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Portillos menu prices featuring 103 items ranging from $0.00 to $11.19

Portillo’s is an American fast casual restaurant that focuses on hot dogs, burgers and other types of sandwiches with a focus on Chicago-style recipes. Their most famous item is their Chicago-style hot dog.

Portillos menu prices featuring 103 items ranging from $0.00 to $11.19
I had the pleasure of visiting Portillo's for both lunch and dinner. If the timing's right, you can even snag some of their incredible Chicago-style food as early as late morning. Not the typical breakfast cuisine, I must admit. But hey, who can resist a good hot dog?
In 1963, Portillo's was born, thanks to the efforts of founder Dick Portillo. Interestingly, he established this suburban gem in Villa Park, Illinois. Drawing from his personal savings, with a generous investment boost from his brother Frank, Dick bought a 12-foot trailer which they affectionately named "The Dog House". The name transitioned from "The Dog House" to "Portillo's" in 1967. This shift corresponded with an upgrade from their 12-foot trailer to a larger setup. I find this particularly remarkable. To think a small trailer operation snowballed into their first drive-thru in 1983. The tale behind Portillo's, of course, doesn't stop here. To fill in the gaps and explore their journey further, I recommend checking out their website [here]( or their 'Our Story page' [here](

Which Countries Have a Portillo's Restaurant?

At present, Portillo's remains a U.S. treat. Boasting over 70 locations, you'll find most of their restaurants in the Chicago area. However, they have spread the love to states like California, Arizona, and Florida. Interestingly enough, at one point, they even had outlets in Japan during the 80s and 90s. Sadly, they have since closed down.

What is Different About Portillo's?

Portillo's clearly stands out with its authentic Chicago-style food tradition. Over six decades of delivering such fabulous food has solidified its position as a city icon. I can confidently say, after my own experience, that you haven't experienced Chicago properly without a visit to Portillo's. Their unique "Portillo's Birthday Club" subscription was an unexpected surprise. This gave me a free chocolate cake on my birthday. Who says no to free cake, right?

Is Portillo's Spicy?

Typically, Portillo's food elements are not spicy, but they do present options for those craving heat. For example, their Classic Beef Bowl offers a choice between sweet and hot peppers. You can also kick up the heat with items like the Italian Beef & Sausage Combo or the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. From Hot Dogs and Sandwiches to Pastas, Burgers, Salads, and Shakes, Portillo's offers a diverse menu. Their hot dog options branching out from the famous Chicago-Style Hot Dogs to include items such as the Char-Grilled Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, the Jumbo Hot Dog, and the Chili Cheese Dog. Their sandwiches shine with their proprietary Turano French Bread alongside fillings that range from straight-up beef or sausage, to the more adventurous Italian Beef & Sausage Combo. The Beef-n-Cheddar Croissant was a delightful surprise and a must-try! The lineup carries on with traditional hamburgers and cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, and even deep-fried whitefish sandwich. Plus, the pasta options like Fettucine Alfredo and Spaghetti were utterly comforting. Their sides did not disappoint either, with cheese fries, onion rings, garlic bread, tamales, and more. Lastly, do not skip dessert! Their special Chocolate Éclair Cake was divine.

How Do I Order Food at Portillo's?

As for ordering, you can walk straight into one of their locations or use their drive-thru. They also have online ordering available through their website or app.

Does Portillo's Cater to Vegetarians?

Yes, although options are a bit limited. But hey, the Plant-based Garden Dog is a start! Outside of sandwiches, their meat-free pasta and sides like Garden Side Salad are veg-friendly. While Portillo's doesn't have a traditional kids' menu, it's unquestionably kid-friendly. Hot dogs, fries, and milkshakes are universal crowd-pleasers when it comes to kids.

What Are the Opening Hours of Portillo's?

Bucket lists ready? Portillo's is open seven days a week, typically from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm, with some slight variations based on the location. Some spots also stay open until 11 pm on weekends, and certain drive-throughs run even past midnight.

Is Portillo's Healthy?

Portillo's may not be winner on the 'super healthy foods' list, mostly due to the generous calorie counts in several of their menu items. That said, they also offer healthier options like Greek Salad and Chicken Noodle Soup.

Can I Cook Portillo's at Home?

Absolutely! In fact, the Portillo's Shop and their Take and Make catering service have everything you need to recreate the magic of their meals at home. I have my eye on the Italian Beef - 20 Sandwiches package and the Chocolate Cake package for my next family gathering. In the bootstrap 5 card, with the 'card-body' class:
  • Rich in Chicago-style tradition
  • Extensive and diverse menu
  • Vegan options available
  • Kid-friendly
  • Open late
  • Option to cook at home with their 'Take and Make' service
  • Limited vegetarian options
  • No children's menu
  • Not all locations have the same menu items available

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