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Chuck A Rama menu prices featuring 33 items ranging from $2.40 to $12.99

The first Chuck-A-Rama restaurant was constructed on 7th September 1966 when the founder don moss came up with the company’s name. The restaurant's name combines the words “chuck wagon” and “scout- o-Rama”. The restaurant was an idea from a businessman called Alva green who, after deciding that he wanted to retire for a j.c Penney business, was seeking to invest in a company after returning from serving as the president of an LDS mission in Manchester, England.

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Chuck A Rama menu prices featuring 33 items ranging from $2.40 to $12.99

Don moss was invited to participate with him in his new restaurant business, where don became the first employee. To gain as much knowledge as possible about the restaurant, he decided to leave a particular company in 1966. Wayne Chamberlain, don’s brother-in-law, departed for an automotive company shortly after to join the business in June 1966. The first restaurant was located at 744 east 400 south, a former grocery store in Salt Lake City. Don and his brother-in-law handled everything, including cooking, cleaning, accounting, and janitorial labor.

The restaurant is popularly known for serving meats such as roasted beef, gravy, carved turkey, and mashed potatoes.

How many Chuck-A-Rama Restaurant Locations are there?

Currently, there are 11 restaurant locations of Chuck-A-Rama, where 9 restaurants are located in Utah while the other 2 are in Utah. The founder, don, is planning to launch its 12 restaurants and first Davis county location. The restaurant is still under construction, and depending on how the building goes, it will likely open this year. The company also decided to go further north due to the demand from consumers in Davis county and Ogden.

The eatery serves a selection of delicious cuisines prepared by skilled chefs using only natural and fresh ingredients. Additionally, the restaurant combines traditional and modern dishes to meet different customers' needs in terms of food consumption. Regarding ingredients and other products, the restaurant ensures that they are freshly bought and safe for consumption. The menu also contains a list of food categorized into different classes, such as appetizers, main meals, soups and salads, and desserts. Therefore, the menu offers a selection of food that one can select from according to one’s taste and preference.

How to Order at Chuck-A-Rama Restaurant

The restaurant offers a selection of handy and adaptable ways one can order their food. If you want the food to be delivered to your doorstep, the restaurant has partnered with an online food delivery service to offer affordable contactless delivery. If you decide to dine at the restaurant, you will have to take a seat at your preferred place and then wait for the waiter or waitress to take your order. After that, the waiter will deliver the food to the table depending on the number of orders present or the time needed to prepare the meal you ordered.

The restaurant's menu includes daily entrees, a salad bar, a bakery, soup, beverages, and desserts. When it comes to the daily entrees, there are dishes such as fried or oven-roasted chicken, roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, carved ham or roast beef, and dressing that contains baked onions, butter, and celery. When it comes to the salad bar, the menu includes recipes such as spring mix, salad bar, and fresh spinach salad bar.

The restaurant also prepares homemade salads such as potato salad, marinated cucumbers, pasta salads, fresh fruit salad, coleslaw, chicken Greek salad, and chicken cabbage salad, among others. In the bakery section, there are baked products such as scones, rolls, sticky buns, honey butter, homemade berry jam, and butter honey. The menu also contains a wide variety of soups such as spinach with cream soup, tomato basil soup, broccoli with cream soup, chicken fiesta soup, and bean and ham soup. If you feel you can eat dessert, you can choose desserts such as bread pudding, rice pudding, peach cobbler ice cream, and carrot cake.

Even though the restaurant does not offer a separate vegetarian menu, there are several foods vegetarians can comfortably eat. Examples of foods they can eat are tomato basil soup, fresh fruit salad, pasta salads, spinach without cream soup, fresh spinach salad bar, and beverages. It is advisable to check the restaurant's website to see if they have updated any vegetarian menu.

Like vegetarians, the Chuck-A-Rama menu has no separate vegan menu. But vegans have a variety of food options they can consume enjoyably and still be safe. Mainly, they will consume salads such as fresh spinach salad and fresh fruit salad. When it comes to soups, they can consume tomato basil soup without cream and spinach soup without cream. Additionally, they can also take beverages that have no milk in them.

The restaurant has an overall menu that categorizes individuals according to their age, the ideal kind of food they can eat, and the price of the food. Kids can eat mashed potatoes, pizza, macaroni and cheese, salads, baked dishes such as cookies and rolls, soups, and desserts such as upside-down pineapple cake and ice cream.

The menu offers a wide selection of nutritious cuisines that benefit the body. For instance, salads contain elements that help prevent cancer and are a source of vitamin k, which helps strengthen bones. Other vegetables, such as parsley, are rich in vitamins and different types of phytonutrients that are good for your health. The various kinds of meat offered in the restaurant are also a source of proteins that help make cells of the body and repair worn-out cells.

Opening and Closing Time

The restaurants operating hours ensure that its customers can buy food efficiently in the morning, lunchtime, and evening. From Monday to Saturday, the restaurant typically opens at 11:00 am to sell breakfast to its customers and closes at 9 pm to ensure that customers have effectively ordered their dinner. On Sundays, the restaurants normally open at 12-m and close at 8 pm. this allows the staff to rest to prepare themselves to work on Mondays. For more details on finding your location to know if the restaurant is open or closed, you can visit the restaurant's online site.

How to Prepare Mashed Potatoes at Home

Mashed potatoes are a simple recipe you can prepare at home using inexpensive ingredients and other products that you can access from nearby stores or markets. Additionally, the restaurant has several recipes you can access freely and use as guides in making mashed potatoes, among other food recipes. If you are interested in cooking various food recipes at home, you can visit the restaurant's site to access the multiple recipes.


Chuck-A-Rama is one of the uprising restaurants in Utah that offers simple and affordable food that one can quickly cook at home. The restaurant's menu caters to different kinds of individuals regardless of their age. The skillful staff and chef ensure that their customers get fresh and quality dishes that are prepared with passion.

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The first Chuck-A-Rama restaurant was constructed on 7th September 1966 when the founder don moss came up with the company’s name. The restaurant's name combines the words “chuck wagon” and “scout- o-Rama”. The restaurant was an idea from a businessman called Alva green who, after deciding that he wanted to retire for a j.c Penney business, was seeking to invest in a company after returning from serving as the president of an LDS mission in Manchester, England.

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