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Yo! Sushi menu prices featuring 144 items ranging from £1.00 to £17.50

In 1997, British entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe introduced Yo! Sushi to the public in London's Soho. YO! came out with a bang by adding some flair and pizazz to the UK way of eating. Yo! started with a unique 'kaiten' conveyor belt that was used to show off their color-coded dishes. Today, there are over 100 locations worldwide, and they still believe in "eating in colour."

Yo! Sushi menu prices featuring 144 items ranging from £1.00 to £17.50

My Experience at Yo! Sushi

For an adventurous eater like me, stumbling upon Yo! Sushi was like hitting a gold mine. This buzzing Japanese hub, with its lively vibe, made the entire dining experience a lot more fun and thrilling while savoring their heavenly sushi rolls.

Japanese cuisine has always been my favourite, but finding an authentic Japanese place in town that stood up to my high expectations was tough, until I discovered Yo! Sushi. Not only did they have some of the best sushi I've ever tasted, but their hot street foods left my palate craving for more. The best part? Their food is 100% natural - a huge plus for a health-conscious person like me who keeps an eye on ingredients and sugar content.

What impressed me more was their commitment to freshness and sustainability. Watching the chefs hard at work in the open kitchen, preparing the tasty seafood using responsibly sourced fish and shellfish, added to the novelty of the entire experience. Their association with the Sustainable Restaurant Association and the Sustainable Seafood Coalition just added another feather to their cap!

Speaking of quality, they certainly didn't seem to compromise it - evident from their strictly specialist and artisan suppliers. And their use of Yamasa – the topmost Japanese soy sauce brand, and special vegetarian miso from Marukome in Nagano fortified their quality-first ethos. It felt like I was digging into a true slice of Japan!

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What Sets Yo! Sushi Apart?

What I found particularly fascinating about Yo! Sushi is their unwavering commitment to sustainability and the positive impact they have on the brand. Their responsible procurement practices were on display, with seafood sourced only from trusted suppliers. Their Atlantic Salmon, which is a substantial part of their fish purchase, boasted of superior quality and traceable origins - certified by Global GAP, an international standard for farm production.

Yo! Sushi's menu is far from stereotypical. From traditional nigiri and maki to bold fusion dishes, their offerings catered to the classic sushi lover, the adventurous foodie, and everyone in between. Apart from sushi, they also served a range of non-sushi items like noodle soups, tempura, and rice bowls. And their all-you-can-eat buffet simply felt like a grand Japanese fest!

Yo! Sushi's Unique Ordering Experience

The first thing that struck me about Yo! Sushi was their unconventional ordering mechanism. I didn’t have to scan through a menu; and instead, chose from the parade of plates on their conveyor belt. It made the entire dining experience more interactive and adventurous. I just picked my desired dish, placed it on the table, and the bill was calculated based on the number and type of plates. You can't possibly go wrong with it!

A Delight for Vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian wondering if Yo! Sushi has something for you? Trust me, they do! Their diverse menu has an impressive vegetarian section with traditional Japanese items like miso soup, edamame, and even Western-style choices like vegetable tempura and avocado rolls. Their freshness and variety left me pleasantly surprised!

Kid-Friendly Offerings

If you're thinking about bringing along your little ones to Yo! Sushi, I'd say it's a great idea. They have a dedicated kid’s menu with all-time favorites like chicken karaage and California rolls, and also include a free drink and ice cream. The vibrant colors and the playful setting of the place would definitely be a win for your young ones!

Yo! Sushi's Opening Hours

I found their timings reasonably flexible too. Open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Just keep in mind, timing can be distinct for each branch.

Home Delivery Service

Craving for sushi but have no mood to step out? Well, Yo! Sushi has your back with their efficient delivery service. I once tried their home delivery, and I must say, they were pretty prompt with it!

Healthier Options Available

For those who want to keep a watch on their calorie intake, Yo! Sushi has a plethora of healthier options too, like their veggie roll made with cucumber, avocado, and carrot. Plus, the excellent website tools make finding the dish that complements your diet plan a breeze.

Cook Yo! Sushi at Home

And guess what, you can even cook their delicacies at your home! I tried their cook-at-home kit, and trust me, it was full of fun and satisfaction. The kit came with all ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions, and made me feel like a Japanese chef for a day!


  • High-quality, fresh sushi
  • Unique dining experience with a conveyor belt system
  • Committed to sustainability
  • Diverse Menu
  • Special menu for kids


  • Can be a bit confusing for first-timers due to the unique ordering system
  • May not cater to all dietary requirements
  • Pricey for regular visits

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In 1997, British entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe introduced Yo! Sushi to the public in London's Soho. YO! came out with a bang by adding some flair and pizazz to the UK way of eating. Yo! started with a unique 'kaiten' conveyor belt that was used to show off their color-coded dishes. Today, there are over 100 locations worldwide, and they still believe in "eating in colour."


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