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Ajisen Ramen menu prices featuring 74 items ranging from $1.50 to $16.99

Ramen restaurants have become more and more popular over the years, especially in Japan and other Asian countries. They’re often frequented by hungry customers who enjoy their delicious Japanese cuisine and are always looking to try something new.

Ajisen Ramen menu prices featuring 74 items ranging from $1.50 to $16.99

Stepping into the world of ramen feels like a delightful confluence of culinary styles. You get to savor a fusion of flavors originating from Japan yet incorporating exquisite nuances of assorted Asian and even non-Japanese cuisines like Chinese and Korean. I mean, where else could you find such a tantalizing blend? Question is, where do you go to experience the most authentic and delectable ramen? That’s where Ajisen Ramen comes into the picture.

My Journey Back in Time

Strolling into Ajisen Ramen felt like stepping into history. This renowned establishment, a labor of love of an enthusiast ramen lover, has been serving mouth-watering ramen since 1968 in Kyushu, Japan. He dreamt of sharing his love of ramen with the entire world, and more than half a century later, it seems he's made it. Today, his passion has blossomed into a sprawling chain of 700+ Ajisen Ramen outlets scattered across the globe.

My First Impressions of Ajisen Ramen

The moment I stepped inside Ajisen Ramen, I was struck by the harmonious blend of elegance, relaxation, and a contemporary twist in its ambiance. I loved the simplicity of the tables and the tranquility of the color palette, while the modern art adorning the walls added a compelling zing. Watching the kitchen staff perform their culinary ballet through the open kitchen was the cherry on top. What I loved most was that the seating arrangement was spacious enough for group outings, comfortably accommodating 5-6 people per table.

In sync with the standard practice at most Californian restaurants, Ajisen Ramen accepts credit cards only. Hence, like many of us who are averse to carrying hard cash, you can leave your wallets behind when heading here.

The Star Attraction of Ajisen Ramen

The true stalwart of Ajisen Ramen's menu is their heart-warming, creamy white broth. It's a symphony of flavors stemming from succulent pork ribs, slow-cooked to perfection, and drenched in a rich milky sauce. Trust me, you don't want to miss their Katsu Ramen either – it’s a gastronomic revelation.

Franchising Opportunities at Ajisen Ramen

With roots dating back to 1996, Ajisen Ramen has grown into an international franchising phenomenon. Boasting over 700 franchises worldwide, with locations across North America, Asia, and Europe, they offer unparalleled business opportunities for aspiring food-service entrepreneurs worldwide.

Cozy up with Ajisen Ramen at Home!

If the thought of whipping up an Ajisen Ramen dish at home has ever crossed your mind, let me tell you - yes, you can! A quick search online will get you plenty of easy recipes to try out. Yet, if you yearn for the authentic Ajisen dining experience, a visit to their restaurant would be irreplaceable.

Getting to Know the Mascot of Ajisen Ramen

Meet Chii-chan, the adorable mascot named after the founder's daughter. Ajisen Ramen's core philosophy is simple - to ensure every meal at the restaurant is a jovial event. Speaking of Chii-chan, the name is rooted in the Japanese word 'chiisai', meaning small and cute. It's their way of wishing well-being and happiness to all patrons.

Scattered Across the States

Across the United States, Ajisen Ramen has at least six locations, including New York and San Diego, each offering ramen with its distinct local flavor profile. For example, the New York outlet is renowned for its miso pork bone soup featuring fresh vegetables grown on-premises. Down in San Diego, the specialty is chicken broth soup, garnished with green onions, sesame seeds, ginger, and a dash of black pepper oil.

Signatures of Ajisen Ramen

Not all dishes on Ajisen Ramen's menu are fiery. But there are options to spice up your meal, like their Gyoza and Miso soup. With a collection of four types of noodles, Ajisen Ramen caters to a spectrum of taste preferences.

A Sneak-Peek into the Katsu Ramen

Close your eyes and imagine the crunch of the pan-fried Katsu in Katsu Ramen, perfectly balanced with wholesome noodles - a delightful celebration of sweet and savory flavors that you won't be able to resist.

In Praise of the Spam Musubi

The Spam Musubi is another masterpiece. Trust me, the amalgamation of rice, and spam enveloped within a seaweed wrap will leave your taste-buds craving for more.

Palate-pleasing Recommendations

If I had to recommend a single dish off the Ajisen Ramen's menu, it would be their Shrimp Teriyaki. Savory grilled shrimp tossed in teriyaki sauce, onions, and garlic - all served over rice with a touch of pickled ginger. Trust me, this one leaves you longing for the next meal.

Yes, There’s Sushi!

If you're a sushi fan, Ajisen won't disappoint! Choose from an array of sushi rolls - California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Skin Roll, Crunchy Shrimp Roll, or the Rainbow Roll (made right before your eyes!).

In case you were wondering about their Fried Calamari...

Fried Calamari Rings or Sticks; pick your style. Both variants offer a perfect treat for seafood lovers, complemented with a fiery mayo sauce on the side. Relax. The flavours are guaranteed to transport you to the seaside.

And Yes, They Have Vegetarian Options!

Thinking about vegetarian delights? I've got you covered. Look for Fried Tofu and Seaweed Salad, the Organic Tofu Ramen in soybean broth or the Black Truffle Assorted Vegetable Ramen brimming with veggies. They also serve a delicious Seaweed Salad with cucumbers, carrots, and wakame seaweed, and a Tofu Soba Salad with a mix of fresh ingredients.

My Takeaways from Ajisen Ramen


  • Authentic Ramen flavors
  • Customizable options
  • Extensive menu catering to varying preferences
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Has a cozy and sophisticated ambiance
  • Presence of vegetarian options
  • Generous portion sizes


  • Limited vegan choices
  • Does not accept cash
  • Can get crowded during peak hours
  • Staff can get overwhelmed during busy hours leading to service delays

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