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Waba Grill menu prices featuring 26 items ranging from $2.00 to $9.99

If you want fresh and vibrant food in California and Arizona, which is not only healthy for you but packed full of flavor, you really should pay Waba Grill a visit.

Waba Grill menu prices featuring 26 items ranging from $2.00 to $9.99
My recent visit to Waba Grill was an experience worth sharing, to say the least. Waba Grill is known for its franchising chain of quick-service Japanese teriyaki grill restaurants. The highlight of these restaurants happens to be their fresh, vibrant rice bowls, salads, and plates packed full of flame-grilled meat and protein, alongside health-enriching vegetables.
Forging ahead into the history of Waba Grill, it came into existence back in 2006. The architect behind this health-focused concept was no other than the trio of Kyle Lee, Eric Lee, and Brian Ham. Their vision was clear: to make healthy food more alluring by leveraging high-quality ingredients. Honestly, having tasted their food, I must say they have indeed delivered on their vision remarkably. Meanwhile, for those interested in associating with the Waba Grill brand or are keen to know what goes on behind the scenes, there’s a wealth of information available on Waba Grill’s official website [](

Where will you find Waba Grill?

Over the years, Waba Grill has grown exponentially to nearly 200 locations, most of them nestled in the states of California and Arizona. During a recent visit to Los Angeles, I found a Waba Grill restaurant right around the corner! If you’re keen on trying Waba Grill’s offerings, you can easily locate the nearest outlet using their website’s handy restaurant finder. All you need is your Zip Code or the map, and voila!

Why is Waba Grill an experience worth having?

Finding places that serve healthy, high-quality, yet consistently delicious food is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But Waba Grill does it with ease and does it every day in around 200 locations! And that surely speaks volumes about their commitment towards quality and taste. At Waba Grill, the top priority is to ensure your daily dose of health doesn’t come at the cost of flavor. Striking the right balance between health, quality, taste, and speed of service is their forte. As someone who is rather impatient when it comes to waiting for my food, their quick service certainly has my stamp of approval! Delving into the Waba Grill menu, you will immediately notice their specialization in Japanese teriyaki grilled food. The menu exudes excitement with every dish listed, whether it's the main course or their scrumptious dumplings that can kick off your meal or even act as a side dish. My personal favorite is their Original Chicken Veggie Bowl, which comes adorned with hand-basted grilled chicken slathered in their signature WaBa sauce. If your taste leans towards spicy, you can go for the Sweet Chili sauce, which provides a unique sweet and spicy twist to your meal.

Does Waba Grill offer options for Vegetarian and Vegans?

A definite yes! Waba Grill clearly believes in catering for all tastes and dietary preferences. Their menu boasts of plant-based options, such as the Plantspired Steak that mimics the traditional steak flavor. Unlike most steak alternatives, this one is paired with fresh veggies and indulgent sauces.

Does Waba Grill offer takeaway and delivery options?

Yes, it does! Homebody that I am, I appreciated being able to order my favorite Waba Bowl to enjoy in the comfort of my home. They offer delivery directly from their website or via popular third-party apps depending on your location.

Are you planning an event or a gathering –why not consider Waba Grill?

If you're like me and often find yourself playing the host, Waba Grill can take the responsibility of meal prep off your shoulders. Though they offer catering from only 26 locations in California, their delivery area is extensive and their offerings are definitely worth the drive.

Pros and Cons of My Visit at Waba Grill


  • Healthy, high-quality ingredients
  • Quick service
  • Veggie and Vegan friendly menu
  • Delivery and takeaway options available
  • Catering service for events and gatherings


  • Limited children’s menu
  • Catering service is not available in all locations

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If you want fresh and vibrant food in California and Arizona, which is not only healthy for you but packed full of flavor, you really should pay Waba Grill a visit.

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