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Black Angus menu prices featuring 75 items ranging from $4.95 to $38.99

Black Angus is a popular chain of American steakhouse restaurants and is famous for its great food and warm hospitality.

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Black Angus menu prices featuring 75 items ranging from $4.95 to $38.99

Black Angus is open for lunch and dinner and specializes in serving steaks, using only the best quality beef.

Black Angus was founded by Stuart Anderson in 1964. The company grew to have 103 restaurants in 2001. While the number of restaurants has fallen, it still provides customers with great food and hospitality.

You can find out more about Black Angus by visiting the company’s website,

Where are Black Angus restaurants located?

Black Angus restaurants can be found exclusively in the United States. Today, there are 32 Black Angus steakhouses across five states. You can order from the Black Angus menu in the following states:

  • Arizona (4 restaurants)
  • California (22 restaurants)
  • Hawaii (1 restaurant)
  • New Mexico (1 restaurant)
  • Washington (4 restaurants)

Head to the company’s website to find your nearest Black Angus restaurant.

What food does Black Angus serve?

As a steakhouse, you might think that the Black Angus menu has a lot of beef, and you’d be right. The company’s signature beef is available as a filet mignonette centre-cut, rib-eye, sirloin, and New York strip centre-cut, and is served with warm bread and a choice of two classic sides.

The Black Angus menu includes a good range of starters, and those who want to share, or try a few different items can choose the Wagon Wheel Sample Platter, which is a selection of customers' favorite starters.

The company also serves a range of seafood dishes, and if you are particularly hungry, you can match seafood and steak, with the company’s steak and sea partners. This includes a rib-eye steak with fire-grilled jumbo shrimp. The company’s ribs and grilled chicken are also popular with customers.

Black Angus also has a dessert menu, including a chocolate fudge cake, and cheesecakes. Alcohol is served in most restaurants and a takeaway service is available.

What makes Black Angus different?

As a brand, Black Angus has 7 founding principles, which are:

  • Heritage – they have been serving top-quality food for 60 years
  • Family – they want to make their customers feel at home
  • Quality – they use Certified Angus Beef and USDA Choice steaks
  • Value – great quality food at affordable prices
  • Consistency – you get the same great meal and experience, in whichever one of the company’s 32 restaurants you walk into
  • Loyalty – they respect their customers and don’t take their loyalty for granted
  • Trust – You can trust Black Angus to serve you great food with great hospitality.

The steaks served in Black Angus Steakhouse have been aged for at least 21 days and are hand-cut in-house every day. The salmon used in the steakhouse is also hand-cut in-house every day. The lobster is steamed to order, the shrimp is chemical free, and the pork is USDA Process Verified.

What should I order from Black Angus?

If you are struggling to choose from the large Black Angus menu, head to the company’s website, where customers can review every item on the Black Angus menu. You can use the feedback from other customers to select the right dish for you.

Alternatively, Black Angus pride itself on its hospitality, so if you have trouble deciding, be sure to ask your server, and they will be more than happy to help.

What is Black Angus?

Black Angus is a type of cattle, and Angus are prized for their beef, which is known for its flavorsome taste and tender texture. The company has always focussed on providing its customers with the best beef, and Black Angus beef features heavily on the Black Angus menu.

Does Black Angus cater for vegetarians?

Black Angus might not be your first restaurant choice if you are a vegetarian. But if you have someone in your party who is a vegetarian, the good news is that Black Angus has some vegetarian options. Most of the company’s side dishes (called sidekicks) are suitable for vegetarians.

Pescatarians (those who don’t eat red meat or poultry) have plenty of options at Black Angus, as the menu contains many seafood dishes.

Does Black Angus have vegan food?

The Black Angus menu does have some vegan food, but options are limited, as meat forms a large part of the menu, and butter is used in many dishes. The company does not serve any plant-based meat alternatives.

Vegan diners at Black Angus can order the following foods:

  • Baked Potato (plain)
  • Broccoli or Asparagus (steamed with no butter)
  • Wedge Salad or Garden Salad (can be served with Vinaigrette or lemon juice – both are vegan)

Yes! Black Angus has a children’s menu. There is a good selection of food for children on the Black Angus menu.

What is Black Angus's opening hours?

Black Angus steakhouses are normally open between 11am – 10pm, but Black Angus opening hours do vary between stores, so be sure to check with your nearest branch for local opening hours.

Does Black Angus offer delivery?

Yes, Black Angus delivery is available from your local restaurant for most stores. Check with your local branch to see if they offer a Black Angus delivery service and the options that are available in your area. In some locations, you can order directly with the company, and in others, you order through a third party.

Does Black Angus serve alcohol?

Yes, Black Angus serves a range of alcoholic drinks to accompany your food, or just to meet with friends for a drink or two. Beer is served, wine is sold by the glass, and by the bottle, and the company has a good selection of cocktails.

Does Black Angus do catering?

Yes, if you have a large party or business event, then Black Angus can serve their famous dishes for your event. The company provides two types of catering. Firstly, they serve different large party menus, which are for dine-in only. Alternatively, a range of platters is for takeout only and include some of the company’s most popular dishes, such as sliced cuts of sirloin steak, or flame-grilled chicken breasts.

Does Black Angus take reservations?

Yes! You can book ahead at any of the Black Angus steakhouses, which means that your table will be ready for you, and you won’t be left waiting. You can make an online reservation by visiting the company’s website, or you can call your local Black Angus restaurant.

How many sweet molasses rolls does Black Angus serve?

Sweet Molasses Rolls accompany many of the company’s signature dishes, and the company estimate they serve more than 2 million of them every year!

Can I cook Black Angus food at home?

Yes! If you want to get your fix of Black Angus’ top-quality meat, seafood, and sauces, you can now order their product for you to cook at home. The recipe for the company’s ketchup and steak sauce is a closely guarded secret, but thanks to the company’s new online store, you can now order it to have at home.

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