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Penn Station menu prices featuring 75 items ranging from $1.19 to $12.69

Penn Station's origin can be traced back way back in 1983 when Jeff Osterfeld, an owner of "Jeffreys Delicatessen" developed an ownership mentality. His experience in handling the store with an emphasis on excellent product quality, responsive customer service, and efficient sales inspired the start of Penn Station. When Jeff was on a trip to Philadelphia, he was amazed at how many people craved the cheesesteak sandwich. This trip prompted Jeff to add a variation of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwich to his deli menu.

Penn Station menu prices featuring 75 items ranging from $1.19 to $12.69

I still remember the day I visited the original Penn Station in Cincinnati downtown. Jeff's innovative ideas had led him to open his first restaurant back in 1985, and it had a simple menu – just four kinds of sandwiches with some fresh-cut fries and drinks on the side. And the best part? The new cheesesteak sandwich that had taken Jeff's previous deli by storm. Today, there are over 310 Penn Station restaurants spread across more than 15 states, all modeled after that very first one that I was lucky enough to visit.

In my eyes, what makes Penn Station stand out is their freshly prepared grilled submarine sandwiches. You can literally watch as they put together your sandwich with tender meats, fresh veggies and gooey cheeses. Can't get any fresher than that!

Right after Jeff Osterfeld graduated from Miami University in Oxford, he had this idea. An East Coast sub sandwich joint that had all the bells and whistles of an authentic Philly cheesesteak joint. He opened "Jeffrey's Delicatessen" at the Dayton Mall in Ohio, and there he made a Philly cheesesteak that customers couldn't get enough of. That cheesesteak influenced his next venture – Penn Station.

The Penn Station menu that I had was a treat with a variety of submarine sandwiches. But the hearth-baked bread they use really sets the flavour to a different level. It's baked right on the floor of a wood-fired oven which gives it a unique and mouth-watering taste and texture. Definitely a must-try, especially when topped with some USDA steak.

Scrolling through the Penn Station menu, I noticed an impressive list of cold deli classics such as cheesesteak, club, and classic Italian. All of them were freshly made right before my eyes, using top-notch ingredients. Plus, there's always a monthly special going on, along with some sweet deals!

Before heading out, you can browse through their official website to know more about their subs, specials, and events.

Ready to Serve Your Events!

Planning an event soon? Penn Station has you covered with their exceptional catering services. The party sub trays come loaded with 16 specially made party-sized deli subs – definitely a feasible choice for that hungry crowd. Not to mention, the boxed lunches offer their tastiest cold delis with a chocolate chunk cookie bite and chips packed neatly, which can be a hit at your gatherings or given out as takeaways.

Big on Community Support

Penn Station truly believes in giving back to the community. The corporation stands firmly behind the national down syndrome adoption network to ensure that these wonderful children grow up in loving families. They have tirelessly funded this charity since 2014 and with the love and support of their customers, managed to raise over $600,000. Other initiatives include student-athlete programs, random acts of kindness, and fundraiser days.

Light, Yet Tasty Options

A little heavy on guilt, you say? They got you covered there too! I had the artichoke and veggie sandwich and believe me; it was pure heaven. There are loads of other light options to choose from including wraps, salads, and a variety of yummy drinks. An added goody? You can make the veggie sandwich just the way you like it!

Amazing Extras Like None Other!

Don’t miss out on the side dishes that Penn Station has to offer. The fresh-cut Idaho fries fried in cholesterol-free peanut oil are definitely a must-try. You can also opt for their cheese bread, chocolate chunk cookies, and potato chips; they will lift your sandwich experience to a whole new level.

My Experience


  • Extensive menu with the finest ingredients
  • Open cooking, you can see your sandwich being prepared
  • Catering services for events
  • Efforts in community services


  • Seating area can get crowded at times
  • Limited low-sodium options for health-conscious customers

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