meat and cheese fresh off the block, right in front of your eyes. Who needs reality TV when this is so much better?

Freshly Baked In-House Bread

They totally understand that the bread is the make-or-break part of a great sub. More than merely packed slices of meat and cheese, the bread is the foundation of a fantastic sub experience. That's why Jersey Mike's bakes their own bread in-store every single day!

Home Delivery Anyone?

Absolutely! If you want the deliciousness of Jersey Mike's Subs, but too lazy (or busy) to leave your home, fret not! Many branches offer home delivery. Just a quick check with your local store is needed to find out your options. Or you can order directly from the company, or use third-party apps and websites.

Jain’s and Veggie Lovers Are Welcome

While they're known for meat-filled subs, there are also several vegetarian-friendly options on the Jersey Mike's menu. You can order a Portabella Mushroom & Swiss cheese sub, stuffed full of mushrooms, peppers, onions, and a delightful helping of Swiss cheese. There’s also The Veggie sub, which is a bomb of cheese, peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Spice Things Up

Want a sub with a punch? Jersey Mike's Subs got you covered. Their Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak sub is guaranteed to get those taste buds tingling, thanks to the Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Jalapeños also make an exciting feature in several subs, the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak sub isn’t shy about delivering on some spicy notes either. For my friends with milder taste preferences—fear not! There's still a wide array of options for you on the Jersey Mike's menu.

Kid-Friendly Options

Yup, they've got those too! The kid's menu ensures the taste preferences of the little ones are not left out. The children's menu features the Turkey & Cheese, and Ham & Cheese subs. Both kid-friendly subs come with a drink and a cookie. They're also made smaller for kid-friendly consumption.

Operating Hours and Healthy Food Choices

Most Jersey Mike's Subs restaurants are open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, but don't take my word for it, check out your local store's opening hours on their website. Worried about the nutritional implications of chowing down on a sub? Fear not! Jersey Mike's enables you to make any sub a salad, by swapping the bread for a bowl, instantly reducing the calorie count. If you’re keen to go the sub route still, go for Mike's Chicken Philly or BBQ Beef, as these two have the lowest calorie count (670 calories each). Head on over to their website or your local store for more nutritional info.

Feeding A Crowd?

Jersey Mike's Subs has got you covered with their catering service. You can order signature subs by the box, bag, or personal boxed lunches. And to sweeten the deal, they offer catering desserts too.

Skip The Queues, Order Online!

You sure can! Ordering online from the Jersey Mike's Subs menu can save you time, and your order is ready for your arrival, freshly cooked and ready to go.

The Pros

  • I was thrilled by the freshness of their in-house baked bread.
  • The transparency of preparing the subs right in front of me won my trust in their quality.
  • Option to customize my meal, even making it a salad and ditching the bread, was a welcome surprise for a health nut like me.
  • The convenience of home delivery, online ordering, and catering options only made the whole experience easier and better.
  • Availability of sizes to match different appetite demands came in handy, especially the Mini for when I was watching my calorie intake.

The Cons

  • Although I had options to go for a healthier meal, I found that some items on the menu were quite high in fats, calories, and sodium level.
  • They could do with a few more vegetarian options, as vegetarian friends didn't find it quite as enjoyable.
  • There was no Jersey Mike's in Alaska, which could be quite a letdown for anyone up there craving a good sub.

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Jersey Mikes Subs is a popular chain of sub-stores, which has grown to have over 2,300 stores. The company serves its subs ready to order, slicing meats and cheeses in front of the customers as and when it is needed.

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