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Alinea menu prices featuring 3 items ranging from $190.00 to $390.00

Alinea is an extremely popular high-end restaurant in Chicago. It has won many awards, including Best Restaurant in the World by Elite Traveler – which is high praise!

Alinea menu prices featuring 3 items ranging from $190.00 to $390.00

Alinea is praised for its innovated approach to fine dining, and offers many luxury menu options.

Alinea was founded by Nick Kokonas and Grant Achatz in 2005, with Achatz being head chefs. The company is well renowned for providing high quality dining, in an exquisite setting, with extremely knowledgeable staff. It is only one of 14 restaurants across the whole of the U.S. to earn the much coveted Michelin 3-star rating.

To find out more about Alinea, visit the company’s website

Where is Alinea restaurant located?

There is only one Alinea restaurant, which is located at 1723 N Halsted St., Chicago, Illinois. Because there is only one Alinea restaurant, it has become a much sought after dining experience, and getting a table for popular dates can be a struggle at times.

What Alinea dining options are there?

Alinea is far from your normal run-of-the-mill restaurant. The company offers a unique, multi-course tasting menu experience, that is offered in one of four dining rooms located in their Alinea restaurant.

The Alinea menu consists of a tasting menu only, meaning that you will be provided with a set list of dishes when you arrive at the restaurant, and you will not choose your own individual dishes.

* The Gallery at Alinea – First floor gallery providing a multisensory menu, combining fine dining with experimental moments – for a dining experience that you will not forget! Bookings are for set times – called showings, with two showing per night – don’t be late!
* The Salon – Suitable for parties of 2, 4 and 6 – offers an innovative and delicious multi-course tasting menu
* The Alinea Kitchen Table – The ultimate Alinea experience! Parties of 6 can book the Alinea Kitchen Table, which provides guests with the most intimate, immersive and cutting-edge experience. The Kitchen Table is cut off from the rest of the restaurant, giving you complete privacy.

How long does a meal at Alinea take?

On average, a meal at Alinea will take between 2 and 3 hours. Alinea serves food of exceptional quality, and the Alinea menu includes many dishes. It is not to be rushed, so relax, get comfy in your luxurious surroundings and enjoy your meal!

How much is a dinner for 2 at Alinea?

The amount you will pay for your meal will depend on the date and time you want to book, and also which dining room you want to dine in. Instead of paying for your meal on the day, diners going to Alinea will need to buy tickets for the meal in advance. Tickets range from $210 to $265 per person. This does not include wine pairings, which range between $145 per person and $395 per person.

When do new Alinea bookings become available?

Alinea is an incredibly popular restaurant, and you will need to book in advance. Reservations are often booked up rapidly, so you will need to act fast to secure your spot.

Alinea generally release bookings on the 15th of the month at 11am Central Time, 2 months in advance. For example, January bookings are released at 11am November 15th, February bookings are released at 11am December 15th and so on. However, this is subject to change, so please visit the company’s website.

Does Alinea serve alcohol?

Yes, Alinea has a great selection of alcoholic drinks to accompany your meal. You can order great quality wines by the glass or by the bottle, or alternatively the company offers three different standards of wine pairings. The company’s Sommeliers carefully select wines to complement the food at Alinea, resulting in the best of wine and food has to offer.

Is there an Alinea dress code?

Yes, the company suggests that guests wear “elevated casual”. This term refers to comfortable, yet polished clothing. Many guests like to wear jackets when dining at Alinea’s, but this is not required.

Does Alinea offer delivery?

No, Alinea does not offer delivery.

Can Alinea cater for dietary requirements?

Each item on the Alinea menu is carefully crafted by Chef Achatz, and the company seeks to make as little changes as possible to these items. However, the company are willing to accommodate the following dietary requirements, as long as requests are made at least 72 hours in advance:

* Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian – Egg and dairy can be omitted
* Pescatarian
* Seafood allergies
* Tree nut/peanut allergies (except for coconut)
* Gluten-free
* Pregnancy diet restrictions

The kitchens at Alinea handle foods which contain allergens, and as such they cannot guarantee that cross contamination of products will not happen. Guests should bear this in mind if they have strong reactions to allergens. If you require any further assistance relating to allergens and food predation at Alinea, the restaurant are happy to answer any questions in advance.

Are Alinea reservations transferable?

Yes, if you have an Alinea reservation and can no longer make the booking you can transfer it to another date, transfer it to someone else, or sell it. However, selling the reservation for above face value may be illegal in your area. Buyers of reservations from others should take care to ensure that the Alinea reservation is above board. The company accepts no responsibility for any fraudulent activity by someone selling second hand Alinea reservations.

Can I buy an Alinea gift card?

Yes, if you want to treat someone to an extra special dining experience, why not get them an Alinea gift card. Gift cards can then be used to sample the Alinea menu.

Gift cards do not guarantee restaurant bookings, so whoever is the lucky recipient of the gift card, will still need to make a restaurant booking.

In the unlikely event that your friend, family member or coworker doesn’t want to redeem their gift card at Alinea, they can use it at the other restaurants in the Alinea Group. This includes:

* Next
* The Aviary
* The Office
* Roister
* St. Clair Supper Club.

What is the Alinea corkage policy?

Alinea take great care to carefully select their wines to complement their menu items. As such, the company does not allow any outside wine to be brought into the restaurant from outside. Guests can either order specially selected wine pairings, wine by the glass or bottle from the la carte menu, or some beer, and sake.

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Alinea is an extremely popular high-end restaurant in Chicago. It has won many awards, including Best Restaurant in the World by Elite Traveler – which is high praise!

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