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Potbelly menu prices featuring 120 items ranging from $1.00 to $39.90

Potbelly was founded in 1977 when the first store opened in Chicago by Peter Hastings and his wife. It wasn’t until Bryan Keil purchased Potbelly in 1996 that the company started expanding into new stores and new states. When Hasting bought Potbelly it has just one store, today the company has nearly 500 stores across the United States.

Potbelly menu prices featuring 120 items ranging from $1.00 to $39.90

You might be wondering how Potbelly got its name. Well, let me enlighten you - it's a cute nod to the traditional potbelly stoves that were used in the original kitchens. Today, Potbelly has become a favorite amongst folks across the United States, all thanks to their mouth-watering and fresh subs.

If you’re as intrigued by Potbelly as I am, I recommend checking out their official website here for more dope about them.

Where did I locate Potbelly?

Now, if you're wondering where you can find a Potbelly outlet, they're scattered across many states in the USA. Let me list them down for you:

  • Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado
  • Florida, Illinois, Indiana
  • Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky
  • Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan
  • Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri
  • Nebraska, Nevada, New York
  • North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio
  • Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas
  • Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

Use the store finder feature on their website to track the nearest Potbelly shop around you.

How big were the subs?

The beauty of Potbelly is that you can get the subs in two sizes: 6-inch or 9-inch subs. Plus, you get to choose from a variety of bread types for your subs!

Are there other exciting options?

Absolutely. Although Potbelly is best known for its range of subs, they do have a few tricks up their sleeve. Fresh, made-to-order salads, soul-warming soups, and heartwarming chili! Oh and they also serve some lip-smacking sweet treats like cookies and smoothies. You can also grab a range of beverages.

Do they offer delivery?

You bet they do! Potbelly's delivery service allows you to savor their delicious subs right in the comfort of your home. Just head to their website to see if they offer delivery in your area.

What time are they open?

Typically, Potbelly stores are open from 11am to 9pm, seven days a week. However, these timings may vary between locations. Hence, it's a good idea to check the local timings through their website. And remember, the delivery hours may be different from the store hours.

How about options for vegetarians?

Potbelly has got you covered even if you're vegetarian! They offer tasty sub options like the Veggie Melt sub, grilled cheese, and veggie varieties. They also are open to tailoring their subs to make them veggie-friendly. For instance, the Mediterranean Sub, which normally includes grilled chicken, can be made vegetarian.

Do they have vegan options?

Yes, they do! Your choices might be limited, but there are vegan-friendly subs at Potbelly, like the Mediterranean Sub (sans feta cheese and on regular bread).

Oh, yes! Kids can enjoy smaller, child-friendly portions of their signature subs. The children’s menu also includes popular picks like Turkey & Swiss Combo sub, Ham & Swiss Combo sub, and Mac & Cheese. All kids meals come with a side of applesauce, a drink, and a cookie.

Is Potbelly healthy?

Potbelly does indeed offer some healthy and delicious alternatives. From salads packed with fresh greens and grilled chicken to their ‘skinny’ subs that are all under 400 calories. Yet, mindful eating is advised as some options can be high in fats, calories, and sodium.

Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes, a Potbelly gift card makes an excellent gift for any sub-lover! They are available at any Potbelly store and even at several grocery stores.

Do they provide catering services?

Hosting a party or a business event? Potbelly offers catering services that consist of individual lunch boxes. A minimum order of 6 boxes is required, more details on their website or at your local store.

Do they have any loyalty programs?

There is a loyalty program called Potbelly Perks for all die-hard Potbelly fans! You earn points with every dollar spent and can redeem them for free entrees from their menu. A win-win if you ask me!

During my visit, here are some pros and cons I noticed:


  • Delicious and fresh subs
  • Wide menu selection
  • Convenient delivery service
  • Friendly and hospitable staff


  • Limited vegan options
  • High sodium content in some food items
  • Not all menu items available at all stores
  • Stores can get a bit crowded during peak hours

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