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Panda Express menu prices featuring 146 items ranging from $0.75 to $20.00

Panda Express is a fast food chain restaurant and a world leader in Asian dining experiences. It was founded in 1983 in California, United States. Currently, the company has over 2200 locations mainly located in North America and Asia. Panda Express offers healthy choices that will delight your taste buds.

Panda Express menu prices featuring 146 items ranging from $0.75 to $20.00

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner serving the original orange chicken, eggplant tofu, and more.

The chain restaurant is known for its mouthwatering orange chicken. It’s deceptively simple but marries American ingredients and Chinese regional flavors. Plus, it’s inspired by chenpi niurou (an appetizer), in which slices of chicken are marinated and cooked with dry chilies. The orange chicken brings an element of sweet and citrus notes.

Which Countries have a Panda Express Restaurant?

Panda Express can be found in the US - it’s one of the most popular American Chinese food restaurants. The chain restaurant also operates in Mexico, Japan, Guatemala, Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, Japan, and El Salvador.

In the Middle East, there are Panda Express restaurants in the United Arabs Emirates. In North America, you’ll find Panda Express restaurants throughout Canada.

What is Different About Panda Express?

Beyond the original orange chicken, Panda Express excels in many areas. Their food is founded on the following principles:

  • The master chefs cook in small batches using woks on an open flame. This is the pinnacle of flavor and aroma.
  • The vegetables are expertly prepared for a satisfying crunch.
  • The foods are low in sodium and sugars
  • The Panda's tea bar is brewed from freshly squeezed juices and whole leaves.

Is Panda Express Chicken Spicy?

Yes. The orange chicken has a hint of spice, thanks to red pepper flakes and ginger. There’s just enough to put your taste buds to the test. This is one of the healthy entrees on the menu.

Panda Express offers a range of starters, including honey sesame chicken, orange chicken, Angus steak, and string bean chicken breast. The sides include chow Mein, mixed vegetables, fried rice, white rice, and brown steamed rice.

Panda Express appetizers include chicken egg roll, cream cheese Rangoon, chicken potsticker, crispy shrimp, and veggie spring roll. If you want to enjoy desserts, you can try their fortune cookies. The chain restaurant offers drinks like diet coke, Coca-Cola, Fanta orange, sprite, and tea bottled beverages.

How do I Order Food at Panda Express?

If you’re eating at Panda Express, you can go for over-the-counter orders and table service. For online orders, you simply enter the zip code and locate the stores. You’ll get a list of restaurants with the closest information you entered in the search box.

Does Panda Express Cater to Vegetarians?

Panda Express added plant-based dishes that can cater to the growing demand of vegetarians. But of all vegetarian options, the eggplant tofu is definitely on the top tier. In addition, the veggie spring rolls and cream cheese Rangoon’s are vegetarian-friendly. For a more nutrient-dense side, you can opt for the super greens – kale, cabbage, and broccoli. Its marinades suit the needs of vegetarians.

Does Panda Express have Vegan Food Options?

Panda Express offers several vegan options including super greens, eggplant tofu, delicious sides, and vegetable chow-Mein. The spring rolls also suit the needs of vegans. However, there’s a risk of contamination that occurs by using the same equipment.

Panda Express offers balanced and flavorful choices to cater to the needs of the little ones. Their three cub meals feature fruits and vegetables that kids have grown to love. Each junior entrée meal offers more than 600 calories. It’s thoughtfully assembled to ensure your kids get all the nutrition they need.

Given that kids’ food has been a conversation in the food industry, this restaurant gives customers what they have been craving for.

What are Panda Express Opening Hours?

Before you visit Panda Express, you should know their opening hours. Most locations open at 10.30 am and close at 9.30 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, the opening hours remain the same but the closing hours change to 10.30 pm. You may want to check the exact hours at your local Panda Express restaurant.

Does Panda Express Offer Delivery?

The American Chinese restaurant offers free deliveries for orders above $10. For the last few months, Panda Express has been offering meals at a great value to delight customers online. To place an order, select a location and add the items you’d like to purchase.

To check if Panda Express delivers in your area, you should enter the delivery address. Check whether there’s Uber Eats that makes deliveries. You can also customize your order on the items you want to order. Be sure to check the options in your area.

Is Panda Express Healthy?

Panda Express offers healthy food choices. One of the healthiest dishes is mushroom chicken. It’s made from chicken, zucchini, and mushrooms tossed in ginger-soy sauce. In terms of nutrition profile, this dish gives 170 calories, 750 mg sodium, 9g fat, 12g protein, and 11g carbohydrate. For the sides, you can go for mixed veggies. They provide 80 calories, 16g carbohydrates, 540mg sodium, and 0.5g fat.

For nutritional information on what your local restaurant offers, you can refer to the Panda Express website.

Is Panda Express Halal?

The orange chicken on the menu is halal. Surprisingly, they don’t have a pork item. If you’re unsure whether Panda Express is halal, you can ask your local store.

Can I Cook Panda Express at Home?

Yes. Panda Express offers different types of food you can prepare at home. One easy recipe is the orange chicken. You need ingredients like skinless chicken breasts, cornstarch, vegetable oil, sesame seeds, and onions. For the marinade, you need soy sauce, garlic, orange juice, garlic cloves, and white pepper.

To cook the orange chicken, heat some vegetable oil in a large saucepan and cook until it turns golden brown. Transfer on a towel-lined plate to discard the excess oil. Serve while still hot.

You can also cook the Panda Express Chow Mein. Simply take the long strands of noodles, and combine them with celery, shredded cabbage, and onion. It’s not only hearty and delicious but a complete meal on its own.

If you want to add some spice to your dinner, you can try the sweet fire chicken. The crispy chicken is drenched in a spicy glaze. Of course, the combination of red pepper flakes, chili sauce, and pineapple chunks makes the meal ridiculously tasty.

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