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Penn Station menu prices featuring 75 items ranging from $1.19 to $12.69

Penn Station's origin can be traced back way back in 1983 when Jeff Osterfeld, an owner of "Jeffreys Delicatessen" developed an ownership mentality. His experience in handling the store with an emphasis on excellent product quality, responsive customer service, and efficient sales inspired the start of Penn Station. When Jeff was on a trip to Philadelphia, he was amazed at how many people craved the cheesesteak sandwich. This trip prompted Jeff to add a variation of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwich to his deli menu.

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Penn Station menu prices featuring 75 items ranging from $1.19 to $12.69

The cheesesteak sandwich on Jeff's deli menu became an instant hit and became a best-selling item in his delicatessen. He took his innovative ideas and opened his first Penn Station restaurant in downtown Cincinnati. The first Penn Station restaurant opened in 1985 with four sandwiches on its menu and fresh-cut fries and drinks as sides. Jeff's successful concept has spawned over 310 restaurants in over 15 states.

Penn Station offers mouth-watering grilled submarine sandwiches freshly prepared in full view of the customer with the finest choice of meats, vegetables, and cheeses.

Just after Jeff Osterfeld graduated college at Miami University in Oxford, he had an idea for an East Coast sub sandwich restaurant concept. Jeff opened his first delicatessen named "Jeffrey's Delicatessen" at the Dayton Mall in Ohio. He added a Philly cheesesteak item to his menu and the rest was history. It became a favourite among his customers which prompted him to start his new venture, the "Penn Station" restaurant.

The Penn Station menu boasts some of the most amazing submarine sandwiches and continues to provide high-quality menu items to its customers. They use hearth-baked bread for their sandwiches which makes the sandwiches extra tasty. Hearth-baked bread involves placing the dough on the floor of a wood-fired oven. The unique characteristic of hearth-baked bread gives it a distinct taste and texture that many people have been enjoying for many years. The hearth-baked bread combined with USDA steak is a must-try when you visit Penn Station restaurant.

It's all about good taste in the Penn Station menu. Enjoy cold deli classics such as cheesesteak, club, ham and swiss, turkey avocado, ham and swiss, classic Italian, Dagwood, and BLT. You can't go wrong ordering one of their sub sandwiches! These are freshly made in front of customers and only the finest ingredients are included in the sandwiches. Every Penn Station restaurant has a monthly special and offers promos and discounts on a regular basis.

To learn more about Penn Station sub sandwiches you can go to their official website.

Does Penn Station Offer Catering Services?

Yes! Penn Station subs are always ready for your next event. Get ready to have an awesome time at your next meeting, party, or special occasion. The catering menu has party sub trays, fresh-baked cookies, box lunches, drinks, and chips.

What Are Party Sub Trays?

Serve the best sub sandwiches at your next party with the Pen Station party sub trays. The party sub trays are a crowd-pleaser because it is packed with 16 specially-made party-sized deli subs. It is a convenient choice when you will feed a lot of hungry people at your event or party.

What Are Penn Station Box Lunches?

The box lunch is a great way to enjoy the Penn Station sub sandwich experience. This meal has the popular cold deli with chocolate chunk cookie bite and chips packed in a handy box. It is a handy choice to serve in parties or take away.

What Items are in The Cold Deli Classics?

The cold deli classics are the best-selling items in Penn Station. The Club sandwich can be cold, grilled, wrapped or salad. It has smoked ham, oven-roasted turkey breast, swiss cheese, thick-cut smoked bacon, Roma tomatoes, mayo, and mustard. The Turkey and Provolone sandwich is also a must-try! Enjoy these sandwiches with available sauces such as spicy brown mustard, mayo, honey mustard, and "East Coast Style".

What Communities Do Penn Station East Coast Subs Support?

Penn Station supports a lot of communities and organizations. The company supports the national down syndrome adoption network and strives to help children with down syndrome grow up in a loving families. Penn Station has been funding the national down syndrome adoption network since 2014. The company continues its awareness campaigns and funds for these children. Penn Station and its customers have donated over $600,00 and currently give organization funds to provide education, resources, camps, and support. Penn Station also supports various communities and fundraisings such as student-athlete programs, random acts of kindness, and fundraiser days.

Are There Lighter Options in Penn Station Restaurant?

Absolutely! Penn Station has lighter options such as artichoke and veggie sandwiches. The Artichoke sandwich consists of fresh artichoke hearts, parmesan, provolone, oregano, and mayo. Another light option is the veggie sandwich which can be served grilled, cold, wrap or salad. The veggie sandwich offers a create-your-own option with your choice of cheese, toppings, and condiments without the meat. You can add teriyaki sauce to make your veggie sandwich sweet and savoury.

What are Penn Station's Offerings Besides Sub Sandwiches?

Penn Station offers delicious wraps and salads. Chicken Caesar is a popular healthy choice for customers. It has grilled chicken, zesty Caesar, salt and pepper, lettuce, and parmesan. There are also other available choices such as Chicken Teriyaki, Classic Italian, Turkey Avocado, Cheesesteak, Dagwood, Club, and Turkey Bacon Ranch.

What Drinks are available in Penn Station?

Enjoy the freshly brewed Luzianne iced tea in Penn Station. It's the perfect companion for your sub sandwich. The freshly squeezed lemonade is also a favourite among loyal customers. Fountain drinks are also available at each restaurant. Please take note that the selection of fountain drinks varies by location.

What Extras Can I Order in Penn Station?

Every sub sandwich deserves a side or extra. Penn Station has one of the best hand-cut Idaho fries in the country. It is flash-fried in oil and deep-fried in healthy cholesterol-free peanut oil. Other extras are available such as cheese bread, chocolate chunk cookie, and potato chips.

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