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China One menu prices featuring 99 items ranging from $1.00 to $11.95

China One is a popular chain of Chinese restaurants in Los Vegas. The company has a huge menu and offers excellent value. The warm hospitality provided in each China One restaurant keeps its customers coming back time and time again. But, if you would rather stay at home, China One also have you covered with their takeout and delivery service.

China One menu prices featuring 99 items ranging from $1.00 to $11.95

I want to tell you about my recent experience at China One, a restaurant that's open for lunch and dinner and specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine. This place truly prides itself in serving dishes made from high-quality and fresh ingredients, which became evidently clear to me on my visit.

In 2008, China One first opened its doors and has retained its local ownership to this day. One thing that charmed me particularly, is the fact that they cook every dish to order- there's nothing pre-prepared or mass-cooked. The notion of my meal being hand-prepared and served piping hot added a special touch to the whole experience.

A quick recommendation would be their website, so why not check it out right here

Where did I find China One fleshed out in Las Vegas valley?

Apparently, China One operates from seven spots, all of which are scattered through the Las Vegas valley. Eager to sample their tangible delights, I ordered from their menu at the following locations:

  • North Durango (where the shrimp dumplings were to die for!)
  • South Rainbow (had an unforgettable noodle soup here)
  • East Tropicana (the crispy sweet and sour pork? A winner.)
  • South Durango
  • West Craig
  • North Rampart
  • Rainbow Eight

So, what's cooking in China One's kitchen?

The range of dishes that China One offers is seriously impressive, catering from meat lovers to veggie enthusiasts alike.

To begin with, they serve a wonderful assortment of appetizers. The Crab Rangoon was an absolute crowd-pleaser. And yes, I did try a bite or two. If you're like me, indecisive when faced with a sea of attractive options, the Combo Platter is a life-saver. It wraps up all the star appetizers in one plate. Easy-peasy!

China One’s special menu is nothing short of extravagant either. It includes 10 headlining dishes, with options like Honey Walnut Shrimp and Seafood Delight as particular favorites. As expected, all served with a side of flawlessly steamed rice.

Is China One kids-friendly?

Try as I did, I couldn't find a specific children’s menu listed anywhere. But that's not to say China One is not child-friendly. Far from it! Dishes like their soft noodle chow mein, with its appealing flavors and textures, is a hot favorite among the kiddie crowd. Plus, those chopsticks do double duty as entertainment for the little ones too!

China One's Family Dinners

Can't take the heat of decision-making? No worries! China One's family dinners are designed to meet your party's needs, serving between 2 to 4 people. Yes, the menu is set, but you still get to decide on key elements like choosing between Corn Egg Drop Soup or Wonton Soup. Plus, it's cost-effective than ordering individual dishes. You win all round!

What hours is China One operational?

China One is typically open between 11am - 9:30pm during the week, with slightly longer hours on Friday and Saturday, where they shut shop at 10pm. They serve seven days a week, which is great if you’re hit with a sudden craving for Kung Pao chicken on a Sunday evening, like I often am!

Be mindful though, as the opening times can vary between the different China One restaurant locations. Do check out their website or call them up for the accurate timings.

Does China One offer delivery?

Yes, they do! You can actually enjoy the China One menu right from the comfort of your own home. Opt for a direct order from the company or go via a third party, the choice is yours. Just remember to check with your nearest China One outlet for the delivery options they offer.

Can China One spice up your meal?

If it's a spicy kick you're after, then you won't be disappointed with China One. Items with a fiery punch are marked clearly on the menu with a small chilli icon. Among the hot options on offer, some favorites are - Spicy Chicken Wings, Ma Pu Tofu with Pork, Kung Pao Chicken and Shrimp in Hot Garlic Sauce.

But rest assured, if your taste buds lean towards the milder side, there's an ocean of non-spicy choices waiting for you as well.

Is the fare at China One healthy?

Who said all Chinese food has to be unhealthy? China One turns this stereotype on its head with choices like Teriyaki Chicken which is grilled and served over steamed vegetables. Or the Assorted Broiled Vegetable dish, teeming with different veggies. Even if you do slip up and order an indulgent dish, the fresh ingredients make it a worthy cheat meal!

Does China One accept reservations?

While reservations are not accepted at China One, I found that there was plenty of seating available at each of their locations. However, it might be a safe bet to check beforehand if you're planning to swing by with a larger party.

Any promotions running at China One?

Leaning towards the affordable end of pricing, China One also offers additional lunch deals for all the budget-watchers out there. Starting from just $6.46, each of their Lunch Specials come loaded with plain chow mein, fried or steamed rice and egg drop soup. What a deal!


  • Vast menu with multiple options
  • Quality and fresh ingredients used
  • Family dinners offer group serving options and are cost-effective
  • Delicious and diverse range of dishes
  • Convenient opening hours
  • Great value for money
  • Child-friendly meals
  • Pretty great Lunch Specials


  • No specific children's menu
  • No reservations accepted
  • Varying opening hours between different restaurant locations could be confusing
  • Could potentially expand healthy menu options

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