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Tokyo Tokyo Menu Prices for 2024

Tokyo Tokyo is a Japanese cuisine restaurant based in the Philippines. It is owned by Hansbury, Inc. also the owner of the KFC franchise, among other restaurants in the country. The first restaurant opened in 1985 in Makati, but to this day, there are over 50 locations found countrywide. Tokyo Tokyo has become the favorite of the masses because of the menu and their scheme of offering rice refills to its patrons.

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Prices for 2024

During my visit to Tokyo Tokyo, I was eager to dive into its enchanting offerings. Open from 10 AM until late evening (or until they run out of food), this place offered an array of traditional Japanese dishes, perfectly crafted for lunch and dinner. Here’s a glimpse of the lengthy menu that tempted me:

  • Miso Soup
  • Yakisoba
  • Gyoza
  • Onion Rings
  • Tonkatsu
  • Pork Katsudon
  • Sushi
  • Ramen
  • Several types of Burgers (including beef & mushroom, Wagyu, and katsu
  • Teriyaki
  • Chicken Karaage
  • Orange Yuzu Chicken
  • Tokyo Fried Chicken Bento
  • Beef Gyudon
  • Gyoza Donburi
  • Beef Misono
  • Beef Yakiniku
  • Various Maki's
  • Desserts

Tokyo Tokyo first graced us with its presence in Quad Carpark, Makati, and very soon, won hearts with its pocket-friendly Japanese cuisine. Remembering the first spoonful of their Tempura, I was left marvelling at its crispy texture heightened with hot, spicy undertones. Fidelity to the culinary traditions was evident as they chose to remove Philippine lime from the menu and stuck to Kikkoman sauce for the authentic Japanese flavor. The thought lingers on my taste buds and probably it’s the reason it's a crowd favorite.

Another striking aspect that caught my attention was the atmosphere. Each time I walked into Tokyo Tokyo, I felt I was stepping onto a trendy and lively Japan street-style dining setting. The interiors that had remained the same for years underwent a stunning transformation in 2018, aligning with the tastes of the current and future generations. This attention to detail elevated my dining experience to a whole new level.

If you're curious to explore more about Tokyo Tokyo, give their website a visit.

Where else can we find such deliciousness?

If you're in the Philippines, you're in for a treat! With over 50 existing branches and counting, Tokyo Tokyo has made its mark in every significant shopping center. Open until dawn-to-dusk, they also cater to the changing needs with flea-like food trucks navigating the landscape during the time of quarantine that restricted dine-in.

Why is Tokyo Tokyo special?

One thing that sets Tokyo Tokyo apart is the heartwarming concept of free rice refills for dine-in customers. Such pocket-friendly initiatives grabbed my attention and multiplied my love for this restaurant. The freshly cooked recipes curated by thoroughly trained chefs add a golden feather to their cap, assuring their commitment to authenticity nationwide.

Apart from the core menu, Tokyo Tokyo extends its offerings to bento meals, sumo meal, group meals, and sharing platters. They have also included burgers to their menu recently. Be it a me-time or a social gathering, Tokyo Tokyo promises a culinary treat with their best sellers and party trays. During my last visit, I couldn't help but try their miso and Kani crab corn soup as a prelude to my delectable meal. But of course, no meal at Tokyo Tokyo completes without a glass of their signature red iced tea and sinful desserts like Mango Panna Cotta or Dark Chocolate Mousse, to name a few.

How can you order?

If you're dining in, place your orders at the counter where you can also pay and grab your token number. After a brief wait, the food is delivered right at your table. In case if you need any additional dining essentials like a glass of water, tissue, or extra silverware, you can either get it yourself from the counter or request the servers. As for the heavenly rice refills, just gaze at the person carrying the rice container; they'll understand!

What about the vegetarians and kids?

Veggie lovers can enjoy the offerings of sides, potato balls, and wasabi salad. Tokyo Tokyo extends its warm welcome to the kids too, they can enjoy the mini versions of the adult portion or grab a bite from their variety of burgers.

What about the operational hours?

Aligning with the mall operational hours, Tokyo Tokyo opens at 10 AM and closes at 9 PM. On special occasions and during holiday seasons, they're known to open even earlier and close late in the nights.

What if I crave Tokyo Tokyo at home?

Well, fear not! They run an efficient delivery service that allows you to savor their meals from the comfort of your home, office, or elsewhere.

Does Tokyo Tokyo offer healthy options?

Indeed! Recently, they've included a plant-based katsu bento menu to cater to the health-conscious crowd. It does an excellent job in mirroring the crunch and taste of the original dish. They also take pride in serving fresh vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry.

What about the Halal requirements?

Regrettably, Tokyo Tokyo doesn't offer a HALAL-certified menu as it's not compulsory for businesses in the country or a pre-requisite for obtaining business permits.

I love cooking. Can I make Tokyo Tokyo at home?

Guess what? You can! Recently, they've introduced ready-to-cook packs to their menu. Whenever available, you can grab the likes of frozen chicken karaage, wagyu cubes, chicken gyoza, beef misono, and beef yakiniku. Just heat and eat whenever you're craving Japanese at home!

My Personal Experiences

  • Free rice refills
  • Authentic Japanese Cuisine
  • Amazing restaurant interiors
  • Ready to cook meal options
  • No Halal certified menu
  • Limited options for vegetarians
  • Menu can be overwhelming for first-timers

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